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Transforming Indonesia’s education through online learning

By Fauziah Rizqi / 4103181047

In the last six months, we have witnessed students from primary to tertiary education use laptops or smartphones to access online learning content while their schools and campuses are closed. More than 60 higher education institutions in Indonesia have now conducted online learning by exploiting distant education platforms.

As the tech-savvy young generations including children seem to be excelling in adapting to online learning, we are being more and more convinced that maybe the way education is delivered will never be the same again even after COVID-19. The question is, is this new way of learning really benefitting the community?

Online learning was initially seen as a cheaper and more flexible alternative for developing countries to increase the number of students who have access to fulltime education and to close the education divide between rural and urban students. The developing countries, however, are facing many challenges in implementing online learning, from poor ICT network infrastructure, a lack of quality content and issues over the competencies of the people that interact with the e-learning system. 

Indonesia is in a unique position to exploit the advent of online learning. More than 171 million or 69 percent of Indonesians are connected to the worldwide web with an internet penetration rate that stood at 63.5 percent in 2019 according to the latest survey by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), which is higher than the average of Asian countries.

The period of school closure should be utilized by all stakeholders in the education sector to adapt to the e-learning ecosystem and find the best formula for how best the online education content should be developed and delivered.

44 thoughts on “Transforming Indonesia’s education through online learning”

  1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

    Actually it is about 8 months to have education with online learning :”)
    I was so sad about this, and I feel so bored with this situation.

  2. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Hello, thanks for the information. Actually I don’t like online learning because there are some problems that often occur, especially the internet connection.

  3. Ditta Fania Budianti

    but hey, i have really unpopular opinion about this online learning.
    i still dont get why online learning kinda make the student understand less. bcs as we all know, platform like ruang guru, zenius, etc is VERY VERY popular among student. and what methods they use for that, ITS JUST EXACTLY THE SAME. ONLINE LEARNING.
    I think online learning shouldnt be a big deal in the terms of understanding the material. and it leads to the next question. whose fault is it? i think its the teacher that still need a tremendous amount of time to adapt to new thing and lack of the skill 🙂

    1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      Maybe what you say at the end of your sentence has some truth, but besides this maybe other factors can also be the reason why online learning can be a problem in understanding the material. Such as the seriousness of students in participating the online learning, the environmental conditions of these students, the availibility of facilities for online learning, and the difficulty level of the material.

    2. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      Yeahh maybe you’re right.
      But I’m not agree with you at all.
      When it is a theory class it is no problem I think, but we are have more practiccum classes than the theory’s.

  4. Ifadatur Rohmah

    I also feel uncomfortable with online learning. because I can’t understand the material. especially the practice class. For example, I only know the picture of the generator but I don’t know how the generator working in real life I mean not in simulation software. actually, I can know that by watching many videos on youtube. but it very confusing for me:(

  5. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    If we face the e-learning system, there are several factors in my opinion that affect the quality of student learning, such as place, atmosphere, connectivity, and others.

    1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      Yes I agree with you the different conditions of each student greatly affect the quality of their learning. We never know whether the conditions of each student are conducive ro doing this online learning. And I think it’s a little unfair.

  6. Anastasia Prameswari

    Initially I was uncomfortable and didn’t like online learning because i can’t interact directly with lectures and my friends. Beside that, I didn’t necessarilly understand the material presented

      1. Anastasia Prameswari

        But this only applies to teory courses, while practicum course I still expect offline learning. Because online practicum will be very different from offline practicum.

    1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

      I also feel uncomfortable with online learning, the understanding gained is different than during face-to-face learning. I miss those times, when everything can return to normal again.

      1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

        Indeed the most troublesome thing is during practicum. Sometimes i feel like studying independently or self-taught, the problems i encounter are also of various kind.

  7. Dinda Ayu Yunitasari

    I also feel that there are many advantages when studying online, usually we can take a notes the material being explained, with technology we can repeat the material that has been explained by recording it.

    1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

      This is just my opinion, we can also record when face to face takes place using a camera or cellphone. Of course if it gets approval from the teacher or lecturer.

  8. Novaren Veraldo

    There’re a lot of ways to use online learning. I once used online learning in my province’s public library. You can have a free internet access with some rules, like you have to show your ID/student card. But in this pandemic, make sure to obey the protocol

  9. i agree with that!!, Although the current situations does not support starting Offline learning in school or other institutions, it is not an excuse to stop learning and developing because in modern technology era right now there is nothing cannot be done instanly and easily.

    1. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

      That is true. Modern technology right now is capable to help improve student learning and skills, whether in the form of sound, video, or text.

  10. Febriana Ayu Kanti N.

    Well, it’s been 8 months since pandemic first started, and we are now completely used to the online conference and any kinds of meeting. imagine that being in a room with a teacher and a lot of students will feel a bit strange now..

    1. Nurrudin Azzaky

      I feel that too. To be honest, I really enjoy this online learning. We don’t have to waste our fuel, we don’t have to prepare earlier to go to school. And that’s it, it’s enjoyable

  11. By now we are all familiar with online methods in education. But not only education, but other needs that can be done online. This aims to reduce the level of spread of the virus which is currently endemic. However, when it comes to online activities, of course we cannot be separated from the Internet network. For residents in urban areas, maybe the internet network is still very good. However, when compared to people living in rural areas, the signal may be somewhat less stable. Hopefully, related parties can handle these problems. So that all residents who live anywhere, can enjoy a stable ga finger. So that education and activities carried out online can be carried out well.

  12. At this condition, i strongly agree with this kind of online learning. Because it really helps to decrease the spreading of the viruses.
    But, do i agree when it will implemented in long term? If all (or maybe 85%) the Indonesian students got the stable connection, i will say yes. But if not, it will become unfair, because not all students could accessed the material.

  13. Mahdanu Oktarinda Fajaria

    at the beginning of the online learning system, I don’t like it, but the more I get here, the more I like this flexible system, I love it, really really love it hihihi

  14. sometime online learning is more usefull than offline learning, because we just need stabil internet connection to access knowladge, and we can enjoy the course in our bed

    1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      I don’t think so.
      How about our friends when their internet is not good and when their device is not helping them.
      I think that will be hard for them.

  15. Ratna Anisa Ramadani

    That’s true.. internet connection is one of the problem. Sometimes online learning goes well at first, but suddently the signal is trouble. And of course the lesson still go while I am trying to access the class.

    1. Luri Shafira Amalia

      I prefer to online learning system because there are a lot of benefit to my self, the first one is about flexibility that is more in line to my personality.

  16. Nurul Qomariyah

    i agree with your opinion. but for the Indonesian region, especially those that have difficulty with internet networks, they feel that they are not fair. because it is their condition that doesn’t not allow them to use the internet smoothly

  17. Vina Tri Hartini

    online learning is currently very difficult for some students because they depend on a stable internet connection. if it’s not stable, then we will lose a lot of important information and can’t even attend the class.

    1. hello,vin. I totally agree with you. I don’t know my internet connection is not stable in my home. Moreover, my home is near with tower. So, sometimes I feel difficult to join my course :”(

  18. Hello, thank you for your information. Actually, I don’t like online learning like this. It makes it difficult for all students to receive the material properly, from internet connection problems, the material being taught is poorly understood, and so on.

    1. I experienced it now, especially as an electronic engineering student whose courses are more practical than theory. Finally it was replaced by an online system, so practically using simulation with software.

      1. Ratna Anisa Ramadani

        Hi, Nia.. I also felt the same. Moreover, it’s hard to change the practical to simulation suddently at first :”. It feels so different. To be honest, practic in laboratory is more better than just sit on front of the PC and typing.

        1. Hello,ratna. Yes your are right. I miss writing reports on paper. See friends writing preliminary reports before the minutes start. Moreover, practicum time in the laboratory hehe :”))))

          1. Ratna Anisa Ramadani

            I miss that moment too.. especially, when running to class every class changing, from first floor to third floor, no elevator, it’s tired 🙂 but fun.

            Now, just using smartphone, attending class is more easy.

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