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Hello members of 3DITA! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

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  1. Tuesday, September 8th 2020: Handling some works are heavy things to do in my daily life, since I have to do some jobs those are required to be accomplished each day.

  2. Tuesday 08-09-2020
    Today, I have to finish my task for my apprenticeship and make notes from every lecturer at least as many as possible because Etasa’s and my senior said that I need to write everything so I won’t forget anymore

  3. Hasna Ayu Roida 3D3ITA

    Today, I wake up at 6 am, because I have morning online class at 8 am. When I have morning online class, I have a shower immediately. Then, I have breakfast. Before I take my online class, I decide where I can do my online class most effectively and without distractions. I usually do my online class in my bedroom. Then, I prepare my laptop and modul for my online class.

  4. Today, 09-09-2020, I decided to add a dual boot to my MacOS, so I can use BOT for Clash of Clans, and also download other windows products for lecture.
    by the way, today’s a special day, there’s a lot of discounts everywhere! so, don’t forget to get some spending ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. Annisa Riandani

    Tuesday, September 8th 2020
    Today feels so exhausting because of a lot after-school schedule i have. But nevermind, it’s my birthday today! I feel so grateful with all of the wishes my friends sent to me. I really hope for their good health and wish them a good day too~

  6. Wednesday, September 9th 2020 : Lately I feel like I have lost my old self, the one that I’m really proud of is gone now. But, I believe that I have to face the reality that I have the new me, She will bring me to the new world with some precious failure, I wish I could do my best for today, tomorrow and the next beautiful days ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yonathan Susanto3D3ITA

    i installed code block for today lecture and the first time i run GLUT it did not go well, after googling a bit i found the cause, it was because i misplaced mingw package.

  8. Annisa Riandani

    Wednesday, September 9th 2020
    imagine four conferences at once and you only have two ears and a brain yet people still being salty of you not attending to one of them like ok that’s how society is. indeed

  9. Thursday, September 10th 2020: Today I wasn’t feeling really well, I thought maybe because I ate a lot of junk foods lately. It was uneasy when in the bathroom..

  10. Yonathan Susanto

    I craved for spicy noddles, so I bought not 1 but 2 indomie ayam geprek, after I ate both altogether my stomach goes party hard and it made me run back to back to toilet. final say : it is indeed not a great experience ๐Ÿ™

  11. Friday, September 11th 2020: Whenever my mom buys me chicken porridge, i always feel like i’m gonna start a great day. This morning she bought me one so i’m kind of excited doing things today.

  12. Yonathan Susanto

    We were doing personality test today using, surprisingly my result using and come out similar. Well i can say that my personality stay the same from then till now.

  13. I’m really axhausted in recent 2 days because I have a bunch of tasks from my internship company moreover the tasks are really complex and difficult, I wish I could finish it by tomorrow :”)

  14. Saturday, September 12th 2020: Since last night, I had a mental breakdown, just like a culture shock, I even had the weirdest and longest dream ever. But I’m glad that I had some friends to talk to and they really helped.

  15. Yonathan Susanto

    i really forgot about yesterday daily sentence tho, i thought it was only for active day. but soon i realize i was wrong because it written clearly ‘daily sentence’ which means i should write everyday not just active day.

  16. I’m so confused why I can lose people those are meaningful in my life, maybe because I’m so ruthless and worthless, and I deserve their absences. I should not make a mess in their life again

  17. Yonathan Susanto

    i miss an event yesterday, i did not realize that event end at 23.59 on 13 September. I realize that on 00.05 today, whelp it suck as it can be and it make me woke up at the wrong side of the bed lol

  18. M Rijal Al Fariz

    I was asked to my mom what food she was cooked last hour because I didn’t know what kind of food my mom had cook for 3 hours straight. Now I know, its Rendang.

  19. I have received the last task in my internship today and it’s quiet hard but I’ll try because it will be really helpful for my career as a back end developer

  20. Yonathan Susanto

    i ate some leftover meat today, better to ate it cooked than grilled because grilled meat produce much oil and take time, but it taste good tho if you dip it in sauce and wrap it with lettuce or nori, and if your mouth can’t eat all that in one big gulp you can became a goat for a while munching that lettuce ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I have just been sleeping for approximately 2 hours in a day because I have so hard and many tasks to do, so that last night I decided to drink coffee at 11 PM and stay awake until dawn and after having a prayer I fell asleep and then I wake up at 7.30 AM because I have lecture at 8.00 AM. I wish I could have more sleep tonight :”)

  22. Muhajirin Ida Ilyas

    i’ve been watched “erased” movie in netflix, it’s pretty great sci-fi movie, it came with a concept of time leap that happens to the main character for the sake of saving his mother for being murdered in the future.

  23. Yonathan Susanto

    i feel very confused when completing daily grammar, an explanation might be the best solution to make us completely understand why it should be that answer, because the other answers just feel right but not correct ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. my dream was really weird last night, I though I’m in the Harry Potter universe as a student in Hogwarts and I have ice super power like Elsa and I make everyone frozen and I was laughing so hard like a pyscho afterwards

  25. Yonathan Susanto

    crossing your leg while sitting for hours will make your back raunchy lol. an article said it can cause a temporary spike in blood pressure, it can lead to poor posture. avoid sitting in on posture for a long time, might as well sitting upside down ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I feel something weird from myself from last night. when I say something, that thing happened afterwards. like when I need to download some software for my lecture material, the files are really big, they are approximately sized about 5 GB, and then I have a sufficient internet quotas, so that I mumbled like this “if only I have more more more quota I will be very happy” and then suddenly, I received 10GB free quotas from my internet provider, and then I was really relieved because of that, maybe it’s because I was praying in a really heavy rain, once said in my religion that when u have a prayer in a heavy rain situation, your prayer will be easily granted by God. Thank God for all of your kindness ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Friday is my favorite day. Today is Friday, and as always good things often happen each Friday, and today I think I have had some amazing experiences in Friday morning, and it really makes my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Annisa Riandani

    there’s so much going on in my head, sleepy but can’t sleep yet. i’ve listened to at least 30 lullabies tonight to make myself asleep but it didn’t work… i guess

  29. Sunday, September 20th 2020: I just realized that I always remembered my dreams. It’s just that sometimes I could recall it in a long time if it’s memorable.

  30. Aditya Irfan Junianto

    During my first year as a student at University, I wanted to be a good Programmer. However, getting closer to graduation, to be Youtuber is not a bad choice.

  31. Muhajirin Ida Ilyas

    my office went blackout for 1 hour recently, it’s been 4 times for a month it’s happened. and I left the server without any UPS installed, I hope it’s gonna be fine.

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