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Hello members of 1D4PJJTA! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

Each comment is granted 1 point, at max 1 point daily.

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  1. Chalimi 3D4TELKOMPJJ

    This week is a quiet week for you, as well as in me which I make this week of calm for your arrival. finish all your business there, come home feeling very tired. then make me as your tiredness remover even if only for a moment. my hug is warm from here to you there.

  2. It’s happiest when someone remembers the little things i’ve talked to him about.
    Like seriously??? You actually listened to me. Thanks you ☹️

  3. Alfia Nilam Sari

    welcome December. I hope the last month at the end of this year can bring a lot of goodness and health. business will be launched and hopefully there will be good fortune. at the end of this time it begins with one of the natural disasters, namely a mountain erupting. I hope the people who experience the disaster will be encouraged, given safety and given patience. Amin…

  4. Irgi Akhmad Syahreza

    today I am very tired because I have to go to the city of Surabaya to pay for boarding. besides that I have to do my assignments as a student. and tomorrow I have to get up early to go back to Mojokerto because of the demands of a business that has stood since she was with the others

  5. M. Yayan Nurhadiansyah

    welcome monday seems like this week is busy with tasks. but it doesn’t matter whether the student’s busyness includes assignments. keep up the spirit, friends, because the spirit is not getting heavier

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