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Get to Know More to Deaf People

Contribute by Namira – 3D3EB

According to the latest research done by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018, there are over 5% of the world population or 466 million people across the globe that has disabling hearing loss. Estimated by 2050, this number will increase into over 900 million people. It can be said that one out of ten people are suffers from disabling hearing loss.
Majority of people with disabling hearing loss, live in low and middle income countries.This turn to be a major problem, because assistive technology turn to be something unreachable for many people with disabilities. Common assistive device used to help people with hearing loss to hear is hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices as well as captioning Unfortunately, not only by using hearing aids is less effective, but it is also costly. The average price for hearing aids is $1,500 to $3,000. In Indonesia, these numbers are not just a small number. For a number of Indonesia citizens, this price might be the total number of salaries in a year.
Hard of Hearing (HOH) refers to people with hearing loss in the range of mild to severe. Usually, people with hard of hearing communicate through spoken languages. In the other hand, β€˜Deaf’ refers to people with hearing loss in the range of profound, which means that deaf people has no or very little hearing capabilities. Deaf people used to communicate by doing sign language. Whether deaf or hard of hearing leads to difficulty in communication. People with hearing loss might not be able to catch important information and messages that delivers through conversational speech.

32 thoughts on “Get to Know More to Deaf People”

  1. Zazabillah Sekar Puranti

    I’m very interested in sign language because I think it’s cool to be able to communicate with other people only through hand gestures. It’s quite difficult to find the source of learning, so I just follow many people on TikTok who can do it πŸ˜‚

  2. Astin Izzah Candrawati

    This is interesting i’ve never met a deaf person before but i’d like to be friends with them and i want to learn the sign language too

  3. this article reminds me about my friend who is deaf. which is very hard to hear. and he feels lonely, but he still tries to hear by seeing the lips of the person he talking to. thankyou

  4. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

    thanks for the article. this article contain new information for me. i feel sad for the deaf people. i think we must study the way to communicate with them.

  5. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    If talking about deaf people, in my heart I feel sorry and sad for them, but I must not express it. I want to make them happy even if they have flaws.

  6. Nurul Qomariyah

    honestly i have never communicated with people who are deaf. seeing them with their flaws in them makes me feel touched sometimes. but we must not ignore them. they still need help to be like normal people.

  7. Dian Nurmayasari

    In this world that we live in we must be kind to each other. Sending my my concern and prayers to all deaf people who are surviving right now. It must be hard being different. Let’s share some respect and understanding to the people who’s struggling. Peace and love for everyone…

  8. Aris Styo Alfandi

    I am very concerned and sad to see people who are deaf. They really want to be able to hear us talk, but they can’t and even they themselves can’t hear anything around them.

  9. Muhammad Kemal Thariq

    Today we live above the same humanity, we should care about them too, and i think it must be a lecture about their sign languanges in the school, even though its little bit hard to know, but the purposes is very good for the future life.

  10. Novanna Rahma Zani

    Wah, I just know it, so many ‘Deaf’ people in this world. I did learn sign language a few times but I find it quite difficult. I just think there’s some technology that can make it easier for us to communicates with deaf people. it will be interesting..

    1. Ditta Fania Budianti

      hi novanna. i also have interest in sign language but when i tried to learn it, i find it difficult to seearch a good resource / website / platform.

  11. Novaren Veraldo

    I have a neighbor with a hear and speak problem. They don’t usually communicate with other people. They have their own community and school and sometimes they gather together. It might be difficult to communicate, but at least they’ve their own ways to speak their intention.

    1. hello, yes I also have a neighbor with a hear and speak problem. When he speaks to other people, he must use sign language. At that time, I was invited to talk but I did not understand what he meant.

      1. It turns out that it is difficult to understand sign language. It may take some learning to understand sign languange. I used to learn sign language but I founded it very difficult.

    2. Rinda Cahya Nahdliana

      I also have a neighbor and even sibling who have hear problem. every talk with them, it must be in a slightly loud tone, so that they can hear what I say

  12. Ika Roikhanah D4TEKKOMA

    Communication with deaf people is to use sign language when communicating, deaf people will feel more comfortable, compared to having to pay attention or read the lips of the other person.

      1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        I agree with you but the problem we got is we are living in a middle-income country that it’s difficult to buy hearing aids. Maybe we can give some other solutions by creating simple technology which can help their activities. And I’m quite sure that Indonesians are pretty creative.

    1. Almira Innasty Wibowo D4TEKKOMA

      Yes, I agreed. I always thought that the sign language are one of the most beautiful ways to communicate with our special friends. πŸ™‚

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      After I searched several sites, it turned out that there was a natural remedy to cure it. But in my opinion, it can not be cured permanently. πŸ™

  13. Very interesting article. Every human being is born with the characteristics and advantages of each. No one can ask to be born where, by whom, have what advantages or disadvantages, and what kind of family to raise. Therefore, all humans are the same. It’s just that what distinguishes it is the advantages and disadvantages of each. Especially for our friends with special needs. Never differentiate, isolate, and ignore them. Because we are all the same, created by God.

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      I agree with you, human beings were born for their own goals, with different advantages and disadvantages. What a wonderful life if we could accept ourselves by not look down on others. Don’t forget to be grateful.

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