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Hello members of 2D3PLNA! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

Each comment is granted 1 point, at max 1 point daily.

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  1. Kechia Raharjo Putri

    Hello my name is Kechia. I’m a member of D3KPLN. Today’s i wake up at 06.15 AM. After wake up i clean my bedroom and house. I cook for my father and my grandmother at 07.00 AM until 07.30 AM. At 08.00 o’clock i have online class with Mr. Irianto. After this i attend English Class and Pembangkit Tenaga Listrik Class

  2. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan 2D3KPLN

    Hello sir, I’m M Aqil from 2D3KPLN, when I wake up I immediately pray and then prepare for college. In the first hour studying statistics and probability and the second hour of English and the last hour studying Electric power generation.

  3. Muhammad Rizki Ramadhan 2D3KPLN

    Today I wake up at 5 am and then do the morning prayer. I tidied my bedroom and immediately took a shower so as not to get sleepy to do online lecture this moning.

  4. Rahma Alya Syiefa

    Today I wake up around 06.30 AM, a little bit late than the usual. I prepare myself for the online lectures but I didn’t have breakfast yet because I have to stay in the online classroom 30 minutes before the lecture started. I’m planning to have breakfast after the English lecture finished.

  5. Anastasia Prameswari 2 D3KPLN

    Hello, my name Anastasia Prameswari. Today, I get up at 5 am. After I get up, I cleaned my bedroom and house. I take a bath at 6 am. After that, I played music until online class began.

  6. Az Zahra Aghnia Rofin 2D3KPLN

    Hi everyone, i’am Az Zahra Aghnia. Today i wake up arround 05.10 am and then do dawn prayer. After that, i clean my bedroom and take a bath. I prepare my laptop early for lectures because my laptop charging cable is little bit broken and today there are three courses

  7. Arief Rahmadani 2D3KPLN

    Hi friends, my name is Arief, and this Friday I woke up at 04.30 am and prayed. After that, At 08.00 am I prepared myself for online classes until 11.20 am. And then at 11.30, I went to the mosque to do Friday Prayer

  8. 2D3KPLN Hegi Firmansyah

    Hello, i am Hegi Firmansyah.
    Today i wake up at 5 am and then do my usual activities.
    but i don’t know why i feel so tired today, so i want to sleep at 8 pm.
    Thank you

  9. Khairudin Trusta Aditama

    Today I woke up at 5.15 am, and then I prayed. after it, I am back to bed again and woke up at 7.25 am. then I do my homework, and now I wanna pray dhuhur first.

  10. Az Zahra Aghnia Rofin 2D3KPLN

    Hi hi everyone, so today i went to a laptop and computer store and service center and bought a new laptop charging cable for my laptop, so i don’t have to worry about my laptop anymore

  11. Kechia Raharjo Putri

    Today i’m make some Risol Mayo and Brownies for my online shop. And i have 8 pack risol Mayo and 2 box Brownies for customer. I clean my house and install some apps for my lecture

  12. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan 2D3KPLN

    Hello, today I woke up at 04.00 continued praying, then jogging and continued attending the welcome party for regional organizations at 08.00 to 15.00

  13. Anastasia Prameswari 2 D3KPLN

    Today i wake up at 7 am because i am off from collage. After wake up i take a bath then i opened the laptop and downloaded the application collage but failed. Finally, i gave up

  14. Rahma Alya Syiefa

    Today is a break day. No lectures and no task is given to me. I spend the day by washing my clothes and watching movies. I watch ‘Aruna and Her Pallete’ and I didn’t really like it so I’ll rate it 5 out of 10. I continue watching anime that I watch recently titled ‘psycho-pass’. My mom bought a new food processor and she told me that we will make some chicken nugget this monday.

  15. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara 2D3KPLN

    Morning Mr. Aliv.
    Today I will do all my homework before the weekday tomorrow. After that, I want to see some movies to refresh myself.
    Have a happy Sunday Guys.

  16. Ifadatur Rohmah

    Hello everyone, today i’m making buko pandan with my sister. And I’m very happy because the taste is very nice. I hope sometimes Mr. Aliv and also all my friends can taste it. Wkwk

  17. Khairudin Trusta 2D3KPLN

    Hello happy sunday gaes. I feel so tired now, because last night I was playing badminton with my friend until about 10 pm. Now I wanna continue to install software in my laptop. Wish me good luck aamiin.

  18. Endhiko Firmanda Pratama

    Today, I’m very tired, because I repaired my laptop, WiFi logo has gone, So I search how to fix it, then the logo appears but still can’t connect in WiFi, Suddenly blue screen, beside that, I can’t installed software for practice tomorrow because not support system in my laptop, yeah

  19. Rahma Alya Syiefa

    Today is weekend. My family goes to the nearby market and food stalls. We bought various of food and also bought a short for my brother. Before going back home we went to a local flower store and bought two small cactus, a pair of white pot, and a pack of pebbles for decoration. We handle the cactus before putting it in the new pot. I watch PMPL in the afternoon and fell asleep while watching it. My mom wake me up around 4 PM and ask me to help her make some donuts and cake. The donuts are good but I think it’s not sweet enough and the cake is just fine. My father held a meeting and we prepare some snacks for the meeting. We also serve some donuts we make before but nobody is interested. Maybe they are avoiding sugar. My mom went to meet a new born baby in my neighborhood and when she come back she bring a pack of crispy brownie, wafers, tea, and strawberry gummy candy. I claimed the strawberry gummy as mine and everyone lets me since that is one of my favorite snack. The brownie is good but it has too much sugar. The rest of the day is just making reports and reviewing tomorrow’s subject

  20. Khairudin Trusta 2D3KPLN

    Hello good morning, keep spirit gays, on this monday, i will start to study in ethol at 10.30 am. So i wanna prepare it first. Good luck everyone. ✨✨

  21. Monday Blessed, Hi everyone good morning, this morning I will prepare for study in ethol at 10.30 – 16.00 WIB, and tonight I have a meeting with my community for discussing about project events.

  22. Muhammad Rizki Ramadhan 2D3KPLN

    Today my online lecture only starts at 10.30 am to 16.30 pm, but the lecture has finished at 3 pm, so I intend to do afternoon sports using a bicycle while enjoying the sunset.

  23. Anastasia Prameswari

    Hello everyone, today I am very confused because I can not operate the application for college. I want to give up but not the time. I will keep trying until I can operate the application.

  24. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Today i wake uo at 06.00 oclock. I clean my house. Take a bath. Make video for Transformator. Make a lab work assignment .After that i attend mr syechu class. In afternoon i edit my video and collect to my teacher.

  25. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan 2D3KPLN

    Hello everyone, in the day i wake up at 04.00 oclock. continued praying, then doing LAPRES and preparation for control engineering practicum class and control engineering class

  26. Ifadatur Rohmah

    Hello everyone…. Today is the second week of college, and i’m confused to do my duty especially Transformer’s duty. I don’t know how to get a true score from the voltmeter. So i asked my friends to teach me. All of sudden i realized that the sequence i had drawn was wrong. It makes me feel bad about my friends for wasting their time. Thank you for my friends who has teach me with patience.

  27. Rahma Alya Syiefa

    Today is Monday and I have 2 lecture to do. The first one is quite hard for me since we use a new app and the lecturer didn’t really explain how to use it. The second one is good. We’re learning about the basic and it’s quicker than I though it’ll be.

  28. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan 2D3KPLN

    Good morning, as usual, I will study from morning to evening and complete assignments such as lapres and other assignments, to be honest I am very tired but I have to keep my spirits up

  29. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara 2D3KPLN

    Good Morning Guys.
    Sorry I didn’t send my daily activity Yesterday, because I little bit busy for having some classes and doing my practicum report. But Today, I will post 2 comment.

  30. Hi everyone, good morning. Today, i am very busy, i got 3 online lecturers via ethol. Hopefully, i won’t be tired and dizzy. Keep a spirit, guys !!!

  31. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Today im so tired because yesterday i slept at 24.00 WIB. So exited for lecture today. Have many assignment for next week. Have great day

  32. Rahma Alya Syiefa

    Today runs well like usual. But instead of talkin about today I’m gonna tell that I’m not prepared yet for tomorrow. I don’t understand how to do the practical work yet tomorrow I have to present it. I will stay up late and try my best to understand the work. My friend had a meet online but I missed it because when the lectures for today ended. I hope I could do well tomorrow

  33. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

    Good Night Sir.
    I’m sorry for being late this night. I was busy today because there will be 2 events in this weekend. So I have to prepared for it.
    Okay thanks for tonight, have a nice dream.

  34. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Today im so busy. Because must make Lapen and Lapsem in same time. But today Mrs. Nuning class cencel because she cannot teach today. I take a nap at 14.30 u til 15.30. after that i watch Korean Drama in NET TV

  35. Friday blessed. I was praying in the mosque than back to go home. Because I have a class at 14.00 WIB untul 16.00 WIB. May God bless you all, Keep Spirit.

  36. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Today i be a host in LKMM pra TD ELIN MEKA. thats held from 06.30 until 19.00. Very happy can be part of it and see new student of pens. Wish tommorow blessed

  37. Anastasia Prameswari

    Because it is Saturday and there are not lecture, i visited in Nepal Van Java, Bandongan, Central Java. I’m verry happy. Happy Weekend guys😊

  38. Ifadatur Rohmah

    Today has been a long day. First i join lkmm pra td 2020 to be committe. Than i followed this lkmm to the finish. And it really makes me tired. At night i follow sharing panel that held by sosbang BEM and i was very enjoy about meeting several presbem of various universities. But i’m very happy today. Because my PKMV team are got away and get funding from government. Alhamdulillah

  39. Hi Everyone, today is weekend and I have an event. I joined LKMM pra td as a committee. The event start at 08.00 WIB until 18.00. So It is a been long day. Keep spirit and have a nice day guys!

  40. Monday blessed, and Hello good morning everyone. Today I have a 2 online class at Ethol PENS. The first is a practicum of Control Engineering, and the second is its theory.

  41. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    So tired today. Many assigment must to do for tomorrow. Grateful have brother like Mas Agus that always teach me until i can. Thank you god for bless me

  42. Hi, everyone good morning. Today i have three online classes at ethool. The first is a theory of Electrical Machine, the second is a theory of Basic Microcontroller and the third is power electronics. I hope, i can understand all the subjects.

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