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Hello members of 3D3MMBA! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

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506 thoughts on “Daily Sentence 3D3MMBA”

  1. Muhammad Yasin

    Problems are everyone’s best friend, because problems educare us from those who don’t to know and from those who don’t understand so they understand.

  2. Hello friends, this is my second day in Surabaya, here is very quiet, even the existence of people can be counted. If told to choose me better at home, because the house is always crowded with my brothers and sisters. And yes, I’ll be back home tomorrow after all my business is done of course

  3. Angela Auliana

    Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday~ Can I ask you again everyone ? How was your day yesterday? is it good ? is it bad ? is it fun ? Don’t forget to stay healthy! Fighting!

    1. Dizca Rosalia Putri

      Hello Angel!
      Thank your for asking at first. I was quite fine today. There were some tasks that i havent done yet but quite organized beside. Thank for your reminder! Keep healthy and safe for you too!

    2. Muhammad Yasin

      Hello Angela !!
      Good evening, thank God I always make my days fun so that my life is full of color even though there are many tasks 😀 .
      Thanks for your attention

  4. Alvina Amalia Fitri

    hello, happy friday all
    yesterday, my father didn’t go to work because he has fever , and now i feel the same thing, when i wake up, i feel a little bit fever , i worried if i have covid 19, so i make a cup of coffee and feel happy when i can still smell the coffee.
    so, it’s just my fear in my mind haha

    1. Angela Auliana

      Hello Alvina! Be careful ! I hope your father gets well soon and you too. As usual, you like coffee. But don’t drink to much coffee, it’s not good for your health.. Stay healthy! Fighting! I think you have to think positively so that it doesn’t happen.

  5. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    TGIF, everyone!!
    Yess, it was finally friday! This week was quite tiring for me, but proud of me i’m be able to get through it! And, a little self reward get an episode of kdrama hahah.
    Talking about kdrama, Start Up will be end this week! There were just 2 episodes left and it’s totally end:( I felt excited yet sad at once. My weekend will be half empy without Seo Dalmi, Nam Do San, Samsan Tech Squat, And our loveable second lead male Han Ji Pyeong:((((

  6. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

    Good morning everyone! Sending good vibes and great hopes for everyone here today. Also, happy Friday! There’s a lot of things to do today, also don’t forget to do our presentation for the TV Studio lecture, hope that everyone here has already done their tasks. Good luck y’all!

    1. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

      Also, I wanted to add here that I’m pretty proud of myself that I could do multiple assignments prior to the day it was due. I could’ve done two to three tasks a day and have the rest of the week on freedom. It felt pretty good, managing time. You all should try it too sometimes

      1. Dizca Rosalia Putri

        Hello, Ryan!!
        the truth is i admire your stamina to do it at once. I could get rid my laziness and ‘mager’, but i couldn’t get done my tasks all at once in a one day just like you. Are you often stay up late or how? Please, it would great hearing your tips! Anyway, TGIF for you Ryan!

  7. Muhammad Yasin

    Life is like ink that will run out, but leaves meaningful and lovely writings that sometimes do not match reality, but we also need to live life.

    1. Dizca Rosalia Putri

      I love your eager and ambition, Yasin!
      But dont forget to enjoy the process, because for me the most essential was the process itself. Hopes we can meet up soon, Yasin!

  8. Anindita Tsabita H.S

    Hello everyone!!
    is today very tiring? Now is the time to rest for a long time until tomorrow morning hehe…
    let’s forget for a moment all the burdens that surround you :))
    Have a good rest everyone!!

    1. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

      Hello and good morning to you too Dita! I felt so exhausted yesterday, I just think that I did pretty well yesterday regarding there’s absolutely nothing to do in my workplace. Overall, it was a very tiring day but also a fun one cause I get to improve on my zen mode hahaha. Best of luck!

  9. Muhammad Yasin

    Don’t play the knife if you don’t want to get hurt and don’t play with your heart if you don’t want to get hurt, friends

    Good night 🙂

  10. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    Hi, everyone! It’s a charming thursday!
    Talking about the end of the year, what’s your goal in 2020 that didn’t come true? Yeah 2020 was kind of sucks, but suprisingly, gratefully, i’ve quite achieved more than i expected:D It would fun hearing your thoughts!

    1. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

      Same here, i really thought of 2020 as a year of self improvement and time to make something that seems quite impossible, possible. Alas, I achieved lots of joyous and incredible things this year. Have a good day os!

  11. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

    Good morning lovely people! Hope you have a blessed day and a very happy one, because you know?? It’s Thursday! We’re closing to weekend each day, and you should hold on to it a bit more for the weekend okay!

  12. Anindita Tsabita H.S

    Good evening everyone!!
    how’s your day? is it going as you wish?
    not it’s time to rest everyone…
    I hope tomorrow will be better than today 🙂

    1. Ryan Anarta Amanullah

      Surprisingly my day started well, i woke up pretty early today too. All I could think of right now is how much I should be grateful to God for giving me such huge opportunities every day. Hope yours are going well too Dita!

    2. Dizca Rosalia Putri

      Good morning Dita!
      Yesterday, i pretty proud of myself because i’ve done my assignments haha. Amiin, hope you have a great days ahead! Fighting!

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