My Pinterest URLS

I love using pinterest to share my works. Some of my shared works are brochure templates for google docs. To let people know and find my works, I share the designs in pinterest. Piterest has various country domains. Here are they:

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to construct visual collections, known as boards, centered around a variety of subjects and themes. Brands as well as individuals may use Pinterest. Images of your items, useful visual instructions to do-it-yourself tasks, or photography based around subjects such as travel and cuisine might be examples of the kind of material that you could post through your Pinterest boards. This material has the potential to bring visitors back to your website, which is an efficient method for making people more acquainted with your business via the use of a visual medium.

The Workings of It

Users of Pinterest have the choice to follow either your business profile or your chosen boards, or both at the same time. Stick to one subject per board when you’re establishing boards; for instance, if you’re a wedding planner, make separate boards for aisle décor, bridal shoe ideas, centerpiece styling, and dress inspiration. This is a recommended practice when it comes to generating boards.

Pins with a portrait orientation appear more clearly in the Pinterest feed and on mobile devices, which is where the majority of activity takes place on Pinterest. Always keep this in mind if you are pinning curated photographs or coming up with your own unique material. Videos do not show properly, but high-resolution infographics and photos with text overlay may be utilized well. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] Write descriptions for your pins that contain relevant keywords and offer context for the content you’re sharing. This will help enhance the visibility of your pins in Pinterest search results.


Using Pinterest Analytics, you may get valuable insight into which of your pinned items are the most popular, which themes are of interest to your audience, and which of your website’s pins are being most often shared. When you find trending subjects, continue to add new information to your relevant boards, and create more boards centered on topics that are comparable. Visit the settings page of your Pinterest account and follow the on-screen instructions to validate your website in order to have access to Pinterest Analytics.

Your pinning activity is visible to the streams of the people who follow you on Pinterest. Pin fresh information in smaller pieces rather than all at once, just as you wouldn’t tweet thirty times in forty minutes. Instead, schedule your pinning to occur at certain times throughout the week according to the content calendar you’ve created for yourself.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are pins that have been enriched by the addition of supporting information about your content that is added automatically. For instance, a product pin will get the most up-to-date price information from your website. It will also add your company name and emblem below the picture, which will give your brand greater exposure in the Pinterest stream. This improved function is definitely worth investigating, although doing so requires some familiarity with the underlying technology. Pinterest is the place to go if you want additional details.


To conclude, you should construct your boards around distinct primary themes and make use of photographs orientated in a portrait format wherever it is practicable to do so. If you want to boost the likelihood that your pins will be discovered via a search, write innovative pin descriptions that include relevant keywords. Investigate the data provided by your analytics to get a comprehension of your audience and the subjects that they find fascinating. When you are curating information, be sure to tag the original content producers, and make use of Rich Pins to provide your followers an experience that is high in value and instructive.
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