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  1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    It has been raining yesterday and I couldn’t help myself not to cook instant noodles. And as I said before, rain and instant noodle is the best match hehe.

      1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        yap, me too. I like to add an egg to my noodle. I love the spicy flavored one the most whichever the brand. But I didn’t get the spicy one yesterday, so I just cooked indomie goreng. I’m indomie team btw wkwk. What about you? what flavor do you like?

    1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      Today is a rainy day. Almost a day Surabaya got a heavy rain today. Talking about noodle, yeah it will be very nice to eat noodle with this rain vibe!

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      I did this too today but fortunately, I didn’t get a headache. Based on your experience I concluded that we shouldn’t overdo anything. Sorry for being serious hehe. I hope your headache subsides soon.

    2. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

      I also like that. all I’ve been doing in the past three days is just sleeping on my bed because the weather is very supportive for sleeping haha. then in those three days, my head got dizzy easily

    3. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      I did the same, Astin. OMG I don’t know why but last three days I have been so sleepy and sleep too much then. Hope you’ll not get headache again after sleeping, Tin!

  2. Nurul Qomariyah

    good afternoon guys. i hope you all are well. keep up with your health. don’t forget your health protocol when you leave the house. because the corona virus has not subsided. πŸ™

  3. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I joined a webinar yesterday. It’s about an entrepreneur given by one of Indonesians biggest platforms. The content was very informative, it gives me a new perspective that we should be brave to take at least a step further. Although it explains more about how to start and develop a business, I thought that the tips can be applied to another field.

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      I joined it because I want to know and make it clear about how to build a business, though I haven’t started anything yet. I thought that at least I should find out the concept first.

    2. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      I got a lot of insight not only given by the speaker but also how did the experience he got. The fact that the speaker was an engineer before gives me more courage to start a business. Besides, I learn about how to organize events better. There is a lot of information but I can’t write all.

  4. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello guys!!! good morning… how are you today? i hope you are healthy and keep fighting right. don’t forget to be grateful for what you have obtained. πŸ™‚

  5. Yesterday, i was doing nothing and lay down on my bed because my head little bit migraine. I’m so happy because the weather in Surabaya is not too hot anymore

  6. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

    Today I felt happy when I called my mother to make up for my grief by exchanging stories about things that happened at home and in Surabaya.

    1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      maybe I miss my mother so much and miss my mother’s food at home.
      because since I am allergic to some food, since then, the food I eat has not varied.

      1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

        That’s right Edy, I call my mother every day away and share my story. It can bring back some of the positive feelings that I have inside of me.

    2. Ajie Dibyo Respati

      yeah sometimes i felt that. i don’t know the exact problem but, mostly i felt that when i’m alone and not having enough social activity at certain times.

      1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

        Yes,I agree with your statement,Ajie. Because of the impact, this pandemic has also been devastating and we’re home too much and we’re not doing enough outside of the home.

    3. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      don’t be sad Lin, suddenly feeling emotional is normal for all people. If it’s connected to the lecture given by Mrs. Desi, maybe you didn’t fulfill your instinctual need. Edy was correct, you should call your mother more often.

    4. I fell what you feel until I got to the point where I told myself to survive just for that today. finally, I felt better when I told to Allah in prayer.

  7. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    for 2 weeks i learned about color psychology. I still confuse about how to determine appropriate color for our application, what factors influence it. In my opinion, color is subjective, it depends on everyone’s taste and of course their tastes are different. I also have not found a paper that discusses this topic. Hopefully, i can find it soon.

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      fighting shell !! I hope you could find more references for your final project. Edy is right, your final project is interesting, maybe you can ask for help from psycholog.
      You can do this Shell, fightingg !!

    2. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      Keep fighting… You can do it, Mayshella. I hope you find the paper soon.. and hopefully, the process of working on your final project will be carried out.

    3. Good luck Mayshella, your final project Topic was interested. learned about color psychology make you can learn more about how color therapy work and how light and color might affect us.

  8. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

    This morning I was feeling very surfeited in my room, so I went to my friend’s boarding house, and then we went to get some food and ice Doger.

      1. Of course you wouldn’t satisfied by only drinking one cup of Es Doger with this kind weather of Surabaya. You have to drink at least three cup πŸ˜‚

      2. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        At least you need two glasses of it I thought, lets break Irma’s record wkwk. I am thankful that it was raining this afternoon, so the temperature not as high as the day before. BTW keep fighting lin πŸ˜€

        1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

          that’s right Luluil, I am also grateful for the rain this afternoon and it is not too hot. keep fighting for working on the final project, Luluil.

  9. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    When i watched the music video, i was speechless. It was truly amazing and beyond my expectations. I even thought how much money was spent on making this MV, the technology used seems high too. This is the best music video I’ve ever seen.

    1. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

      it’s not only their music videos that are amazing. you should also check out their debut stage which was uploaded by SM. Their debut stage can be called the best debut stage ever

      1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        I just suddenly wondering about the cost wkwk. How big the amount of money used to make the set. I have just scrolled my insta and one of the post captioned with the live set was the most pretentious live set ever.

  10. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    Finally, SM Entertainment launched their new girl group after debuting Red Velvet six years ago. The new girl group called AESPA !!! Yeayyyyy. I am so excited because i’ve been waiting for the debut of SM Rookies Girl for a long time.

    1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      However, i am a little bit disappointed and sad. There are several SM Rookies Girl Trainees who chose to leave, such as Lami, Koeun, Junyeong. I followed them since The Mickey Mouse Club. Lami should be The Next Queen of Visual. But, it’s okay there was still Ningning standing there.

      1. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

        I’m also disappointed with SM because they let go of people like Lami and Koeun. I’ve been waiting for their debut since they appeared at The Mickey Mouse Club

    2. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      Aespa debuted with the song “Black Mamba”. I think the song is easy to hear and easy to remember. There is one part that always rings in my head is “Ayayaya”. Without realizing it, i always mumbled that word.

        1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

          Have you watched their debut stage ? if not, watch it now. That was soooooooooo incredible. The best debut stage ever among the sm artist or all Korean groups (?)

    3. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      Aespa has 4 members, Kaina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning. Karina and Winter are both from Korea, while Giselle hails from Japan and Ningning from China. I was surprised when i saw WInter’s teaser photo because she looks like SNSD’s Taeyeon. They look like siblings. Winter is my bias, she is beautiful, and her voice is cute.

        1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

          Woww !!!! By the way, it looks like Winter is the Happy Virus in her group. I watched a video on Twitter that showed her interaction with her makeup artist, it was really cute. Maybe she could ask NCT Lucas to make a comedy group together.

    4. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      OMG. I think they are all too young to be a girl group members 😒. So excited to watch their debut meanwhile when I look at their face they looks like having similar face each other.

      1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

        I thought their faces were different. Among all the girl groups i know, aespa members are the easiest to distinguish. That’s just my opinion, maybe because I’ve liked kpop for a long time, so it’s easier for me to differentiate between the members.

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      get some proper sleep lin, don’t be too hard for yourself. It’s not good for your health. we already know that the pandemic had not over yet, so you must keep your immune system.

    2. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      Get enough rest, Linda ! This semester is a little tough than before because we have to do the final project, but don’t forget to take care of your health and improve your time management. Fighting !

  11. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I have just known about procrastinators from a youtube video. I have just realized that I have this habit, so I should stop it starts today.

    1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      keep fighting, Lu’luil….
      you can do it.
      it was hard at first, but it will be easy..
      because we have to be better than ever,
      to a better life

      1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        thanks for your concern lin, I wish that we could be better than before. If you don’t know about procrastinator, it is a habit to defer action until the opportunity is lost.

  12. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

    ThursDay is ThirstyDay, hehehe
    Over these days, Surabaya has been so hot, It reached 33 degrees Celcius, and it made me want to drink cold all the time.

    1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      But, today I am also so grateful,
      that good things have happened to me in my life,
      and I feel like I am in a bright color.

      Don’t forget to say Alhamdulillah.

    2. yes Linda I Agree with you, last Thuesday Surabaya was verry hot. that day I took a shower three time and I drank ice. becouse that afternoon was very hot. i didn’t want to go to campus.

  13. This morning, finally I and Adhiemas did presentation about network security. It’s nerve-wracking before we start because we got a lot of trouble when we tried to demonstrate it. But, luckily nothing bad happen and we could finished it well.

    1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      Congratulation, Edy and Dimas! You all have done it very well. The demonstration also running smoothly and my question about the topic has answered during the discussion session.

    2. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      Congrats to Edy Ribowo and Adhiemas A P for finishing the presentation and demo practice of network security about Evading IDS, Firewall, and HoneyPot.

    3. Congratulations Dimas and Edy for a great presentation. I really pay attention when you make a presentation, you are also calm when there is a problem during the demo.

  14. Yesterday i watch the interview between Daniel Mananta and Raline Shah. It was amazing interview and i think one of the best interview i have ever seen. I got lot of insight about life and try to implement it on my life.

    1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      Well, I have watched it too from your wa story. I think it also related with our ‘leadership management’ lesson last Tuesday. Isn’t it?

    2. three weeks ago I also watched this video, I’m interested in Ralinsha’s journey. she starts to change when they were a small tumor on her face. he decided to move to Bali. he succeeded in combining spirituality and meditation.

  15. Yesterday i was joining my mentorship for my project. It was fun and helpful. It’s really fulfilling when you have place to throw away your problem

  16. last Thursday, I am so happy because Fian, Aldi, and Aulia come to my house. we have finished our homework together. we planned for online classes together, but the class got delayed.

    1. because the class was delayed, finally Aldi and Fian played ‘Fall Guys Ultimate knockout ‘ together after they get bored, Aulia and Aldi played ‘Dynasty Warrior ‘ together

      1. when they want to back home, we take dinner outside. we look for reference restaurants on the internet, TikTok, and Instagram. because there were too many choices, finally we decided to go to Tunjungan Plaza.

          1. for your information guys, now at Marugame Udon, there is an Udon Kanze promo. where you only pay for the main menu but get free tempura chicken and potato stick. this promo valid from 02 – 15 November 2020.

            1. after we have dinner. we toured the mall looking for discounts. until finally at nine o’clock we decided to return to our home. thank you friends for coming home to study, play, eat, and go out together.

  17. Yesterday I was learning how to play pianika online. It’s quite interesting when you getting bored. Especially when you can play favourite song 😎

  18. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    i don’t know why lately I feel sleepy almost every time. I’m feeling really not productive recently. need some refreshing i think. i don’t know

      1. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

        i don’t know why exercise is like my enemy right now. LMAO
        I’ve been not exercising for a month I think wkwkk
        let’s hope I’ll able to do it tomorrow :v

      1. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

        yeah i think i should try to do it slowly.
        i usually don’t have any morning routing.
        let’s wish tomorrow I’m not falling a sleep right after subuh prayer

    1. sometimes you need a refreshing to refresh your mine, believe it or not after a break you will be better prepared to solve all the work or problems you have.

      1. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

        i think i feel bored also because I’ve been taking breaks for a long time now.
        I’ve lost some of my productive routines.
        i think I slept and played games to much

    1. Congratulations Linda πŸŽ‰ your team really did great job. I think we have chilling out when something problem or anything that can bothering me was came up.

    2. I see from your WA story, you have traveled with Wifdah to Shella’s house in Mojokerto. this is an amazing, huge struggle to prepare a good presentation. great job guys.

    1. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

      I am happy about this day because they have free shipping costs vouchers. It will be beneficial if you want to buy a product, but the shipping costs more pricey.

    2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      Hmm.. it’s been a long time I didn’t buy stuffs online. I just realized that today is 11.11. and due to 11.11, I have prepared nothing…

      1. Better if you prepare it a month before the unique day (like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, etc) Wifda. Because somehow it can decrease your expenses when it comes to daily needs

    3. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

      i have no idea things that I want to buy in this big sale. I’ve tried to look for the best offer but end up just scrolling through all items because nothing attracts me.

      1. I have tips for you Bil. It could be better, if you prepared it before. Get your wishlist on your bag, and checkout when the event come πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    4. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

      Yesterday, I was also hunting for a voucher at 11.11. at one of the market places, they give a 111 rupiah discount voucher and a 100% cashback voucher.

  19. Yesterday i was trying to start my jogging routine. It’s been awhile since last time i was doing my exercise. Really hard to start something that we don’t do much in recent times.

  20. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I have nothing special to tell but I have decided my new hobby. I don’t know why, but I think this hobby makes me more exited to do my daily activity. Yes, it is listening music on ‘JOOX’ with my own playlist I made before. Actually I start to do it because I have some free music quotas from my provider haha.

    1. Great Wifda!
      I had created my own playlist on my Spotify. It’s so good when you’re on really gloomy day, and wanna snap out from it, just listen our playlist. It can be boost our mood πŸ”₯

          1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

            Recently, I like to listen EXO’s, NCT’s and some k-pops. Well, I like the songs of JKT48 too, Edy. They make me get new spirit after listening them. I like ‘River’ and Kagami no Naka no Jeanne D’Arc the mostπŸ˜ƒ

    2. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

      wow,. is JOOX now have a more updated song?
      it’s been a long time since the last time I used it. I once tried to install it again but when I search for some new song (at the time) the results showing nothing. a little bit sad. I once loved JOOX cause it also provides the lyrics and free membership

      1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

        I think so, Hasan. Joox gives many new realises song, recently. It gives us vip privilege too for 6 hours a day and some coints if we check out everydayπŸ˜‚. Well, if you want to enjoy another music player with lyrics including nice UI, I recommend you to try Resso, Hasan. It also gives us vibes options for the music and we can share our own vibes too.

      1. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

        the playlist that I listened to also matched my mood at that time. when I feel gloomy, listen to sad songs. but if I feel happy, I listen to a happy songs

    3. yes, Wifdah listening to your favorite music can be made your mood enhancer. the consequent positive state of mind can improve your capacity for creative problem-solving and increase your productivity levels.

        1. I have a question for you wif, whether your music playlist is made based on your mood or just a mix based on your favorite music? I mean if you are happy you have a playlist of happy songs, and if you are sad you have a playlist of sad songs

        2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

          Actually, I don’t have any favorite music genre, Shafiyah. I just listening to what I want to listen but I don’t like mellow music at all.

  21. yesterday I spent my day lying in my bed. I still not doing anything, I didn’t open the laptop, I just want to sleep and gather the enthusiasm to start a new wake

  22. Happy weekend everyone!
    Just enjoy your weekend before we come back to jump into basic-student-life again xD
    Today I was cleaning my dorm and watching some movie πŸ™‚

  23. Today i will attend Lab Meeting for my final project. It was good idea to maintain our progress and we can get so much insight when whe heard another idea about other topics.

    1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      I think it will be nice for your health, since you have worked very hard this semester for attending online classes and doing final project. Stay healthy, Zahiroh!

    2. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      it’s a good decision since your health is the most important thing, take your time Zahiroh. As we know that the pandemic hasn’t over, so you must keep your immune. Get well soon Zahiroh.

  24. Yesterday I was really tired because i had to took three mid test at the same time. I don’t eat my lunch. It was so much hectic until the night after submitting the English test. After that I felt so relieved because the test were done πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      Me too πŸ˜”
      Yesterday, I wasn’t well when I done mid test from morning until midnight 😞.
      After I submitted for English mid test, I felt that it was final mid test ☺️. And I can take a rest 😁

      1. I think last Thursday was a tough day, rest your brain for a moment, with doing anything that you like, such as watch movies, watch TV series, listen to podcasts. or go shopping in the mall. whatever you like.

        1. I did my rest just only lying on my bed and watch some movie. Agree, Thursday was tough day. Sometimes, i glad that some lecturer give the material by video like Mr. Aliv

        2. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

          Yes you right! It was a tough day. I finished the exam at night. I was so relieved that I can submit it. So happy that we were finished mid-term exam

          1. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

            The next day I took a rest and cleaned up my home. and then take care of my lovely pet and fish. I happy to take a rest with cleaning

  25. Zahiroh Marwadila

    Because last night I ate noodles and last Monday I also ate noodles, now I am not feeling well. I have been drinking coconut water and medicines but still now feeling better.
    What should I do?

      1. Zahiroh Marwadila

        No, I haven’t πŸ˜”.
        I will try to drink pure milk like ‘Bearbrand milk’. I have taken a rest for a long day 😌.
        Thanks, Wifda for your information πŸ™‚

    1. I think you shouldn’t drink coconut water too much, because after excessive consumption of coconut water, your body could accumulate lots of potassium. If need help, seek help. Because it’s so risky when we were self diagnose when it comes to health awareness. In either case, speak with a doctor first.

    1. today 8 November 2020, Surabaya is very hot, the temperature reaches 33 degrees celsius, this made me drink cold water often but I was afraid of colds because I can’t drink cold water

    1. happy good day to you Edy, keep fighting! to finish your final project and other your assigment. don’t forget to eat healthy food and maintain normal sleep patterns.

  26. Izzaldi Ifthifalli

    Today, i got new experience, new Online middle exam experience. long time not see pen, see paper. i think last seen i saw them is last year. In this exam, the exam answer must handwriting. finally i\m handwriting again and i’m feel so tired

    1. True Aldy. I was not expected when we took the exam by handwriting. But it’s quite fun. And I hope the lecturer can read my handwriting because it seems so weird when I saw my own.

    2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      Yeah. I was very surprised with our first handwriting middle test. I even couldn’t write nicely. It was super different handwriting with mine a few months ago.

    3. Zahiroh Marwadila

      I was also surprised. I have pen and paper. But, I’m not in the boarding house. So, I went over there and wrote with my heart fast because I ran πŸ™‚
      Those are my fond memories

    4. I was surprised by the exam with handwriting yesterday. I started to answer the question at 11.00 am because I didn’t read the WA group message. and fortunately, Myshella calls me, I was thankful to you Shell.

      1. and the end of the exam I was late 1 minute submitted my exam. and I am afraid that my test will not be accepted by the lecturer. because I have trouble when converting photos to pdf and my connection internet was trouble.

        1. and then I ask to MyShell and Aulia what shout I do, and they are suggested to send a message to the lecturer to want apologies, and I do that, I explain to the lecturer what the problem that I have, and fortunately my lecturer forgive me and accept my exam.

          1. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

            Wish you will get some exception and has a great result of it. don’t forget to always check your phone especially at study time or exam time

  27. On the end of last month i made some schedule on Google Calendar for November. It’s so helpful because I’m so forgetful, when any task or activity updates, you will receive the notification. You should try it guys

      1. Della Marda Hakiky

        yeaahh that’s right aul, I feel the exact same way. can you give advice besides doing that, Ed ? :). I often ignore notifications from Google Calendar

        1. I always keep in mind that if not doing (or basically ignore) the schedule, my schedule, and my task will not be finished on time. Just try to START. It’s hard for the first time, but it’s doable. FYI, I still try to learn to be on schedule.

        2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

          May be my answer could help you, Della. I think using a time tracker application or web based time tracker will works. I have tried it and it helps me to be scheduled and focus on my task..

      2. End the end of the day, Google Calendar is only a tool. We are being responsible for what we gonna do. So for me, there are no best tools to help us. It’s up to us. Just push your self to do what exactly the notification tell u.

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      Really ?
      Sometimes, I create multiple schedules on Google Calendar.
      But now, my cellphone memory is lacking. So, I have to delete some of my favorite apps on my phone πŸ™

      1. Sorry to hear that Zahiro πŸ™ maybe you can try on Desktop version and allow the browser to turn on the notification when schedule was on. It also helps me a lot.

    2. same as you Edy, this week I started to manage my activities on google calendar. there are so many features, my favorite features keep nodes and tasks, I’m trying to start managing my activities even though I still have any problems.

      1. What the problem Shafiya Bastian?
        Yas agree. Those features are helps me too. Right now, when any appointments or task I’ll write down on Google Calendar.

  28. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

    “Weather information in the city of Tuban”

    Hello Friends.
    it is raining right now. How is the weather in your city?
    Don’t forget to come out with an umbrella or a raincoat.

    1. Della Marda Hakiky

      Hi Linda! I wish you good health and happiness. In Surabaya, yesterday was raining so hard until this morning. Today’s weather will be cloudy and the sky is clear!

    2. Zahiroh Marwadila

      Hi Linda ‘Kalem’ πŸ™‚
      How are you ?
      I am in Surabaya City. I thought, It’s not raining today. However, It was cloudy here. I want to eat a bowl of boiled noodles with eggs. Maybe, a cup of coffee is really good πŸ™‚

    3. Hello Linda, How are you? I wish you are still healthy and happy. Yesterday was raining in Surabaya. today Surabaya is cloudy and I love it. this is the weather I always miss at the end of the year.

  29. Ajie Dibyo Respati

    good morning everyone, i hope you have a good day everyday. today Surabaya is cloudy and i love it. it gives relaxing vibes and i could stay on the bed for longer time hehe

  30. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    How is your day, everyone? I hope we are all in a good condition. Well, tomorrow is the last day of October in 2020. Do you realize that for about two month more it will change to 2021?

    1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      my days as normal are nothing special but enough to be grateful, Wifda.
      That’s Right wifda… It really does not seem that the day has changed so quickly. The last two months have been in 2021.

    2. Yasss Wifda. It is so insane. I thought the 2020 was so quick. Its feel like yesterday, we did Software Expo, which is last time all of us gathering together

      1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

        Wow, absolutely right Edy. It’s been a year then, since the last gathering. Hopefully we’ll meet again with good situation and condition. I can’t imagine how and when it will be.

      1. yeah, I feel too Aul, 2020 was quick, I felt that yesterday was December 2019, and at the time I was busy preparing for the software expo.
        Miss, you All πŸ™‚

      1. Zahiroh Marwadila

        October this year made me very happy. I don’t know why. I remember about something I was born on Monday. And this year, my birthday is on Monday πŸ™‚

    3. Della Marda Hakiky

      Yeah, That’s right! I know, it’s crazy how fast time flies. Now we want to enter the new year and it doesn’t feel like we’re going to split up any time soon.

    1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      I come to her home and she is very happy. She said that she is waiting me to come her home for some hours and yaayy she treat me a meatball and “es campur”.

    2. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      We just have appointment at 1 p.m today, so I said sorry to her because I come late. But it’s ok, deadline for his assignment is tomorrow.

  31. Last week I received my Bakpia Kukus from Jogja. And today, it comes to the expired date, I’m confused about how to finish those Bakpia. Have a day every day everyone

    1. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

      You should give me some of your Bakpia. By the way, how about the taste of Bakpia Kukus from Jogja? I never taste it before and how much it cost?

      1. Are you in Surabaya?
        The taste was OKE for me. Not as good as the Onigiri Indomaret. If you wanna buy, you can buy online on Blibli.com (sale 11.11)

    2. I have eaten the same Bakpia Kukus Jogja as you have eaten, what variance flavor are trying? Chocolate, cheese, green beans? , for me, Bakpia kukus is a unique product, not only from packaging, tested but also a new experience eating Bakpia different from usual.

  32. This weeks seems not busy at all. Kinda weird, because usually i got lot of assignment and have to attend class as well. But this week, I could chill little bit

    1. yeah, happy weekend Eddy. speend your holiday with doing something you can’t do when you are busy. and don’t forget to prepare for next week exams.

      1. Thank you Shafiya. Sometimes we need time to break, just to release our stress. Last week I do my homework and do some little vacation to just using Suroboyo Bus to looks around West Surabaya.

  33. Zahiroh Marwadila

    Earlier at 3 am, I went to the train station to my hometown. When I checked-in, I was sad because I couldn’t my trip. Why ? I didn’t bring a health certificate or so on. I don’t know if my train should have such traveling conditions. πŸ™‚

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      I was at the station for quite a while sitting inside until I left the station. So, I called my parents. They told me to go straight to the bus terminal. I got there at 5.30 am and at that time I was just sitting on my destination bus, the bus is leaving soon. Alhamdulillah I came on time πŸ™‚

      1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

        Hopefully you enjoy your time at home, Zahiroh. So that you don’t have any regret about your way back home. BTW, your hometown is Probolinggo, right? You ever said that it was nearer to bus station than railway station.

        1. Zahiroh Marwadila

          You are right, Wifda πŸ™‚
          My home was nearer to bus station than railway station. But, my boarding house in Surabaya was nearer to railway station than Purabaya station

      2. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

        it cost around 100 thousand rupiahs. The last time I use the train I didn’t need that, because of its short-distance to my hometown.

    2. Yes you should, it’s part of health protocol. Btw, before you check in you can do rapid test on train station. Or you can simply bring the health certification from the doctor.

  34. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I have a plan to make a glass of coffee and test how strong myself against the caffeine from this kinda drink, so that I can stay awake. I really want to do my to do list tonight, because tomorrow is Monday. Guess, is the caffeine works on me?

    1. I have made a glass of coffee, hope the caffeine helps me to stay awake. but from my experience coffee just can help me stay awake just until 2 am. it’s better if I sleep early and then wake up at 11 am but the worst possibility is I won’t be able to wake up and in the morning I will regret that I sept to long. how about you wif?

      1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

        Yes, me too Shaf. Once I could stay awake all night long, I’ll feel dizzy and my eyes getting dry and warm in the morning. Btw, the caffeine didn’t work on me yesterday 😭

    2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

      I read an article about the comparation of tea’s and coffee’s caffeine. The highest caffeine goes to coffee but of course, it also depends on what kind of coffee we drink.

      1. wif, I want to tell you that the coffee that I have to make yesterday does not work for me, this morning I ask my mother what the type of coffee she said that, expresso and possible for me to fall asleep when drink that. I donk know why this coffee does not work for me.

        1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

          I’m sorry to hear that, Shaf. Well, I don’t really know the kinds of coffee which can help us to stay awake. May be it’s better for us to find another way to stay awake Shaf. Any idea?

            1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

              Oh noooo. I can’t drink black coffee Aulia. My stomach never accept the black coffee. But everyone said that black coffee is really works. Btw thanks for your info..

        2. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

          most of the time coffee doesn’t work for me too, lol wkkwk
          I’ve tried black coffee but still had no results.
          for me, drinking water is one way to make me stay up

    3. Sadly, I couldn’t drink coffee πŸ™ because health issues. Sometimes i envy to someone can drink coffee, so that s/he can stay awake and do their things

      1. Wifda Muna Fatihia

        I’m sorry to hear that Edy. Let’s try another way to stay awake beside drinking coffee! Btw, what kind of coffee you couldn’t drink?

        1. I can’t handle a lot of coffee. Funny story when first I try the expresso and americano, I thought either one of them I can handle, but turns out I can handle all of those lol

    1. Sherly Maya Salsabilla

      My favorite MMA fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov managed to beat Justin Gaethje in the UFC lighweight match today. Thus he has recorded a 29-0 successive winning streak throughout his MMA career. Really somethin’ that is very extraordinary and proud.

    2. Sherly Maya Salsabilla

      But there is another thing, Khabib also decided to retire from UFC because he had promised his mother not to fight without his father. That means his fight with Gaethje is his last fight. Khabib’s father and head coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov died in July following complications from coronavirus.

    3. Sherly Maya Salsabilla

      I started know about Khabib’s journey because of the previous controversial fight of Khabib vs McGregor. Khabib managed to beat the arrogance of McGregor with the ability he had and his strong belief in God. He always said “Alhamdulillah” many times every time he had won match. That made me have great respect for a Khabib Nurmagomedov.

    4. Sherly Maya Salsabilla

      Regarding his decision to retire early, it was unfortunate for Khabib’s supporters during his MMA career. Even so, of course he didn’t take the decision carelessly. Because family plays an important role in the life journey of the legend.
      Always big respect for you, enjoy your retirement :)))

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