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Hello members of 3D3ITB! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

Each comment is granted 1 point, at max 1 point daily.

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559 thoughts on “Daily Sentence 3D3ITB”

  1. Aliv Faizal. Muhammad

    Today. This morning, I set a daily sentence for my students. I expect that this approach will benefit my students English learning progress and that they may improve their vocabulary mastery. I hope.

  2. M. Sulthan Rafif B.

    After i study english lesson with mr. Aliv Faizal, i can understand about subject and verb function in a sentence. I hope can do more exercise about structure of sentence

  3. Ditta Fania Budianti 3D3ITB

    Today, i have to attend 3 lessons. English, Bahasa Indonesia&TTKI, Web Aplication&Technology. The first lesson was ok. And hopefully so the rest.

  4. Affan Abiyyu 3D3ITB

    Today I feel a little bit tired because I didn’t sleep well yesterday. My plan for today is working on my internship assignment about routing in Front-End Web Development.

  5. Bimo Prasetyo Afif 3D3ITB

    I really like the way Mr. Aliv teaches. Just like when i studied tutorials or references from YouTube platform. But unfortunately, sometimes the video is difficult to load at page.

  6. Nadia Azahro Choirunisa 3D3ITB

    Today I’ve learned about subject and verb in a sentence. And also from that I can decide whether it’s a double verb or not, it’s a double subject or not. It’s a new knowledge to me

  7. Rosyidah Amini Suci

    Today I woke up and prepare for my activity early, because I have to attend an English lesson at 8 am and come to office at 9 am for my internship. I’m so very grateful

  8. Nova Andre Saputra 3D3ITB

    Today, I get a new knowledge about how to identify a sentence in English language structure. Although I can’t learn face to face with my lecturer, I can fully understand by watching his videos. I will learn the new knowledge about English lessons from his website, after 3 days from yesterday.

  9. Anwar Yusuf Al Bastomi 3D3ITB

    This morning, I watch explanation video about sentence structure on this website. The explanation is really easy to understand, and luckily there is an exercise to make better understanding about the lesson.

  10. Silfiana Nur Hamida

    After, I watched video tutorial from Mr. Aliv Faizal, and I did exercises. I find out more details about extra subject and extra verb in a sentence.

  11. Jasica Ardana Herviyandasari

    today, i have a hectic schedule. i attending class around at 8 am until 4 pm. then, i continued with a welcoming party our new members at BEM PENS 2020. i hope, today i have at least 1 hour to watch korean dramas. because i really like korean dramas.

  12. Luri Shafira Amalia

    In the morning, I usually create a to do list for my internship task. Then, I’m joining my morning class as regularly. While waiting for a next class, I do some assignment. I need to manage my time very well so I can set up priority.

  13. 3D3ITB Irvan Eksa Mahendra

    Besides conducting the second day of online lectures, today I also do my task outside of college tasks, such as creating an inventory website that ordered by a client, creating an incoming document management information system website. Then tonight I will continue my course on basic dart programming at

  14. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Today is the second day of my online class, We learn how to make sentence correctly. I mean to be honest, it is pretty hard sometimes to make a correct sentence. But when i learn today english lesson, it is help me a lot especially with double verb because i tend to use double verb, i guess?

  15. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

    I am very happy today because I have attended 3 online classes today and then I ate my favourite snack, donuts. My mother buys me a lot of donuts and I eat all the donuts by myself :).

  16. Zazabillah Sekar Puranti

    Everyday, I have to do the assignments from the online classes that I took. I feel a little bit tired because of that. I have to manage my time better

  17. Nova Andre Saputra

    Today, I want to learn about a popular library Javascript, it is React JS. I will create project as many as I can do to train my experience in Javascript Language Programming.

  18. Affan Abiyyu 3D3ITB

    Today I’m working on implementing writable stores and passing props on Svelte, a Javascript Framework. It’s a little bit difficult, but I’m sure I can do this.

  19. Anwar Yusuf Al Bastomi 3D3ITB

    Today, I have schedule to attend a webinar. But since it held at 9AM and I have a class chedule at 8AM, I can’t attend the webinar.

  20. Bimo Prasetyo Afif

    Hi guys. By the way, do you all know where to eat in the Keputih area near the Keputih terminal? Please find a cheap and tasty one.

    or two it’s okay. hehe

  21. Irvan Eksa Mahendra

    Today i did many tasks like attending lectures, creating a document management information system website as my internship task, finishing my inventory website project using bootstrap and laravel but I just added an ajax framework on that website for making it more dynamic, and I also led the online daily sprint meeting to discuss about what will we do in the morning and at the afternoon meeting to report what we have done today at PT. Vascomm Solusi Teknologi. It was a busy day but it’s ok, i’m happy. And tonight I am going to do some tasks at vascomm and continue my progress on my basic dart programming course at

  22. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

    Today I did something embrassing because I forgot to turn off my microphone during online class, so my friends could hear me talking to my sister.

  23. Nabila Zalfa 3D3ITB

    i was a little dissapointed because i woke up late this day so i can’t exercise early in the morning like usual:( but then i decided to do the exercise at home because i was too lazy to go outside due to the hot sun wkwk

  24. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    So yeah, umm.. lately i don’t know why i always want to eat more than what i usually take. Maybe because it’s been so long (only 1 month though) that i don’t eat at my home. To be honest, this is actually bad :(. I’m getting fatter everyday. Auch.

  25. Rosyidah Amini Suci 3D3ITB

    Finally, today I learn react native. I know maybe it’s little bit difficult for me, but I hope I can do the final project without many problem. Bismillah πŸ™‚

  26. Akhlakul Karim Hbp

    today , I watch a popular UI UX design tutorial on youtube and do the excercise of english lesson about “Be careful of object of prepositions”.

  27. Today I’m working on my assignment for Internship, it’s about fetching data from API and doing some response according to the fetched data. It’s a new thing for me, but doing something new everyday makes us grow.

  28. Anwar Yusuf Al Bastomi 3D3ITB

    I found out something interesting today, did y’all know if you can show emoji keyboard by pressing windows + ;

    (( β€’Μ€ Ο‰ ‒́ )✧

  29. Muhammad Rivaldin

    Today the signal at my place is very difficult even though I have to complete the assignment from my lecturer which takes up quite a lot of quota to download the supporting application

  30. Ahmad Faiz Kamaludin

    Today i want to do my internship task about send notification to approval when get new submission from employees and reminder notification in employees when they were not report.

  31. Jasica Ardana Herviyandasari

    today, i was attending virtual talk show about chevening scholarship and mental health. im so excited because this is my favorite topics.

  32. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Okay.. today i don’t know why for some reasons, i’m really feel sleepy. I mean usually, i’m not a sleepy person but today just in this morning i’m really really feel sleepy. Maybe because i eat something strange? Well who knows. ‘3’

  33. Tonight I went to my grandma’s house by motorcycle and I rode alone. I passed through the dark forest. I was very scared at that time. But fortunately I arrived safely.

  34. Laily Febian Fitriani

    My internet connection is really weird. When i search random stuff, it becomes fast and stable. But when i search important things, it becomes slow.

  35. Rosyidah Amini Suci

    Yeyy today is Sunday, so many problem here :”(( I was disappointed last night but this morning Allah changed with happiness because that I went to Traditional Market for refresh my mind

      1. Bimo Prasetyo Afif

        Boruto eps 165
        Maou Gakin no Futekigosa eps 11
        Digimon Adventure 2020 eps 15
        Sword Art Online : Alicization Word Of Underword eps 22
        Kanojo Okarishimasu eps 10

  36. Akhlakul Karim Hbp

    Today , I wake up lately this morning and then go to take a bath, after that I go to the motorcycle service, there is something wrong with my motorcycle

  37. Jasica Ardana Herviyandasari

    i met my old friend today. and we exchangeed stories about our daily activity. and im proud of her because she has started a business.i hope her business is given a smooth run

  38. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Today is a very good day for me, well i can’t tell this but i’m having fun a lot today. Many people sometimes forget to have fun, so it’s not a bad thing to have fun sometimes. Okay why am i happy today, well it’s because i ate too much food this morning… and also afternoon. ERgh.. this is bad, but at least i’m having fun today. I hope you guys too πŸ™‚

  39. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Today is Monday, yeah so that’s mean we have online classes. To be honest now i kinda accustomed to this daily basis of online classes. But yeah there is nothing strange happen or any kind of new event happen so today just usual day or maybe?

  40. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Hello again oh comment section, i really need to make some reminder or something. I mean lately i tend to forget my task for college especially, so yeah today i will start make them already. Wish me luck.

  41. Laily Febian Fitriani

    Today i read a news that Wizarding Worlds will release a new game named Hoghwarts Legacy next year. The trailer is really cool. But it doesn’t availble for android. I hope it will available for android too.

  42. Nabila Zalfa 3D3ITB

    i found my old flashdisk today, i want to connect it to my laptop to see what’s inside but i am wondering and also worry if it contains a virus or not…

  43. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    I learn a few words today, such as Auf wiedersehen it’s germany language. it means Goodbye in english. and then there is Danke Schon, also from germany it means Thank you in english. i mean maybe yeah we can search in google but i know about this words from a friend so yeah it’s pretty fun to listen directly.

  44. Galuh Nurul Istiqomah

    Tonight, I’m just chilling out alone in the coffee shop. It’s can charge my energy. The coffee shop not really crowded, so i can keep distance from others.

  45. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Today i watched a cartoon with title Hilda. It’s a good cartoon series, it was on netflix maybe you can watch it too (i mean, i actually don’t have netflix so i download on internet). It’s a very good cartoon give it a try because you won’t regret it.

  46. Muhammad Anand Fardhani

    Hey one of my favorite segment, the comment segment, so yeah just like usual today there is nothing strange happen. If i must say something different, well i take an exercise today for 30 minutes and it make me feel tired already. My stamina is really bad.. i guess i need to do it daily too ( i mean i hope it comes true).

  47. Nabila Zalfa 3D3ITB

    i planned to go to my usual barbershop this evening because they were closed yesterday ><