Teaching English Using Brochure

Writing is inextricably linked to the other language abilities. The act of writing helps kids learn a language because it requires them to think and pick the phrases and words they will use to communicate their ideas. As a result of the link between writing and thinking, writing is an important aspect of every language training.

According to Bram (1995:145), “writing is essentially the ability to generate or reconstruct communications in written form.” It means that writing is more than just putting letters, words, phrases, and sentences together; it is also about making those letters, words, phrases, and sentences meaningful. It presents concepts in written form and is a technique for communicating ideas, thoughts, or information in correct structure and coherence without mechanical faults.

According to the criteria stated above, an effective method that involves both the instructor and the students in the teaching and learning activities is required. TourismBrochure is one of the tools that may be utilized to assist pupils in gathering and developing their thoughts in writing. Teaching writing skills using tourist brochures as a medium can be utilized as a supplement to writing tools.

The tourist brochure ( how to make a brochure on google docs )has an engaging page since it features colorful pages, good photographs, and an intriguing explanation of the tourism location. It also belongs to genuine resources, which provide pupils with real-world examples of language usage. As a result, the researcher selected a tourism brochure as a medium for teaching descriptive text writing.

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