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Hi! thank you very much for visiting my official site at I embrace this site in order to spil out all my creative yet wild ideas about teaching and about everything, especially my role as a teacher (read:lecturer).

By the way, my name is Aliv Faizal M. The "M" stands for Mohammad which is the original version of my name. Why do I say "original"? yes, in fact my name has experienced a name-evolution, if I may address it. Historically, I had been using Aliv Faizal Muhammad for many years before I decided to change it to "Aliv Faizal M". My teacher in the elementary school wrote my name in the wrong way, yes it was.

My father named me Aliv Faishol Mohammad. The name Faishol was taken from the name of the king of Saudi Arabia at that moment. Plus, Mohammad was added in the end fo the hope that I would look up our prophet Muhammad. The use of "o" in Mohammad was also a blunder. It was wrongly written by the civil officer handling my birth certificate. It was totally influenced by the Javanese habit of changing the pronunciation of a borrowed word from another language to be adjusted with the javanese pronunciation that is using "o" instead of "u". What a joke. But may be that's the reason for me to be a language teacher now. I think that's enough for introduction.


Name : Aliv Faizal M
Birth : Rembang, 8th of April 1985
Wife : Hepti Prihatini, S.Pd
Daughter: Keisya Fatimah Azzalea

Education History

SD Plawangan I Kragan - Rembang
SLTP NEGERI 1 Kragan - Rembang
SMU Darul Ulum 1 Peterongan - Jombang
UNISMA FKIP Bahasa Inggris - Malang
Universitas Negeri Malang Pasca Sarjana - Malang

Work History

Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang
UIN Maulana Malik Malang
Politeknik Kesehatan Malang
Forum Guru - Malang


Making Music
Drawing and Painting
Exploring the wilderness

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