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Hello members of 3D3MMBB! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

Each comment is granted 1 point, at max 1 point daily.

Go write a comment and collect your point.

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102 thoughts on “Daily Sentence 3D3MMBB”

    1. it’s good that you remember to make daily sentence comment. It is still September 17. The changing day begins at 7 AM every morning. I think I need to update the system time.

  1. Elisa Willy Santoso

    When I had a meeting last night, I accepted a love message from the internet provider I use. It said, “Paket Regular Internet yang tersedia adalah 0 kb. Silakan lakukan pengisian pula Anda.” Instantly, I was speechless. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

      Izza I want us to play “Among us” again,but nobody has asked to play that game again in our group class. I’ve been waiting for hours. Guys you must have a great Friday night. I’m stuck with my cats and bad internet signal (T.T)

  2. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    This morning I gave my cat its tick medications while he was drowsy (it’s easier that way than having him flailing around my face).Tamtam has started to keep scratching its neck, then I started to realize that it’s time to give its monthly tick meds. It’s been two months. Please pray for Tamtam’s recovery from tick guys! (TTwTT)

  3. Riski Alifia Putri

    Today i make a mistake when i answered the daily grammar quiz and daily dictation so my score goes to 0 wahahahaa but it’s ok i’ll try again tomorrow

  4. Theda Prasmawaty

    All of my friends play the game “among us” and always talk about it. Every single time, they send the code to play the game that makes me want to play too, but my phone can’t install the game because the storage is full

  5. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    Today I had an argument with one of my guildmates, I want to apologize but i’m not in the wrong. We have different principles on certain stuff. I’ll be leaving the guild soon anyway, but I promise that i’ll be back.

  6. Anisa Rayinda Sari

    When I played Among Us with my friends, the Impostor didn’t kill anyone until all tasks were done, lmao, I don’t know what’s wrong with her hahahahaha

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