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847 thoughts on “Daily Sentence 3D3MMBB”

  1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    Time files fast. It’s already start of December, means ends of 2020. I don’t know how to feel about this year, but November totally wasn’t my year. I wish everyone luck in this December!

  2. Winalda Rachmawan

    i have pushed to watch attack on titan, before it, i didnt like about gore anime. but that story make sense and epic fight battle scene. its not forgetting mikasa that character i like

  3. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    Hello, my neighbour class. How’s your day?
    This semester will be end soon. We will face to final project and its trial. Hopes we success throught it and get a good result. Fighting!
    Anyway, your comments reached 842 thoughts, beside my class only reached a half of it hahaha. Was all of you diligent or just my class simply lazy?

  4. Nurul Qomariyah

    good afternoon guys. i hope you all are well. keep up with your health. don’t forget your health protocol when you leave the house. becayse the corona virus has not subsided. πŸ™

  5. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    talking baout betta fish (ikan cupang) did you knoww they could be mutate omg wkwk
    so it could be when you buy them their colors is white the a few weeks later they will turn red and will be koi type. or maybe you buy red then turn blue
    is that true boy? wkwkw

  6. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    i’ve been feeling weird quite a lot lately. i don’t know why what i really feel eheh
    i;ve also asked my friendd for their opinion trying to find out what i feellll. it turns out that many feel like me too. i hope that every day you will feel lucky and gratefullll

  7. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello guys!!! good morning… how are you today? i hope you are healthy and keep fighting right. don’t forget to be grateful for what you have obtained. πŸ™‚

  8. Winalda Rachmawan

    have Anyone know about make a story in this dailly comment? i want to make this for reach some point. and all of you can disscus with your opinion that story

  9. Febriana Ayu Kanti N.

    I’m sure each of us is going through their own obstacles without us knowing, and with that being said, i hope we all can always try to be the good person and never take out our own emotions on somebody else..

    i’m still trying too, every single day. hope we can make the best out of ourselves by being nice to everyone..

  10. Febriana Ayu Kanti N.

    i think it’s been 3 weeks since the last time I visited this site.. I am deeply sorry, Mr Aliv. I got too carried away by many other things.. hopefully i will continuously do this every single day

  11. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    Reading my singaporean’s friend chat is funny. By the typing I could hear the Singlish accent haha. They sometimes slipped the la or lor. Remind me of uncle Roger’s accent.

  12. Ardy Surya Artanya

    Astaghfirullah, I am so sorry I stopped doing quizzes in this web. maybe starting today I will try to diligently do the quiz here. I stop because couldn’t allocate time and was too focused on the KP

    1. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

      wkwkw you’re very excited sur. But its oke, you have started visiting the web again rightttt
      i hope your days can always be fun yassss hihiwww

  13. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    I want to confide something. I really hate someone who did plagiatism on my assignment. Personality problems are not be able to be the reason. Because everyone have they own problems not only you.

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      Every Thursday i have to check up on hospital. Do so many hormone terapy. And actually my psikology are not fine, But live is always going on. i can’t make it the reason. Everything must be going like nothing happened.

    2. Agreeeee!!! everyone has own struggle to finish their work and then someone just copying and dont appreciate it. I mean why they are thinking of cheating to finish quickly instead doing the job by theirself? Is score more important than effort? If it me, I would be proud of my own work.

  14. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    I want to know how my toefls results. Anyone know where i can test my toefl skill? Yepp i just want to know how much scored that i can reach, not for serticifate.

      1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

        Waaaww! Sounds good. PLCC is PUT PENS Right? I never heard it before hehehe i’m sorry if im wrong. But im afraid if my online test was failed. Because my internet connection is too bad.

        1. Yes, you’re right. Just for information, for reguler students who want take E-TEFL, if I’m not mistaken, it requires a fee of two hundred and fifty thousand including training. If you don’t take direct training, the test is fourty thousand. Hopefully usefull for you,dea! πŸ™‚

          1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

            wow, I didn’t know about that. Thank you for sharing. Does anyone get the website link of this E-TEFL? if anyone have done this could you tell me how to register?

    1. Anisa Rayinda Sari

      I want to know that too! I see that there are many TOEFL simulations, maybe it will help us to know our score. But I haven’t tried it yet, maybe later I will try it

  15. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    Honestly, i feel more understand about teory of Toefl at this web. I think that Mr Aliv have prepared everything and the message is received successfully on me. I have so many TOEFL’s book from Kampung Inggris and just now i know how to finish that.

  16. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    I think that i must to create a new alarm to remaind me about my assignment on this web wkwkwk. But it is too many alarm on my phone. And know the ringtone is blew my mind

      1. Anisa Rayinda Sari

        Same with you guys. I sometimes remember to do the task at midnight.. But sometimes I fall asleep too or busy with another assignment. Good luck guys, I know we can do all assignments

  17. Elisa Willy Santoso

    50 pages? I think that rules can be applied in the next project, but I still do this command because respecting someone is important too.

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      But i will respect to my self first. I have tried the best to did it with many rules, but the rules are always change early the deadline. Good job, willy. I think you can do it better than me.

      1. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

        I agree with dea ehehe
        We all have to do what’s best for ourselves, only then will we start appreciating others. Well at least no one feels burdened by each other.

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      Maybe i just too enjoying my holiday for self-reward after doing any hard challenge on 2020. Yeep, all of my assignment is challenge for me

  18. Anisa Rayinda Sari

    Time really flies so fast. I hope I can use my time wisely, there’s a lot of assignments but I stil… enjoying anime. I’m sorry myself

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      It is normal, anisa. You cant treat everything too hard. Did your assignment as your challenge and stay enjoying your life without reduce your daily rutinities.

  19. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    in my opinion, implementing a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic is difficult. Espesially not doing many activities like now. I hope the situation will be good and we are always given good healthh

  20. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    I had a fight with my online friends. Now that I think about it, every month we always get into a fight. I was wondering if it’s only me who think we are friends. I always be the one to open up a topic to talk with them. it’s getting tiring. Sighs.

  21. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    Today i looked a betta fish in around kenjeran. So many colors and models they are so cuteeee while moving here and there and prices start from 10-35k, not too expensive.

    1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

      what is betta fish, nau? is that something like decoration? the last time I go to kenjeran was probably last year for photography assignment.

  22. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    One of my cousins is getting married. I am happy for him that he finally will be married. I hope everything will go according to the plan. I can’t wait for another cute nieces or nephews to annoy.

  23. Elisa Willy Santoso

    Hi guys, i wanna ask a question which is unusual. Do you know about virtual camp? Really, I want to make a virtual camp that can be followed by many people in a different tourist attractions.

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      Virtual camp? What it is look like? I never heard it before wkwk but it’s a good idea. maybe we can held some online games for ice breaking on this semester.

  24. Sherina Kusuma Putri

    I did a little social media detox since last week and I feel much better. I think, sometimes it is necessary to take a break from news and and social media~

    1. Elisa Willy Santoso

      Woahh, I appreciate your act. I think it can be impactful to your mind and your body. Btw, can you share your experience with us, if u don’t mind? wkwk

    2. Nadia Isya Maulidya

      true, sher. I uninstalled instagram, and It makes me better to think and to feel now. But I still using youtube, the comments can be a little toxic…

    3. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      I have been did it so many times. Usually i did it when a holiday coming, i decided to turn off my internet conection and refresh every toxic thing that i have read or see on social media.

  25. Elisa Willy Santoso

    I think sleep in the afternoon makes our body fresh again, don’t too long. My minds are opened, zeal to do something are raised up again, and many more.

    1. Elisa Willy Santoso

      I remember a sing that said “Yo prakanca dolanan ing njaba, padhang bulan padhange kaya rina”, and so on. In last sentence, it said “ngelingake ojo padha turu sore”, so let’s sleep in the afternoon.

    2. Sherina Kusuma Putri

      Not with me. It makes me more sleepy and lazy in the night and I will take a sleep earlier to continue my sleep in the afternoonπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  26. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    I want to update my ghost-clicking problem. I managed to save my Rp. 150.000 by fixing the problem myself. I know what went wrong. It was caused by failed or corrupted installation of adobe programs. Possible causes of this was pirated software . I had to pirate Adobe Premiere pro for certain assignment. Pirated softwares will bring you some backlash sooner or later guys.

  27. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    Is anyone here watching Haikyuu? hahaha
    i last saw this anime in high school when the season were 1&2. I think the current season is REALLY GOOD
    looks like all of you should to watch this wkwkw

    1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

      Anisa watched Haikyuu. I think she’s already a big fan of it now. You can talk to her about Haikyuu related things, Nau. I’m sure you guys would talk nonstop

      1. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

        yaps willl haikyuuu is animee wkwk. OMG you should to try watch haikyu wil for refresh your brain in weekend wil wkwk
        maybe you’re interested, maybe eheh

          1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

            Whaaat? I cant believe that Willy enjoying his live with Anime wkwkwk. It is so funny boyπŸ˜† i think that your daily activities just about project.

  28. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

    OMG i forgot to do my assignment in this web. Hopefully i can be more routine and routine hehehe. Btw happy November guys, hope that everyone will get the best in this month

      1. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

        yaps i hope that everyone will always get so much much happiness in this novemberrr. Keep spirit Willl! eheheh and have a nice dayyyy

      1. Naurah Salsabillah P.M

        Yasss thank you Sherrrrr~
        I also didn’t expect time this so fastt OMG. Hopefully today and beyond will be better days alwayss.
        and Have a nice day Sherrr^^

  29. Elisa Willy Santoso

    do you feel in yourself about “I don’t have any idea to write in the daily sentence task”? if you have the same feeling, please give me some tips hahaha

      1. Elisa Willy Santoso

        Noted, sir. I will try your suggestion. Thank you Mr. Aliv.
        By the way, question number 3 in the English exam made me try “cocokologi” when I answered. πŸ™‚

  30. Elisa Willy Santoso

    Happy Mid Term Test, guys.. *CMIIW
    Be the best with your assignments and let God do the rest. I believe we can complete this exam with the best results.

    1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

      Wkwkwk i read it when mid term test was over. Maybe i just too busy to preparing midtest and all the revision book. Hhhhh, i hate it but im sure that someday i will miss this momment

  31. Winalda Rachmawan

    its saturday. i will try to focus in one day practicing the development of texturing skills in 3d blender. there are some techniques that might make me forget because they are too complicated

  32. Winalda Rachmawan

    two days ago i tried to learn 3d again in blender software. yeah 30% i forgot about how to use the technique. os i have to see the tutorial from the previous step again

  33. Winalda Rachmawan

    now is a holiday. rest is also necerssary, but i still have a alot of to do to fisinsh at the beggining because a fey days later there is a new assignment

  34. Nadia Isya Maulidya

    I bought my big black cat a mouse toy, catnip, and laser pointer to entertain it. Tamtam really like the mouse toy. Tamtam would chase it around the house which resulted dust floating on air. I’m content if my cat is pleased.

  35. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    I see the last comment on this website. I think that all of my friend is really enjoy their holiday actually wkwk. But it is so good for refresh our mind after many struggle

  36. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

    Happy long weekend guys, forget all of your problems for a while l, please. Let your brain feel free and preparing your mid semester test with health brain.

  37. Elisa Willy Santoso

    Wah πŸ™ I forgot to complete this task. I don’t know, maybe it happened because of the preparation of the internship report program. last week.

      1. Dea Amalia Rahmawati

        LOL. Honestly i opened this web for not any reason. When i think that i not doing anything but j want to still hold my phone, my finger is going to open it wkwkkw

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