As a part of my duty as a lecturer, I conduct research. Considering my background of education mainly on English Teaching, and my passion on multimedia technology, my research is focusing on Teaching English through Multimedia Technology. I like to explore new ideas on implementing the use of multimedia technology into teaching. For example; teaching English through blogs, interactive media, games, video, android and ios apps, and the like.

The followings are some of my research publications. Although I have experimented alot with technologies for teaching English, these publications do not resemble my achievements so far as I suffer from writing good research publication. In the future, I would like to improve my self learning how to write good research report for national and international journals publications. By the way, I would like to address my thanks to Mr. Imam Dui Agusalim who has been my partner in the most of my research. Pray for me. I have done not much, but these are worth showing.

My Research Publication

1. Developing Interactive E-Learning Module of English Teaching to Support the Distance Education Program at EEPIS

2. Developing Mobile Application of Interactive English Pronunciation Training to Improve EFL Students’ Pronunciation Skill

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