Outreach / Community Service

Another duty as lecturer is to conduct outreach program or community service. This program is to contribute our dedication to comminity and society in the surroundings. I have been part of some outreach programs. Sometimes I was just a participat, and sometimes I was the coordinator too. It's so much fun to conduct commuity service. The followings are some of what I have done so far.

My Outreach Programs

Project Bee

Project Bee is an outreach program under the cooperation among three universities of different countries, Busan University of South Korea, Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Istitute of Surabaya - Indonesia, and the University of Technology Malaysia. This program is conducted in Indonesia and has been conducted for more than 4 times. As to me, I have joined it two times. I was one of the managers. My job was to assist the team, mixed members of 2 Indonesian students, 2 Korean students, and 1 Malay student. The job of the team was to find the local issues and tried to branstorm for possible yet inexpensive solution to it.

My beloved another job in the program was as the MC of the opening celebration and the closing ceremony. I could not deny that it was amazing! superfantastic, I enjoyed the job so much. I do not want to be a big headed or what so ever, but every time I become an MC of non-formal event, I successfully drove the audience into antother world that is full of excitement. Plus, many of them said that I was a good MC. Does the fact say so? I don't know as I don't judge myself.

Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island is a community service program founded by Mr.BEE, the head of Multimedia Broadcasting major. The program is mainly aiming at solving local issues through multimedia technologies. Dynamic Island has tripple functions. First, for the lecturer, this program is a good opportunity for a lectuer like me to fulfill my duty as a lecturer to conduct a communty service while teaching students implementing their skills into real life with real demands. Second, for the students, this is a rare yet challenging occasion where they can put into practice what they have been learning so far in multimedia broadcasting. They find real probelms which they can solve using their multimedia skills. Third, for the targeted society, They get benefits from the students in this program as some of their daily problems which is possible to be solved through multimedia advancement is covered by the students help.

I have joined Dynamic Island twice, the first was in Bromo, and the second was in Batu. I didn't involve much one in Batu, especially in the main program because I only helped in the preparation. I surveyed the location, dealed with the legal permission with the locals, leader of the village, and the part in charge in the place we were settling in.

The Dynamic Island in Bromo was super fantastic! besides the super cold whether, the panorama was unbelievably amazing. We were staying in the house of local people who also provide meals for us. We were trying to establish a kind of promotion so that visitors stay longer in the village, not just come, enjoy the sunrise in the peak of Mount Pananjakan, go down to the crater and then go home. While, actually, there are so many things have not been optimally explored. Our tasks were to expose these unexplored sites in Bromo to the public. We were making videos of those untouched sites!.

Here is the movie made by the students in the Dynamic Island Project In Bromo

English Teaching To Teachers In Rural and Remote Schools

I once initiated an idea of providing a training to teachers in the rural and remote area to use English as the medium of instruction in their classroom. Therefore, I named this community service program "English for Classroom Instruction". In preparing for this program, I was helped by a beautiful who is now my wife, prepare the books of the English for Classroom Instruction. I invited two friends from America, Kate and Jennifer. Kate and Jennifer helped me with the making of a TOEFL LIKE test especially in the listening section. Hence, I invited them to join this program too.

The teachers warmly welcomed us and they were so excited in learning the English for Classroom Instruction. I started to distributes the copies of the book to the participants of the training. They enthusiastically participated the training. Kate and Jennifer taught them how to correctly pronounce the English expressions used as the classroom language.

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