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Unpopular Opinion about this Pandemic

Contributed by Edy Ribowo – 4 D4 IT A

Disclaimer: read this until the end of post !!

I’ve been thinking this pandemic will not go anywhere in anytime soon.

If there are two options, what would you gonna choose?

1. Live your life as usual (well-known as ‘the new normal’) but you do the gamble with your death in every second of it. 

2. Live like this in quarantine yet the death caused by poverty haunts you until the death comes to you.

Well, think about you only got two ways to die: slowly or slower than slowly. Maybe some people would prefer the second option since they love how pain feels. But, honestly, I would prefer the first one.

With the first option, you can live as if you will die tomorrow. But still, you’re still able to live your life for the next 24 hours (well, depends on your immunity, of course).

But still you can live your life! Enjoy every second of it with say I love you to your crush or spend your money like it’s oxygen. Then, you will die with big ass smile.

Imagine if we keep living our lives with the second option. A month ago is your last time you hangout with your friends or bought your favorite mie ayam. Also you be haunted by poverty by preventing the rich to get infected. So wasteful, so unnecessary.

You lose your dreams yet you can’t do anything about it. Imagine the depression, the anxiety, the loneliness, the suicidal thoughts. Then, you die miserably.

Apparently, those options are available when the government is falling down. We can prevent it by keep doing the social distancing as much as possible, obey the rules (the logically makes sense one), and suggest the government to do things that they should do in the first place.

I know that you’re bored as hell. I really know it. But please, don’t make those options to be the options that only we will get later. Also, I know that we are kind of hopeless toward the government. But please, don’t be tired too early to keep giving suggestions. To do things that they should do in the first place to keep us alive.

61 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion about this Pandemic”

  1. Aditya Riska Kinasih

    This article is really unpopular but important to be read. Some of us are worried about the future to include me but do not forget to enjoy your present time, it will not comes twice.

  2. Inayah Surya Islami

    the first option will be better if cinemas, public places that have been closed during this pandemic, and other offline activities are going back to life.

  3. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    I do not know how I will choose. Why? Because I balance going out and staying indoors. Therefore, my answer is like a mixture of the two options.

  4. Vina Tri Hartini

    I agree with you, in this situation we must enjoy with ourlife even though it feels very boring. I learned to manage stress so as not to become depressed and stay productive.

  5. Anisa Habsari D4TEKKOMA

    In my opinion, I will choose number one. It is because I can’t stay at home forever. I love traveling, I love my activity, and I love to watch the wonderful world with my eyes, not from my phone.

  6. In my opinion, I will choose number one because we can’t stay all the time at home. As a human, we need social interaction with each other. It means we can’t live lonely. I think, in this case, we will be an immune .

    1. Great opinion especially about human interaction. But still, don’t forget to wear a mask and keep your distance from one another. Stay healthy Arief!

  7. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    OMG, I ever thought about this too but the author’s opinions make me decided to choose the first option. Thank you for giving me more courage to face the world with all of these unexpected conditions!

    1. My pleasure Wifda,
      In the middle of this condition, we have to know that every single what we do is give any impact on others’ life. So don’t forget to wear your mask!

  8. Nabila Zalfa 3D3ITB

    I think i would choose to live like this is quarantine but if i need to go outside i will go with the health protocols and make the most of that precious time bcs i know it’s a rare opportunity

  9. Ranu Arga Noor Yuusufa

    You had me in the first half, not gonna lie. But seriously though, I am not affected too much by this pandemic since I am not often going outside.

    1. Ranu Arga Noor Yuusufa

      Well, before the pandemic I only went out to college, mosque, my friend’s home, and supermarket. I prefer to eat at home because it is free.

      1. Other than that eating food from home made is way hygiene band healthy, because we (at least our mom) already know how to process our food correctly

  10. Ditta Fania Budianti

    omg lol.. i totally, 100% agree with this article for the part “we are kind of hopeless toward the government.” so so satisfying to read that sentence again for the 4th time.

  11. Nurrudin Azzaky

    I was grateful that for the last two days, I heard that covid case number is decreasing. How I’m shocked today that it’s rising again, I hope Indonesia will show decrement to this case.

    1. Elisa Willy Santoso

      By the way, I think we can apply your both opinion. In my experience, I think one side, we must do and learn something when we stay at home, but we can still socialize with another person.

  12. Nauvalia Regina

    There is a period of 2-3 November 2020, there are 102 Covid-19 patients who died. Thus, the death rate due to Covid-19 in Indonesia reached 14,146 people. With this data, there are now 54,732 active Covid-19 cases in Indonesia.

    1. Nauvalia Regina

      They are patients who are still undergoing treatment or independent isolation. In addition to positive cases, it is known that 56,039 people are currently suspected of being related to the transmission of the corona virus.

      1. A lot of people have to self isolation just because the number of isolation room on hospital were decreasing. It’s getting worse when lot health workers also got infected.

      1. Elisa Willy Santoso

        Stay safe guys, please apply a physical distancing campaign from the government, I think it can be protected ourself when we must go out.

    2. Nurrudin Azzaky

      The number of covid case can be decreased if the citizens here truly follow the rules. I think there are a lot of people out there who still ignore about wearing masks or even the physical distancing rule

      1. Thats great opinion Nurrudin. Other than that, i really hope the number of the test is also can be increasing and it’s reachable for any level of society (Especially for the grassroots, they really don’t have much, even for daily needs)

  13. Pramudita Prathama N

    Fantastic, it’s very good article. good opinion. makes me want to always read it. Continue. I want to thank you publicly for your hard work and dedication.

  14. Dicha Nada Puspita D4 Tekkom A

    I have my own thought. I think, the quarantine rules are made to help this country to fight corona virus, yet we still need to open some business to prevent economic decreasing. We must limit our hangout schedule, going out if needed, if we hangout with friends, don’t take off the masks, don’t touch each other, obey the physical distancing rule and that’s it. It is impossible to close all business down since all citizens will die of poverty. But, living our lives like usual can put us in danger, we might die because of covid which is horrible. Hangout and live your life is okay, but don’t forget that corona virus can be anywhere else.

    1. Well said Dicha!
      That’s very true. It’s impossible to close down the economy since the government still can’t afford our daily needs. What we can do is just like why you said. Btw don’t forget to wear your mask! Stay safe

    2. Pramudita Prathama N

      Fantastic, it’s very good article. good opinion. makes me want to always read it.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

  15. Eky Bintarno Wicaksono D4TEKKOMA

    I agree with first from two options, because we can’t erase the virus from the world. I think the best solution is live with our life along with the virus, but we changed our life pattern, like doing health protocol and keep our nutrition. Don’t think too far about this virus and what will be happen in next year and we must remain optimistic in our life.

    1. Yes Eky! I really like your last point. Don’t think to much about this virus but still don’t forget to keep us safe in every situation. Well said!

    1. Nurrudin Azzaky

      Where did you hear this from? Is it official? Or are you just imagining?πŸ˜‚
      Because, dude, if it’s man made, I’d love to kill him/her. Lots of family lost their lives, I know it’s crowded, but put yourself in their position.

      1. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

        I am sorry, it is not my opinion. I heard it on the internet, but some people believe in that information. I know it is very disturbing when that is true

      1. Mochammad Aliffiansyah M

        I heard it on the internet. it is not my opinion obviously. I can not quite remember where I got it, but I think it is from Instagram

    2. Ardian Kristya Pratama

      I agree with you about the virus is about making more space for human because the earth is just too crowder right now, especially since the virus itself is originated from China whereas we all know is the most populated country on earth. But I don’t think that this virus is man made, i prefer to think that diseases are bound to come out itself as the product of unsanitary industrial or mass processes especially related to foods, so it is man made but not artifically, rather accidentally

      1. Pramudita Prathama N

        Fantastic, it’s very good opinion. Thank you for sharing your vision..Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

      2. Nurrudin Azzaky

        Good thinking! That’s right, the new corona virus popped up after the unhygienic food processing in China was revealed. Beware of the foods you buy, friends. Make sure the stall is clean and hygienic.

  16. Ika Roikhanah D4TEKKOMA

    I prefer the first option because this is the path of destiny. We must remain optimistic we cannot imagine what the next year will be. the important thing is we always maintain health protocol because our awareness is very important.

      1. Rinda Cahya Nahdliana

        that’s right
        maybe we must also have to start getting used to other things, for example is after doing activities outside the home, take a bath and change clothes immediately

        1. Couldn’t agree more!
          From now on we have to change our habits on daily basis because right now it is only thing that we can do to prevent our self

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      I prefer the first option like your choice.
      We must always be optimistic about all the efforts we have made to prevent the spread of Covid19 πŸ™‚

  17. Etasa Karenisa

    I think I’m gonna live my life as usual. It’s more worth to live than the second option. We don’t know what’s ahead of us. Just keep being smart with the current situation and do things that are really necessary when outside.

    1. Great opinion Etasa Karenisa,
      But most importantly, just prepare for the worst case scenario, because we know about the uncertain condition. Stay safe, take care of yourself and your family!

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