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Hello members of 3DITA! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

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  1. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    Hello, guys.
    I just wanna say hello to all of you. I’m from mmb 2018. Are one of you recognize me? Anyways, have a nice week ahead guys!

  2. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

    At sakinah supermarket, i buy lays potato chips snack. 2 silverqueen chocolate, 1 fanta, and one spoon because my spoon was broken yesterday because of weather.

  3. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

    Now, i am at sakinah supermarket, i am hungry, want to eat some food. Maybe i can find some snack and drink. Therea are many small restaurant that not open today. So sad for me.

  4. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

    Then, my bedroom was neat and clean. i love it as well as my bedroom at my real house. there is no one here. my friend, Panji was at Trenggalek. Yudha and Guntur too.

  5. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

    after bring back my friend’s camera. i go to second destination. It is my second house (kontrakan/rent house). i must clean my bedrooom because it is dirty. It have been not cleaned since 6 month ago.

  6. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

    this morning, i decide to go to surabaya. First destination which i will visit is electronic engineering polytechnic institute. I want to bring back my friend’s camera to himit room.

  7. Nurul Qomariyah

    good afternoon guys. i hope you all are well. keep up with your health. don’t forget your health protocol when you leave the house. because the corona virus has not subsided. 🙁

  8. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello guys!!! good morning… how are you today? i hope you are healthy and keep fighting right. don’t forget to be grateful for what you have obtained. 🙂

  9. Hello Everyone! I’m just here to say “Hello” .. I’m Angel from MMB A. Nice to meet you! I hope this day will be a good day for you! Stay healthy, and fighting!

  10. Mohammad Ali RojaI

    it’s been so hot these day, it’s like going into a sauna . Ration of drinking water which used to be 4-5 days, now it only last for 3 days.

  11. today i feel annoying because my kitten meowing so loud and wake me up. Little bit angry about it, but because i love cats, i don’t mind about it

  12. Nurul Qomariyah

    hello my friends, 3D3ITA. i’m Nurul Qomariyah from 3D3EB. i hope you are always healthy, right. don’t forget to be happy for everything and don’t forget to be grateful! 🙂

    1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

      oh hello nurul, this is me Ali. I hope you always healty too. Don’t forget the college assignment wkwkwkw , hopefully we can meet again at the campus.

    2. Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko

      hello too, nice to meet you. welcome to the class. i hope you enjoy the english learning here. You must get the ‘A’ achievement to pass the class. Good Work nurul qomariyah !

  13. Annisa Riandani

    Today, i woke up late and hurrily attending the first class. I haven’t had my breakfast yet because i don’t have enough time. So after the first class ended, i grab my “brunch” while waiting for the next class to start.

    1. Yudha Febri Rastuama

      Every morning before class I rarely had breakfast even I wake up early, but sometimes I just make some tea or coffee to bring up some spirit

      1. Yudha Febri Rastuama

        Even he is a domestic cat, scared with people except my family, My family really likes him because we found him since he was kid around 1 month old

  14. Fathoni Ali Mukti

    i just writing my article for the first time, and i was nervous when i reading comment. maybe i can write better on the future or i will never write again

  15. Fathoni Ali Mukti

    ah. finally i found this post, i was idle for 2 weeks and i forgot where should i write my daily sentence. fortunately my classmate save this address

    1. Yudha Febri Rastuama

      It is been a tough week for me, I really deserve to rest because all of my works has been completed successfully even I have to multitask every day in this week.

        1. Muhajirin Ida Ilyas

          my favorite song is “Kingslayer – featuring Babymetal”. Babymetal is my favorite Japanese kawaii metal band. Fusion 2 bands that I liked in one song made this song is my super favorite.

    1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

      But it turns out i can’t take care of it here and can only take care of it at the Mulyosari Surabaya branch because my account is limited edition. Like it or not i have to go to Surabaya to take care of it.

      1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

        Finally yesterday I went to Surabaya to take care of my ATM card. On the way it was raining , so i chose to take shelter because i didn’t want to wet my shoes and i wasn’t in hurry myself.

        1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

          Soon the rain stop and i continued my journey. When i arrived and entered the mandiri bank branch , i was approached by a security guard and ask my needs.

          1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

            I answered that i want to make a new ATM card. Then he took the queue number , didn’t wait long for my turn arrived. After explaining my goals to customer service and waiting for a long time my new ATM card finally finished.

            1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

              I immediately teied it by the money at the ATM machine after leaving the bank. Went i want to go home , i met Dimas and talked for a while.

              1. Mohammad Ali RojaI

                He also wanted to make a new ATM card too but when he arrived it turned out that he couldn’t immediately take care of it because he didn’t have an id and he finally had to go home.

  16. Muhammad Fitriansyah B.

    today my mother has just ordered a shelf to the wall of the house as a container for placing flower pots, approaching her retirement she started looking for new activities

  17. Hasna Ayu Roida

    As I explored the world of beauty blogging, I discovered new brands, techniques, and approaches to skincare, learning about different types of cleansers, skin types and concerns, the concept of double cleansing.

    1. Hasna Ayu Roida

      And most importantly the idea that a simple, gentle approach to skincare was so much more effective than the use of strong, astringent products better suited to cleaning my bathroom than my face wkwk.

        1. Hasna Ayu Roida

          I’d still describe it as combination and sensitive, but it’s calmer and clearer than it’s ever been and largely hormone related. I’ve learnt that you should treat your skin with care and respect.

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