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217 thoughts on “Daily Sentence 3D3EA”

  1. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    Hi, guys.
    I just wanna say hello to all of you. We’re in the same year. Are one of you know me? Anyway, keep fighting and hope you have a wonderful days ahead!

  2. Nurul Qomariyah

    good afternoon guys. i hope you all are well. keep up with your health. don’t forget your health protocol when you leave the house. because the corona virus has not subsided. 🙁

  3. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello guys!! good morning.. how are you today? i hope you are healthy and keep fighting right. don’t forget to be grateful for what you have obtained.

  4. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone, today I have an appointment with my friend to visit a place but when we followed the instructions, we don’t find the place. :”

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Because we didn’t find the place, finally we decided to look for another place. When we arrived at the place, it wasn’t long before it turned out that it was raining very hard. -__-

        1. Ignatius Aditya Timantha Ginting

          Poor Nindi, but let’s look what is good from that story, you make another precious memories of your life. You can make it as a nice lesson for you to stay at home during this pandemic 😀

    1. Hello,nin. I think you followed the instuction on google maps. Is it right or not? hehe…
      I also have the sama experince. At that time, I followed instructions on Google Maps when I was going on vacation in the pine forest of Mojokerto. The journey is quaite far, which is approximately 50 km.

      1. During the trip following the instructions, I didn’t realize that my friend and I were in the forest and the atmosphere was very quiet. The road that we passed is also very uphill, but if we look at it from google maps the instructions is correct.

      2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Hello Nia, not an instruction from google maps.
        I followed instruction from my friend, but when I followed the instruction it turned out to be at the graves hahaha.

  5. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah, hello my friends. Nice to meet you. I just want to tell you about my story. Yep, the story that I make later is from myself. You can comment or just read it, hehe…

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Recently, my anxiety has been increasing. Whether it’s anxiety about homework or college assignments. Even I couldn’t sleep for 3 days non-stop and it made me sick at that time.

          1. Aris Styo Alfandi

            I am confused, how to deal with this excessive anxiety. In my hearth also always whisper about it. To the point that eve my health is disturbed just because of this problem.

            1. Aris Styo Alfandi

              How could I not, I forgot to eat, I couldn’t be as happy as before. I am sad for myself to see my anxiety that every day, every day increases even I am sad to see my situation like this.

              1. Aris Styo Alfandi

                Can anyone help give me advice ? I would be very happy if you would give me good advice regarding my anxiety right now. Thank you. Have a nice day.

                1. Ignatius Aditya Timantha Ginting

                  cheer up bro! take a rest like sleep, playing game, or something you will enjoy. I hope you the best for you. Don’t forget to pray, God knows what’s the best for us after all.

      1. Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
        Hello,aris. Nice to meet you too. Maybe you should rest you mind for a moment and do something positive I hope you are always doing well. Come one, cheer up, Aris!

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello vina, yes you are right. Monday is the opening of a busy day, hehe. But we have a lot to give thanks to Allah who still gives us the opportunity to be better. We wish you good health and always be blessed.

    2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Hello Vina!!. You’re right, because monday is the beginning of the day so many people say that monday is a busy day. Have a nice day 🙂

    3. Hello,vina. Yes, I totally agree with you. Monday is the beginning of the day. Many people say that monday is busy day. And don’t forget say “bismillah” before you will start an activities. So have a nice day and stay healthy 🙂

    1. Jovanca Stevani T.

      hello Abidul, have fun hanging out with your friends! I miss hanging out with my friends, in this kind of situation where we have to work from home, it is difficult to meet my friends.

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        Hello Jovanca. Yes, you are right. Now is not the right time to hang out with friends. I also miss hanging out with friends when sharing happy or sad, hehe. Hopefully we can be successful together, Aamiin…

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello Abid, yes you are right. Collect as many comment points as possible to get a satisfactory score. Hopefully we can become more enthusiastic and more useful to everyone.

    3. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Hello Abidul Qoharr!!
      Waahh, it’s so happy to hang out with friend.
      Keep the spirit of collecting comment points.
      Hopefully we can reach the target. Aamiin..

    4. Hello, good night to abid.
      When I read your story, I’m so happy to hear that. Surely you feel happy, you can meet your friends. From that, I remember my friends and I miss them so much. Maybe we are all prevented from meeting in person because of conditions like this. We can only meet online. 🙁

      1. Yes, you are right Abid. We must be enthusiastic to collect points hehe..
        Hopefully it is on target, and don’t forget to do it immediately to advance english until lesson 8 because it is for preparation for midterm tests. Keep spirit!

  6. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah guys, how was your day on this sunny morning ? hehe. Hopefully we are always healthy and enthusiastic in reaching our goals for the future. Aamiin… Have a nice day…

      1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

        Waalaikumsalam! Hello Aris and Nia. Hope you guys doing well and always healty. Do not forget to keep your healt and stay at home during this covid 19 pandemic

        1. Vina Tri Hartini

          Hello Aris, Nia and Namira.. Nice to meet you in this comment. I hope we can meet on campus soon and no need to maintain the stability of the internet connection anymore

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Wa’alaikumsalam warahmatullah wabarakatuh.
      Hello Aris!! Alhamdulillah, my day is fun today and I’am fine, I hope you are fine too 🙂

  7. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah, good morning everyone. Hopefully this Thursday will make a day that can make us more enthusiastic and become useful people for ourselves and others. Aamiin.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Do not forget also when starting the activity, say “Bismillah” so that what you are doing will be blessed and smooth. And whatever it is. Have a nice day. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reminder,ris. Yes, you are right if we will start all activities, we must say “Bismillah”. So that all activities run smoothly and feel easy. Have a nice day too aris 🙂

    2. Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, good morning too aris.
      Yes, you are right. I hope so too with you. Because smart people will be useless if they are not usefull for others 🙂

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      I am currently just thinking, when is it raining in my home area ? That is all in my thinking. My house is very hot and I want to feel when I was little played the rain, hehe

    2. Hello,aris. I’m sorry I just replied. I have not slep here yet, do not know why I do not feel sleepy at all. What I feel right now is hungry hehe…
      Good night,aris!

  8. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah, every one. Good to see you. Hmm, today is a very confusing day for me. Yep, regarding the title of the final project, of course. Hopefully we will always be given convenience in doing our final assignments and can graduate together. Aamiin…

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Oh yes, the title given is very simple and maybe other people will definitely have the stigma of being too easy to work on. I still have doubts about this. Every time I can’t focus on attending lectures and everything, because I think about the title of the final project. Hmm so sad.

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        I hope and everyone’s hope is to get a title that is easy to work on according to their passion and is also right for the supervisor. Moreover, you have to look for related literature studies from journals that have been made that are almost the same as our content.

  9. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Good afternoon.. Yesterday I tried the latest food menu at a stall that is quite far from my house. After arriving there, it turns out that the stall was not open yet. hmmm

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      I didn’t just give up, in the afternoon I tried to go there again because I was still curious about the latest food at the stall and Alhamdulillah finally opened.

          1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

            Thank you very much, Nia.
            I’m very interested in learning on this website, because in my opinion this method is different from lectures in general.

        1. Aris Styo Alfandi

          It doesn’t matter Nindi. We are still learning here too, hehe. Me also, my english is not very good like the others. As long as language doesn’t offend other people, in my opinion it’s fine, hehe…

        1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

          Yes, Nia. Alhamdulillah, finally I can try the latest food. The location is quite far.
          You can try it when you visit my house hehe or you can make it.

    2. Good afternoon too,nindi. Hmm I’m sorry to hear that. What food are you looking for nin? Is it delicious or not? hehe..
      Maybe I will try it 🙂

    3. Aris Styo Alfandi

      By the way Nindi, what food are you looking for and wanting. Is it delicious or cheap ? I think also want to come buy it too hehe, treat me to it Nindi hehee

  10. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone. I wish you all well. Aamiin.
    This week there are so many tasks with close deadlines. Don’t forget to do it little by little but if you’re tired, don’t forget to rest first.

    1. Hello, nindi. I totally agree with you. Don’t let pushed ourselves if we’re tired, maybe we can take a rest first. I think health is more important than everything.

        1. Because we have to always take care of our health so that we can follow and receive courses described by lectures well and clearly. Keep up spirit for us !

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        That’s right Nia, health is more important. Many of us forget to eat because we are too focused on the task and that can be one of the cause of sick.

        1. Yes, I totally agree with you nindi. Sometimes I also often forget not to eat because I am too focused on attending lectures and doing assignments. And finally, I eat only twice a day and even once 🙁

          1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

            I’m sorry to hear that, Nia.
            In my opinion, do not get used to eating irregularly like that, can stay focused but health is number one (:

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Yes, you are right Nindi. My physique is very strong when it comes to staying up late and in any case. However, because we are still being chased by deadlines regarding the title, this is also very thoughtful and as a result very discouraged in doing anything 🙁

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        I’m sorry to hear that, Aris.
        Yes, it’s true that we are being chased by a lot of deadlines but don’t force it too much, if you are tired, rest first.

    3. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello Nindi, hehe. I used to really hate deadline work, because I was so structured and scheduled. However, since I was at PENS, like it or not I have to follow a schedule that must be well organized.

    1. waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, good morning too abid.
      Yes, you are right. I’m fine here and I hope so too with my friends. Have a nice day 🙂

    2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Wa’alaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, good morning Abidd. Alhamdulillah I’m fine, how about you Abid? I hope you are fine too. Thank you.

    3. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello Abid… It;s true Abid at this time of course there are many confused thoughts about the title of the final project. Hmm, how else do we have to be diligent in exercising and getting enough rest.

  11. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello friends! how are you? i hope you are always healthy. anyway, don’t forget to do TA guys 🙂 . this short semester makes us have to work harder on everything

    1. Hello,nurul. I’m fine here and how about you?
      Yes, you are right. We must work harder in this short semester and I hope we can get it done smoothly. Aamiin…

    2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Hello Nurul, thank you for visiting here and reminding us about TA. Alhamdulillah, I am fine. I hope you are fine too.
      Yes, that’s right Nurul. This short semester really needs to work hard.

    3. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello Nurul, nice to meet you. Speaking of this final project, I am still confused about the context to be taken and what will be discussed. Regarding focus and passion that is very important.

      1. Hello,vina. I’m fine here and I hope so the pandemic will be ended soon so we can meet again in campus like always and I can stay in your boarding house hehe…
        Stay healthy,vin!

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Thank you Nia for reminding about to do the assignment.
      I replied late.
      Don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day for submitting the TA title forms.

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hehe, thank you for the reminder. By the way, enthusiasm is also for all of us, and yes, I hope that what we will do will be done well and always be grateful.

  12. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello, all. Yesterday I haven’t told you about my daily activities. Yesterday my house had a blackout so I couldn’t do my tasks and finally I slept. wkwkwk 😀

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        That day there was a long blackout from morning to afternoon and I couldn’t do anything but in the village opposite the electricity is on, I don’t know why.

  13. Assalamualaikum wr,wb. Hello, my friends!
    Today, we got some assignments, right?. Allright, let’s do our assighnments as soon as possible. Keep spirit fo you all 🙂

      1. I feel so dizzy and sleepy today. I got cold. Tonight, I can not sleep well. So this morning, I have breakfast then I drink a medicine. After I drink a medicine, I feel so sleepy and finally fell asleep during course 🙁

    1. Virhan Mujahid Syufie

      get an assignment was good, but don’t forget the goals is graduation, so don’t forget about what you did was what you take, hope the best for all of us

      1. Aamiin, I hope so too. Yes, you are totally right virhan. It does not feel like we have graduated next year. Hopefully it will be done for all of us.

  14. Hallo everyone!
    I will share about my experience. Yesterday, I was planning to go on vacation to Taman Dayu. When I got there, it turned out that the place was less attractive. Finally, we decided to move to the Safari Park.

    1. After we arrived at the Safari Park. We paid a ticket to enter Safari Park. There are so many animals that freely walk towards the visitor’s car. Because the place is like the wild.

      1. And there, we tried several rides in Taman Safari, one of wihich is the haunted house. At the time at the haunted house, my brother and I were on the third train. After the train go in ad running, there we saw some ghosts.

        1. The ghost there is actually just a doll but creepy and startling. To the extent that my brother and I screamed in the haunted house. Yes, just so you know, even though the haunted house is not a real ghost, I don’t know I’m really afraid of going into the haunted house hehe 😀

      1. Hmm, that’s sound very interesting. I remember my friends from junior high school, now I rarely see each other. I miss all of them :(. I hope I can see them again.

      1. Or maybe you were so sleepy so you feel the time is spinning very fast. If you are really really tired, you can take a rest fastly nin, have a nice day 🙂

  15. Assalamualaikum wr. wb, hello my friends!
    Here I just you to always do English assignments on this website. Never forget, because what you do will have ann effect on yourself later. Stay enthusiastic and keep healthy my friends 🙂

  16. assalamualaikum wr. wb. good night my friends.
    my activity today just so so, like usual, just thinking abot final project, follow the course, and eating

    1. Waalaikumsalam wr,wb. Good morning too,bid!
      Yes, you are right. But don’t forget take a rest. I think if you are really really tired, you don’t let push yourself especially your brain. :’))

      1. Sorry, If my english is not good. But I will keep trying to learn more. I hope you can understand my english hehe. We are both studying here. Thank you very much!

        1. hello,bid. Yes I’m agree with you. Maybe we can follow with eating. But I am afraid of fat. Because it is very easy to make me fat by eating a lot wkkw 😀

  17. Assalamualaikum, hello friends 🙂
    I want tell you about my activity today. I am trying to complete my assignment, which is a robotics lab course. Here we are told to make a GUI for a two-arm robot simulator. I’ve succeeded in making agrid. But here I am still trying to solve the rest. Stay passionate for me!

    1. hello nia, nice to hear that you are completing your assigment in robotic lab course. i hope you keep share your knowledge to me because i am still confuse about this homework. thank you

      1. Hello,bid. Yes, I will share my information to you. You must wait because I’m still find another information for our homework hehe :D. Have a nice day!

  18. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone. Today several things happened to me. Hmmm.
    First, my automated teller machine (ATM) card couldn’t be used then I went to the nearest branch office but couldn’t.
    Second, my internet network is unstable so the slides don’t appear during lecture.

    1. Hmm, why your ATM could’nt be used,nin?. Maybe your ATM is expired hehe :D. And how about your internet network, maybe you can replace your card. Have a nice day, ninn 🙂

      1. I think we have same problem about internet network. My internet network is very weak eventhough I live an area near the tower hehe. I don’t know why. So I sometimes miss an information. 🙁

        1. I experienced it too. At that time, I went to Bank Mandiri near my house. Yes, the problem is with ATM expired. When I entered the bank and met with customer service, it turned out that the bank near my house could not solve my problem and hat to go to the central bank which was near a campus. Finalli, I just printed the account book at the bank near my house hehe 😀

  19. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone, I wish you all well.
    Now, I will tell you about my activities.
    Today is so busy that I feel dizzy because there are so many tasks to complete but I won’t give up and have to finish it well.

    1. Hmm, keep spirit for you nin. But you should not let push yourself. If you are really tired, you can take a rest fastly. And you can continue your activities then. Keep stay healthy,nin! 🙂

      1. Maybe you can finish your task one by one. Which one should you do first, because the deadline is close, you have to do it first. So, keep spirit nin! 🙂

          1. Hallo,nindi. Your welcome 🙂
            Alhamdulillah, all of my task have already done. I think we can do our task fastly so we can spend our spare time hehe 😀

  20. hello guys, tonight i want to share about my day. today is so busy day, start from take a course from 08-00 am until evening. every courses have a homework to submit next week. this is why i am start to down, but thats not good for my future so, keep fighting is the only one way to make my life calmly. how about you all? i hope you still keep fighting too haha, i am sorry for my bad english. i think you understand my words. thank you.
    anyone still alive?

  21. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone, back again with my daily activities. Today is not much different from yesterday. It’s still the same about software.
    Today I installed some software but often encountered problems, for example there was an error so I couldn’t continue installing the software. Then I asked this to my classmate and Alhamdulillah my classmate wanted to help me until the install process was completed although just finished one software hehe. I am very grateful to my classmate who has helped me. Thank you.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello Nindi, Alhamdulillah I am glad to hear that. By the way, how’s the software, hehe… The size is very large and makes the laptop slow right ? However, you still have the spirit and sincerity to Allah to be able to participate in activities smoothly

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Hello Aris, thank you very much for helping me.
        Yes, you are right. I feel it too. Sometimes I also feel sorry for my laptop because it has very little rest time.

    2. Congrats Ms. Erica Rianindi to finish your installation of your software. i hope you can teach your friend who can’t install the software and find much error like me

    3. Hello, nindi. At first I also have doubt, whether was strong enough to install such a large software. Finally I tried to try it, and alhamdulillah my laptop supports it.

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Alhamdulillah, I’m happy to hear that.
        Finally, your laptop supports to install the software.
        Hopefully when used there are no obtacles.

  22. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Hmmm, my day is not as cheerful as usual now, hehe… Just found an assignment without the module, it feels like I don’t know what to do. All I can do is lamenting the laptop screen, typing the keyboard is not clear, and yesss… I end up repeating advanced english over and over again, because my learning process is that I have to repeatedly and can’t immediately understand. Oh yes, by the way I was successfully entered and verified to take part in crew of IMS – QHSE K3 certification. I am very happy and the final test will be done on Saturday. Alhamdulillah, and there must be enthusiasm to be able to achieve goals and make my parents happy. Have a nice day…

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        Hello Nindi, nice to meet you. By the way thank you for appreciation. And also for you, don’t forget to be enthusiastic about being able to graduate at PENS with your parents proud too. Good luck for you too…

        1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

          Hello Aris, nice to meet you too.
          Yes, you are welcome. Still have to be enthusiastic even though it feels heavy but believe we can all get through it.

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        Hello Nia, thank you for your appreciation, hehe… By the way, you are also enthusiastic when you are at PENS actively participating in activities outside PENS. There are also many experiences that are not found while in PENS.

        1. Thank you,Aris. You are right, I was enthusiatic when I am at PENS actively pasrticipating in activities outside PENS. I think I can get many experiences and serve the community. 🙂

    1. congrats Mr. Aris Styo Alfandi for your completion in IMS-QHSE K3 certification. i have a suggestion for you to always be a good person 😀 but not to very good, because a very good people sometimes can be exploitating by another people. maybe i write to much but i must do this to earn new point

  23. Hallo, everyone! 🙂
    I will tell about my story today. I feel so happy because finally I can download the software and it can open. But there is software that I don’t download because it is very big :((

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Hello Nia. Alhamdulillah, finally you can download that software, I’m glad to hear it. But there is software that you can’t download yet so I’m also sad to hear it. Never give up Nia.

      1. Yes, thank you very much,nin 🙂
        How are you nin? I hope you are fine. In this semester, maybe we will so very busy. So keep spirit and stay healthy nin!

            1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

              Yes I hope so, we can pray for each other because we entered together, proceeded at EEPIS together and must graduated together. Keep spirit.

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Alhamdulillah, some are sad and happy when hear it, hehe. My laptop just this afternoon often errors just because of the size and often the laptop is done for tasks. But how else, we also have to follow him right, hehe… Have a nice day.

      1. Alhamdulillah, I agree with you, ris. Maybe we also have to follow him when we were in his lecture. Keep fighting and have a nice day ris hehe 😀

      2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Yes, you’re right, Aris. We have to follow the instructions from him and hopefully our laptop can support until the end even though there are a few obtacles.

    3. i know the big software that you mean on your story, and i didn’t download it too, because it not support on my laptop maybe. iam still not try it.

    1. Halo,vin 🙂
      I hope too we go through together the 5th semester for a beautiful ending. I miss you so much :). I miss when I stay at your boarding house. Keep stay healthy!

    2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Hello Vina, Alhamdulillah I am fine. I hope you are fine too. Aamiin. In this last class, our schedule is getting busy so keep spirit and don’t forget to take care of your health. 🙂

  24. Muhammad Kemal Thariq

    Hello class A, actually I am from class B, but I think I would like to share my experience today. This morning I got bitten by a spider. I thought that I would be a spiderman, but it didn’t happen.

    1. Hallo, mal!
      I think that’s sound funny about your story. If you are spiderman, you will always wear a blue and red combination. You can help many people maybe wkkw 😀

  25. Novanna Rahma Zani

    Today I report the problem of receiving point for the daily sentence comment to Mr. Aliv, and he said that he would fix the problem. Now, let’s see if the problem is fixed.

    1. Hallo nov! 🙂
      I feel the same with you :D. Previously, I was also confused about how to get points in this daily sentence. And then, I decided to do another assigments like daily grammar or daily dictate. It’s so interesting hehe..

    2. Now, it is easy to got some point in daily sentence nov hehe…
      We will got some point in this lesson for got the score that we want. Keep stay healthy in there. Have a nice day, nov 🙂

  26. Ayu Citra Almareza

    hello everyone, i will tell about my activities that i did until midnight. there are doing exercises one and two the advanced english part. After that i downloaded the software for robotics subject, the download process takes a very long time due to bad signal at my house. and when i installed it, it turned out that my laptop did not support the software…. :(((

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      Huhu… I am so sad to hear that :” . Never give up, Citra. By the way, with software that doesn’t support on your laptop, how do you solve it so you can use it when Robotic lecture?

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Hello, Citra… I hope you will be healthy and enthusiastic. Do not be forced to sleep late at night to save illness when you are old, rest your body and do not force a situation where it should be done without suddenly. Make a good and mature plan so that you can produce a good job and of course your mental and physical health will also be good later.

  27. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello everyone.
    I will tell about my activities today.
    At 8 a.m., I have an Indonesian Language lecture. Our class discussed description of the final project to be filed. Then at 12 p.m., I ask for help my friend to take me to her house because I couldn’t ride a motorcycle. At my friend’s house, I use wi-fi to download software to be used for Integrated Manufacturing Workshop lecture. Before it, I was look for a place that could accommodate laptop to connection wi-fi close to my house but there’s no so I decided to ask for help my friend. Besides downloading the software, I also accessed this website to learn English Language lecture. Then, I came home from my friend’s house and my mother picked me, exactly at 8 p.m. with condition rain so my mother ride motorcycle carefully. I really enjoy my activities today.

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Thank you Nia, to download that software really requires a lot of struggle, apart from need connection wi-fi, specifications on the laptop must be adequate.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Wow, hahaha… I like this. I really like it when there is Wi-Fi at home with the rain. And also additional snacks, hehe. But at that time it was late and lonely which of course you shuld be careful when you are outside at midnight like that.

      1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

        Yes, it’s really fun when there is Wi-Fi at home with the rain especially accompanied by favorite foods but when it rain the signal slow so the conclusion, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad hhh.

  28. Ignatius Aditya Timantha Ginting

    Good evening everybody, I want to share about what am I going to do this night. This night, I am going to do the exercise one until three for English subject and then after that, I want to search more about another idea for my final project. Although I’m already submit “what I’m interest for” in Indonesia subject, I’m still trying to make a “plan B” so if my topic get rejected, I’m already have some backup plans. If all of those are done and I am not sleepy enough, I will play Genshin Impact with my friends so I can level up faster and get done my daily quests. I think today will become a nice-long day and tough day so I need to enjoy everything that will happened. 🙂

      1. Ignatius Aditya Timantha Ginting

        Yoi nik, Thanks for the support, it’s kind of funny to read what I’ve wrote in the past. I just remember When I wrote that Comment, I don’t get any point 😀

  29. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh.
    Hello, my nickname is Aris. After a three month internship at PENS SKY Venture IBT, we are now participating in a brief semester teaching program. At this English course 3 uses the WEB and method of discussion. For today what I am working on is to find out what facility is on the web then do advanced english section exercise skill 1 and 2. And then advanced also commented on article from my friend that discusses the role of the forest.

    1. waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabaraktuh.
      Hallo, aris !
      Keep spirit for you to do this lesson. If you don’t understand, you can ask me for studying together hehe..
      And you also keep spirit for your final project. I hope all goes well 🙂

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        Aaamiin… Thank you Nia and hope you will too. Regarding this title, I hope my title can be accepted, because the title of my final project has no effect on IoT, because my target and test are for tradisional’s marketer and even I think that if I add IoT, it can actually be, but everyone must have someone who doesn’t know about IoT and its applications.

        1. Aamiin.. Your welcome, aris 🙂
          Keep fighting, I believe you can do it. And keep stay healthy!. If you are really tired, you can take a rest fastly.

  30. Sholichuddin Al Ayyubi Putra Ary

    Hello every one!
    Today i did a some activities. I will tell you guys one of my activities. Today i did some exercise with my family. My aunt hire a trainer for workout, and today workout menu is lower body. Lower body workout is we do many exercise that train our stomach to our feet. There are 3 round of workout. The first one is warming up, then the workout and last one cooling down. I get so tired, i hope tomorrow my body not hurt too bad.

  31. Hello, Good Evening!
    Today I will tell about my activities that I did today. Earlier, I went to the wifi corner to download software that will be used for one of the courses. Because the sofware is too big. When I got to the wifi corner, I asked security guard whether he sold vouchers. the security guard said he did not sell vouchers but sold electric pulses. I waited bacause the wifi corner employee still buying food. Finally, I decided to sit at wifi corner and immediately opened the laptop. The atmosphere at the wifi corner was not too crowded, there were only 4 people including me and my brother. My brother was thirsty at that time and finally bought drinking water at the shop. After that, my brother was hungry and we decided to go home.

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