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  1. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    Today i have the first advance english course. I like the method of how Mr. Aliv teaches. it’s like studying on youtube or any other video tutorial. it makes it easier to learn cause we could easily rewind the video. But unfortunately, the player seems to be taking a long time to load and sometimes leads to an error.

    1. Sorry, the protection method makes it error sometimes, but usually it regards with internet connection.

      Sorry, I cannot upload the videos to youtube, which provides better video load. That’s because the videos have been registered to the Indonesian copyright that prohibit me sharing the videos to platforms other than mine.

      Hopefully, you can get better internet connection and play the videos seamlessly.

  2. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today is a busy day. I spend for about three hours to install some programs to fulfill the requirement of a course and attend three online classes. Fortunately, Mr. Aliv gives us more times to improve our English skill with this nice platform. It’s very helpful!

  3. Sherly Maya Salsabilla

    Today, I watched an aladdin movie. Straight out of this movie, I hope a prince will pick me up to a whole new world too. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

    I think today is the busiest day of a week. from 8 a.m. until afternoon with some break time in between. it’s tiring but it is what it is, right?

  5. Della Marda Hakiky

    Today, this morning was very fun for activities until now. After that, I studied “lesson one: Be sure the sentences has a subject and a verb” from Mr.Aliv. It’s very interesting dan easy to understand. Thxu!

  6. Ajie Dibyo Respati

    Today i attended my class form 8 AM till 3 PM. Besides that, i played some games and doing my tasks. And i have plan to continue watching Fate Series. It’s very good, you guys should watch it too.

  7. Today I had several classes. First, I did some practice in Visual Programming Classes. It’s quite challenging for me because in this class we have to install Visual Studio which is a Windows base. As a Linux user, I have to carry out a search for other alternatives so I can catch up with others because all my friends using Windows at this time.

    Before the second class was started, the power (electricity) was out. I got into a panic at that moment because my laptop battery was running low (for your information, we suffer a power outage often, it’s not because I.m not paying my bills, but it’s just because PLN has been having some issues lately).

    On Thursday, the class schedule was very tight. Luckily, my English lecturer (Thanks to Mr. Aliv) did not require face-to-face meetings during online classes. I was so relieved, so I could finish my class and my task loosely based on the schedule. Most of the time there are several issues, such as the audio is unclear so I cannot hear the sound properly and my signal issues, etc. So I hope all of the lecturers follow this kind of method because it helps a lot especially for me, who lives in a small part from the earth which is a little bit remote and isolated.

  8. Verent Flourencia Irene

    I don’t know what to write about. Maybe if we talk about plans, of course there are many plans that I want to achieve someday. One of the plans that I want to achieve in the near future is to go through “Semester 7” in peace. Last, I thank Mr. Aliv for the explanation. It’s not boring and easy to understand.

  9. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    Today is a busy day because there are some classes I had to attend. It’s quite tiring but I’m kinda enjoying this new habit in this situation. Thanks to Mr. Aliv that gave us such an interesting and useful lesson.
    I hope you guys have a good day and stay healthy.

  10. Today I hear a podcast on Spotify that talks student anxiety after graduation, preferring to apply for a job or take a master degree, both of which explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option, the speaker who is a psychologist an experienced person they assume that every decision will be taken back by ourselves knowing our own needs and wants.

  11. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    Today is a busy day. From 8 a.m until afternoon I attended some classes and doing some tasks. In my hometown, the internet connection is unstable. it makes me frustrated because I can’t listen to my lecturer’s explanation.

  12. Today is a tiring day, but I have to keep the spirit through it. I fill my spare time (besides online lectures time) to do other work, such as working on proposal for competition and explore about python (programming language).

  13. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today is an exhausting day, there are lots of event that has been running on my thursday activities until it’s all done on 22.00. Such as attending online class, reciting or praying, trying to help parents from their activities, and household bustle. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I wish all these activities always gave lot of barokah, and always in good shape.

  14. Verent Flourencia Irene

    Today I learned about the Color Wheel and Color Psychology for determining a good moodboard. But, I’m still confused about choosing a good color combination. Finally I decided to look for various Color palette and UI Design Guide from Pinterest. There are a lots of really good design ideas, I want to create some of those UI designs tonight.

    I thought the UI/UX is very interesting to learn. I hope to master this knowledge.

  15. I did not expect that today is not my day. I had trouble on my ATM, so i decided to go to Kantor Cabang, which is almost 10km from my home. Right now, I dont have any transportation to go to city area so i’m using my lovely ojol to get there. I just prepare at 14.00, i know i should prepare earlier, because finding driver ojol near my home is so hard.

    Finally i got driver at 14.40. I’m not sure i could catch up with the time, because i know the service at those bank is closed at 15.00.

    As expected, i was running out of time because the driver is so slow. Very slow. I was arrived at the bank at 15.04. Yeah. 4 minutes after the bank closed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mind you, ride fare from home to bank is 50k (round-trip). 50k is 5x onigiri indomaret and I am still poorer by that. This things is valuable to me ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    When on the way to home, i brought some fruit salad to chilling out from my horrible day. After i got the driver, the driver was requested to me to wait him, because he had to take a pray. Did you know what happens next? I have to wait extra 30 minutes, and i’m so pissed at that time. And now, i’m poorer with my 30k “not cold” salad.

    PS : Sorry if this comment just full of rant.

  16. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I feel very sorry to my bed because I just woke up very late this morning after praying Subuh. But I enjoy the day because there is no online class schedule and I can take a break for a while. I wish I could be the better version of me and more productive for the next day, even on the holiday.

  17. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

    Today, I didn’t have an online class schedule and I had a plan to wash my clothes, but I didn’t do it because I was tired. Finally, I just lay down and listened to Spotify from morning to noon. In the morning I am suddenly getting so excited to do my homework until now. I hope I could wash my clothes and finish before 11 a.m tomorrow

    1. Linda Lailatus SaIdah

      I mean in the afternoon I am suddenly getting so excited to do my homework until now. I hope I could wash my clothes and finish before 11 a.m tomorrow

  18. Today i re-watched “Kucumbu Body Indahku”, a film by Garin Nugroho. That movie gave me transcend experience and I think everyone should watch it!

    For those who have watched it, they may understand better that rather than “destroying morals”, the film actually makes us more familiar with our culture.

    For me, this film succeeds in presenting cultural complexity, social reality and human characteristics. The culture raised included Lengger Lanang and Warok-Gemblak. Two cultures that cross binary gender norms. I had time to find out more about this culture because I came from the city where Warok came from.

  19. Verent Flourencia Irene

    Today I spend a lot of time in front of the laptop working on my projects. It was very tiring and the bad news is I still have one more work to do tonight. I want to lie in bed quietly, but the universe doesn’t allow it.

    It’s okay..
    I’m still happy to be alive today ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. today is my busy day, I studied the software to test database and I got errors, I don’t know why that happened, I searched for error message on google but it didn’t help, I assumed the error might be me wrong during installation.

  21. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    Today I joined a workshop about videography, but suddenly I fell asleep in the middle of the conference. When I awoke, the speaker told the host to turn on the camera to know how the participant follows the workshop, so I panicked and reflect to leave the room.

  22. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I just stayed in my room and enjoyed my me time with my bed. After getting bored with sleep, I decided to make a graduation gift with my friends. Yes, finally we made it! Hopefully our graduated friends feel happy to have this gift.

  23. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I had a very confusing dream. In that dream, I was a detective who investigated a murder case. It was exhausting for me to catch the murder.

  24. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    Today i met my friend. It’s been a long time since the last time a saw her in person. It’s nice to talk to her and recall the memories. I also ask her a copy of an application that i’ve been trying to get in the past few days. It’s such a relief to know that she has it.

  25. Today my sister and I went to Indomaret to buy ice cream, I just found something new, mini cornetto ice cream which has a new variant of the unicorn edition, because I curious I bought one, for me mini cornetto ice cream tiramisu and the dark chocolate variant are tastier than the unicorn edition

  26. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

    I woke up early this morning because i need to go to Sidoarjo with my family. And then after we go back to Surabaya in the evening because me, my brother and sister have to attend class tomorrow morning

  27. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    as usual, today I make a to-do list of things that I want to do this week. it really helps me to remember and focus to do the important things first. sometimes I add more details on other days depending on the assignment I have that day.

  28. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

    This afternoon, i watched The Windermere Children. This film tells about the rehabilitation experience of children survivors of the Holocaust

  29. Today my neighborhood has little ceremony. They made tumpeng for the dishes. Today i also learned the philosophy of tumpeng. You’re not supposed to cut the tip, but scrape from the bottom of tumpeng. The tip symbolises where the gods reside. When the tip of tumpeng falls, your prayers have been well received. That so cool โœจโœจ

  30. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    Today I watched a motivational video from one of the best UGM graduates majoring in psychology named Analisa. I don’t know exactly when did she graduate, but her story was very inspiring. She proved that no matter how though the condition was, there must be a way if we want to try harder. One thing instilled by her parents was, don’t lose your hope, don’t give up on your dream, so she applied it.

    One day, her mother was framed and accused of being a fraud. Then her father resigned from his job to pay the amount for the compensation. Though her economic condition was bad, her father asked her to promise that she will continue her study until she graduates from her alma mater. It was hard for her of course, but it becomes her motivation to do even better than other students. And that it was, she become one of the best graduates. She even graduates faster than her friends in the same year.
    Surely I want to be one of the inspiring women like her someday.

  31. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    I have a silly experience today. When I went to the computer rental to print some documents, I remember to bring my flashdisk. But…. I forgot something. I thought for a while and tried to remember where did I put the files. Well, I couldn’t find them. OMG! I didn’t copy the files into the flashdisk yet!!

  32. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    Today I just had one class so I decided to do some of tasks that I have. at midday, a friend asked me to help him to edit some text in a video. he needs it to be finished by the end of the day. it’s actually a simple task to do but I have a little problem with the software that I use. I hope the video will be done on time.

  33. Today I watched a movie called The Danish Girl. Everyone talked about the movie on Twitter, so I was curious to watch it. It is a biographical romantic drama movie about person who had the first sex reassignment surgery. I can’t imagine if I become Gerda Wegener T_T. The movie has sad ending.

  34. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    I watched a motivational 17 minutes video on YouTube today. It talked about time management.
    I got the four simple but huge steps of time management from this video. First, make a time log. Well, to decide what we must do efficiently, we have to know what activities and how long they take your time. Second, after getting your daily activities list, make your schedule. Remember that it’s different with to do list. Third, do mourning routines. Mourning routines make you feel better I think, for example meditation, do some exercises, or pray. And the last is have some funs. Productivity and make some funs are two points that walk together. You will not be stress and more productive. Do you know that Sunday night is the most terrible day of the week? Why? Because the next day is Monday. So, doing some fun activities you like on Sunday night will avoid you from stress. The speaker said that we shouldn’t trust our brain too much. Are you curious with what he talked about? You can find it on Satu Persen channel, available on YouTube.

  35. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

    Today, my sister and I go to the biggest stationery in my city. We both bought many cutes and random stuff. I know, I don’t really need it. But it was super cute, and I have to buy it.

  36. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

    today in our class we introduce ourself as something else to our lecturer. something that reminds others to us. some of the thing that my friend come up is sometimes funny and hilarious.

  37. Linda Lailatus SaIdah


    I had an unexpected experience today.
    When I refilled the gallon ( kinda big bottle for water), my friend and I were walking up the road by motorcycle, but suddenly the gallon that I put in the front side of my motorcycle slipped!!
    Oh NO..
    My friend and I were shocked and laughed…
    Luckily, the gallon didn’t break and the water was saved.

  38. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

    Today, i watched Running Man episodr 520. In that episode, Lee Kwangsoo (Running Man’s member) sang The Lion Sleep Tonight and it was very funny

  39. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I read a webtoon called God of highschool this evening. It is an action genre that tells about a competition. I had not read all the episodes yet, but I already find it interesting. So I will continue to read it in my spare time.

  40. Verent Flourencia Irene

    Today I watched a movie called “Mulan”. I learned a lot from this movie.

    First I will explain who is Mulan. Hua Mulan is the eldest daughter of an honored warrior called Hua Zhou. In the story, Hua Mulan is an adventurous and active girl but she failed her parents. It was because she was trying to replace her ailing father from serving in the Imperial Army. She is fearless, determined and quick on her feet. Disguised as a man named Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her innermost strength and embrace her true potential.

    I admire Mulan’s character. She broke one of the pillars of virtue [Loyal, Brave, and Truth]. But, Mulan admits her mistake and apologizes to her commander. She is the most courageous woman I have ever seen. Even thought no one wanted to believe her, she remained loyal and carried out her duties as a warrior.

    Last, what I learned from this movie are :
    – We must stand what we believe, even though other people look down on us.
    – Without truthful our great abilities are useless
    – There is a mistake, there is a punishment
    – Only the strongest can reach the summit
    – There is no courage without fear
    – Just trust yourself
    – If we fail, we have to raise up and fight again

    Maybe that’s all..
    Oh, by the way Mulan is a 2020 American action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1998 animated film of the same name, based on the Chinese folklore “The Ballad of Mulan”.

  41. today I watched a video on youtube about loving yourself, the video tells viewers to respect to themselves by always thanking themselves for everything they have done, apologizing to themselves for the mistakes that have happened, and finally giving their best for themselves by doing something that makes your soul and body happy

  42. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    while waiting for the break between classes, I listen to the first episode of yes theory podcast.

    By the way, I started getting to know this podcast because I got to know their Youtube channel first. it’s called also by the same name, yes theory. I love most of their videos, mostly showing the prosses of challenging their shelves and other people to seek their discomfort. it really shows me that by doing something outside our comfort zone and overcoming our fears, we can feel happiness and be grateful for all the things we have at the moment.

    in the first episode, they talk about the uncertainty that they get and maybe we also get it from what happened this year, especially from COVID-19. they invited some people that have a lot of experience with their uncertainty. from the conversation they told that feeling afraid of something that we don’t know is general human nature but we have the choice and ability to redirect our feeling, our fear, face it then get rid of it and we can focus to do something that really essential and be grateful of simple things. they try to turn around our mindset of being afraid of uncertainty to build up our strength to face it and be happy.

  43. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    I made some to do list this afternoon. Then I did all of the list at the break time of the online class. But first, let me tell you that this afternoon was very hot day. In my list, I must go to the ATM center to withdraw some money, buy a USB data cable, buy my favorite juice on “The Legend Juice Shop” called Nissa Jus, and print some documents, and after that buy lunch for me and my sister.
    I walked out from my dormitory. OMG it was very hot outside. After withdrawing some money, I bought a USB on a cellular shop near the ATM center. But the seller was confused and on a hurry to pick up her child who didn’t back after buying es kepal. I waited for a minutes to pay what I bought. After that, I went to Nissa jus, oh I was very thirsty and I thought I’ll enjoy the juice soon. But… There was very crowded so I must made a line to have my juice. I must wait again and again. Okay, lesson for today: don’t go outside when the weather is hot and be a patient person!

  44. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

    I think my daily activities are almost the same every day. with a little spark here and there to make it different from one another. like other days, it starts with online class in the morning until afternoon.

  45. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I wish that I can apply a method called kaizen, which starts today. Kaizen is a principle that means continuous improvement. To apply it, we need to do some activities that we want to get used to. We have to apply it at a certain time a day, continuously. In this case, I would like to read some books at least for 5 minutes a day. A youtube channel recommended this method to get rid of laziness, so I would like to try and prove it.

  46. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today, I attending three online class. But, I felt like my back and my body seems unwell, so I began consuming a lot of snack and food with intension of regaining it.. sadly, I need to reduce my weight back by sport. wish I could!. Bismillah. Such a spirit!

  47. Agung Wicaksono

    Today i want to learn english, but i can’t find the login button.
    The only login button i found was in the comment form.
    This web should add a Login button in the navbar to make it easier.

  48. Adhiemas Andira Ap

    Ega, Faiz, Ariq, and Aldi told me to play Guild Wars 2. And I was shocked that this game is insane. From gameplay to its dynamic event is very insane. So today I start to play Guild Wars 2.

  49. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    I tried to do the daily idioms quiz. It’s very hard. I got it wrong by mishearding ‘is’, sounding like ‘just’, and sometimes i forgot to add comma.
    After trying very hard, i got it right at the end. But unfortunately it did not count as success. I got no point from it. I think it’s because i was wrong at the first try.
    I thought ‘max +1 point/day’ means we could try it in multiple times, but only counts maximum one correct answer in one day. I was wrong ๐Ÿ™

  50. Hanun Masitha Ramadhani

    Today, i am trying to complete leadership management course assignment. in this assignment, i write about my breakthrough plan. from this assignment, i can identify my weaknesses and ways to overcome them

  51. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    Today, i am looking for akb48 old song that I listened to when I was in middle school. It took a long time because I forgot the title of the song. I tried some keywords on youtube but it didn’t work. It’s so hard, i can’t remember the first word of the title but i didn’t give up. I keep trying to remember the first word and finally, i remembered the first word which was “Yu” !! So, i immediately looked for it on youtube and i found it! The song is Yume no Kawa.

  52. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today is my sister’s birthday. Actually, I would like to give her a surprise party last night. But it was failed because I was trapped by the rain while I had some program installation in my friend’s dormitory. So, I planned to give that surprise party in the morning. I bought three choco pies and some snacks and then arranged them up and lighted some candles on it. I walked into my sister’s room, bringing the poster of herself too, accompanied by Linda.
    My Sister was sleeping at that time. I knocked the door hardly and woke her up. I sang a birthday song. But, I never expected that she was not surprised with the surprise party. Even she didn’t blow the candles. OMG, I was very shy and little bit annoyed with her :((
    Sure, I will not make a surprise party like that again to her.

  53. Today I listened to SuperM’s song called Tiger Inside repeatedly. The song is really addicted! Then suddenly a courier came to my house, and I received a package from Sociolla because I won SOCOBOX, yeay! So, I got free skin care from Sociolla. There were three items in the box, such as facial foam, essence, and sun cream.

  54. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I have just searched for a youtube channel recommended by my friend, but I have not watched the videos. So I planned to watch it after finishing my assignment.

  55. today I watched a Korean film the title is “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”.
    The topics in this film are feminism and mental health, this film focuses on the main character Kim Ji Young who experiences depression after leaving work and becoming a housewife, not only that bad experiences in the past and the patriarchal culture in Korea. Overall, this film encourages women to have the courage to speak up and become independent women in addressing gender inequality and bullying in society. The ending of the film tells the audience that it is okay to need expert help in dealing with depression and life’s burdens.

  56. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today, I enjoyed my day by the great opening of ps5 showcase. There are only some the title whose pop up on that show, but I’m happy since that’s all help me push my day from my sadness. wish all of these may finished sooner and get better. May Allah bless everyone!

  57. Zahiroh Marwadila

    Today, I watched a Korean Drama with the title is “Lies after Lies”. That movie is so sad and amazing. I always cry in my room. hiks hiks hiks ๐Ÿ™

  58. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    Today I continued to read the webtoon titled the god of highschool. For the kaizen principles that I said before, I think I cannot implement it today.

  59. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    Today, I watched “Walt Disney Treasures – Hawaiian Holiday” with my little sister. She really enjoyed the movie. She was always laughing when the dog (i don’t know his name) failed to surf because the sea rejects him. When the dog tries to throw his surfboard, the wave will stop coming so the dog will land on the rocks. That is one of the parts that my little sister likes. You have to watch it! It’s really funny.

  60. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

    Someone recommend me a movie to watch. The title is Snowpiercer, it is about a post apocalyptic world when the world freeze and the only way to survive is in the train

  61. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today is Friday and also Free day. I enjoy the day by watched the 14th and 15th episode of an on going Korean drama named Flower of Evil. The drama was very interesting, quite thrilling, and made me curious about how the drama will be ended up. It has total 16 episodes and I can’t wait to watch the final episode.
    This drama told about a husband who has many secrets behind his wife even his wife was a policewoman, he also hid the fact that his father was a murder. For 15 years he used fake identity and tricked his wife and daughter.
    I recommend this drama not only because of the plot twist, but also the acting skills of the main characters was successfully amazed me.

  62. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

    Today I played games called Among Us. I think this game similar to Werewolf game. There are two characters, The Crewmate, and The Impostor. The Crewmate needs to catch the real Impostor to win this game. I enjoyed this game so much.

  63. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    Today i’m trying to finish wrapping all the gift that i want to give to my friends who will be graduated soon. I made card to each package. I made it all by hand. it’s been long time since the last time i wrote long text with hand, it made my hand little bit sore. But i enjoy all the process. Wish it all will be ready to be sent tomorrow.

  64. Watching spicy foods mukbang video is really satisfying. Sometime I want to eat like that, but my tummy is not strong enough to hold that much food, so I just can watch someone’s mukbang videos on Instagram and Youtube. :’)

  65. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today, I learned a lot about myself. Reschedule what’s should be done and changed. I also help my mom working by visiting some mall in my city, helping her lift some of the product and makes a new product/purchase order. And then before reaching home, i drove my parent’s car to accustomed my driving lesson

  66. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    I think I don’t have special or specific activities today. So, I’ll give you connotations. I just surfed from a social media to others. Jumped from Twitter to Telegram and then dove from Instagram to Wattpad and published some stories there.

  67. today I watched trending news in youtube, the trending news is a case of mutilation by a woman and her male partner to a man she knows from a dating app. the motive of this case is to take the victim’s property. the victim’s body was mutilated and put in a suitcase after being dumped and partially buried. the policy successfully catching the killer and threatened the death penalty.

  68. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today, i did lot of sport such as running, badminton, and football. Then after isya, i came to my brother’s home with my mom and play with my brother’s kid until he was asleep after that i came back to my home

  69. Today i renew my jetbrain education pack and when i opened my student mail, i was very surprised because there was a message that my email almost cracked by a chinese person

  70. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

    I prepared a birthday gift for my little brother this afternoon. I plan to give it this night but I don’t because he is not home yet. Hopefully, it won’t fail.

  71. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Today I cooked fried rice and fried sausage with my friend’s mini magic jar at dormitory. Then I enjoyed them with my sister. Can you imagine how’s the taste?

  72. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    Unexpectedly, all the package that i’d been seent yesterday have arrived to most of my friends. Although i still wish i could give it in person, i’m glad that my friends love it. They reaction really made my day.

  73. Mayshella Ainun Wakhidah

    Because my home is under construction so i decided to looking for some cute and aesthetic stuffs for my room. I want my room like korean room, small but very aesthetic and look so comfortable.

  74. Few days ago, i was little but busy helping my neighborhood to teach them for school assignment. Like i said before, what to expect living in small village when we rarely got the internet connection. Ironic. I felt sorry for them. Some of them cant afford to buy some gadgets. But they have great spirit to learn. I could see on their eyes that they have great ambition, but sometimes reality hit them hard. In some schools here, they were applied free education. But free doesnโ€™t mean quality and sometimes, quality means expensive. Expensive means education is just for people who could pay bucks to the school.

  75. Mohammad Hasan M. B.

    This morning i was helping my mom to buy groceries in traditional market. we left at dawn. i love going to the traditional market in early morning. somehow I am always amazed by how crowded the situation are. the atmosphere feels really alive and full of spirit. it’s really different at midday, the market is really quiet.

  76. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    Today, there is unexpected event. I help my parent so that atmosphere would run better. I asked them to go outside for a moment while looking some stuff to help the productivity. After that, visiting the grandchild.

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