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Hello members of 4D4TKB! this page is where you write a daily sentence about your daily activity or plan into a form of comment below.

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  1. M.Rizqi Hasan Al Banna D4TEKKOMB

    Today my schedule is to join two online classes. I wake up at 6 AM. Waiting for an online class, I watched the video on Youtube and Netflix.

  2. Erwin Setiyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Today was the first time I took an online class with the topic of English 3 with Mr.Aliv. I enjoyed this class because Mr.Aliv gave a video that was easy to understand

  3. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    Hi Mr. Aliv, This day is our first lecture class meeting. This class is very different from other online lectures in PENS that I have ever attended. I very like your tutorial videos provided in the course because it is straightforward to understand. Especially the quiz explanation that you provide. Today, after all my classes finish. I am planning to continue my swiftUI course. Thank you, sir!

  4. Annisa Wahyuningtyas

    Today I woke up early to do some exercise with my family. After that, I have breakfast and rest a little bit before my first class starts. I have an English subject as my second class. I enjoyed the English class because of the task and the explanation that Mr.Aliv gave was so understandable.

  5. Fadillah Hendy F

    It’s my first time to use this platform and methods for learning english it’s look fun, even though on first and second quiz i write a couple of wrong answer there is a video explaination about it, wow thats great, thankyou Mr. Aliv.
    and after this course i’m trying to make some shirt design on ilustrator, i think i’ll make my own brand shirt πŸ˜€

  6. MochammadTioRefiPuteraD4TEKKOMB

    Hi Mr. Aliv, Today I attended two classes, the first class is intelligent systems and the second is an English class. This semester the English class is a little bit different from the previous semester because the lecturer changed and this is the first time you teach us. And I am so excited about the teaching system that you use because it’s more flexible to us cause this semester we’re busy working on final assignments. Thank you, sir.

  7. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today is like usual days, I wake up, take a shower, and have breakfast, then wait for the lecture to start. While I am waiting, I finished the competition report which was at the end of the deadline.


    I wake up at 8 am and start my activities with sports at home. Today is the first meeting of English lectures with Mr. Aliv. And also this is my first time using this learning method.

  9. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I joined two online classes. Today’s courses are Intelligent System and English. And Today, I had lunch with fish and rice with yellow pickled chili sauce.

  10. Bayu Syarifuddin D4TEKKOMB

    hello Mr.Arif, today i learned something new about the subject and verbs in this english subject. I still needs more pratice. Thank you for the knowledge. πŸ™‚

  11. Vardyansyah Cahya Pratama Harsetya Putra D4TEKKOMB

    i woke up at 7 a.m, i opened my online games for waiting my online courses started. I’ve got a good vibes today because i got back my skill in FPS Game and great internet connection.

  12. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    Good afternoon, Mr. Aliv. After listening to your explanation of the material and finish the assignment. I can understand about preprositions and basic sentences because your explanation are very easy to understand. I hope to increase my english skills in this class. Thank you

  13. Pravasta Caraka Bramastagiri D4TEKKOMB

    Today I have an English course from Mr. Aliv. I very enjoyed this course because the explanation in the video is very understandable. Thank you, Mr. Aliv!

  14. Shelly Oktia Heriawati D4TEKKOMB

    Hi Mr.Aliv, my name is Shelly. Today I have two class schedules, which are Intelligent System class and English class. This morning before I attend classes, I went to my Grandmother;s house because I miss my Grandmother.

  15. Amran Zamzani D4TEKKOMB

    during this covid 19 pandemic, lectures lectures were conducted online (daring), today is the second day of online lectures after a long holiday, lectures begin at 10:30 pm , smart system course until 12 o clock. after that, i eat and pray .

  16. Ananta Septianto D4TEKKOMB

    Thank you Mr. Aliv for the lessons. Today I learned some lessons from you about the sentences and object prepositions. l can more understand these two things and I am sure it will be useful for me in the future. I make some mistake in the quiz today but I will study more to get the perfect score.

  17. Muhammad Ramadhan Hadi Setyawan

    like usual days, i wake up at 6 am and start my morning activity with reading some manga. I am taking a bath and having some breakfast before the online classes is started. I am going to my friend’s house for joining online classes together. Besides taking existing online classes, I also took additional online classes taught by Mr. Sanggar.

  18. Excel Daris Fadhillah D4TEKKOMB

    Thursday. As always, I found something interesting. This is the first time I join an English online course and don’t get bored too soon. I really love your work, Mr. Aliv. Keep up the great work!

  19. M. Iqbal Nahdliansyah D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I watched the video on youtube for waiting this online class. This online class is very different from other online class. I like your tutorial videos because it’s easy to understand. Thank you Mr. Aliv

  20. Siti Nabilah Nuraini

    Today I woke up at 7.30 am and start my day with breakfast. I joined two online classes today, the first classes were Intellegent System and the second classes were English. Today is the first meeting in English classes, and I enjoyed the classes because the video explanation made me understand.

  21. Ainia Alif Fatikhah D4TEKKOMB

    Hi Mr. Aliv. My name is Alif. Today is the first time I took English class 3 with Mr. Aliv. I enjoyed this English class because I can understand the material presented through the video that you make. Thank you, Mr. Aliv.

  22. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    This Thursday, I filled my activities by exercised in the morning, joined two different classes from Mr. Riyanto and Mr. Aliv, also at night, I helped my younger sister to do her homework.

  23. Thank you all for enjoying my videos. It took me a lot of time to make them. Not all videos give clear explanation though. Some of them will make you think twice or even many times as they are sometimes difficult to digest.

    Anyway, I am sorry that I cannot use online conference in ethol or other media like zoom and so forth.

    I hope that you can get the most out of the videos.


    See you in the next daily comment.

  24. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    Friday has come.
    I wake up and grab some plant for my dear ball-shaped little creature.
    Spend the first hour to play with it.

    No special plan today, just do what I have to do and I feel like to do.

    1. Excel Daris Fadhillah D4TEKKOMB

      Dear Mr. Aliv,

      Pardon me for the late reply, I would like to clarify that today I made my comment on 06:52 AM but then the posted comment shows 11:52 PM instead, which is a day before, September 10, 2020. I believe there is a different timezone between the server (UTC +0) and my timezone (UTC +7). I hope this comment would clear the misunderstanding.

      Today and so on, I would keep posting a comment around 5-6AM because I also have a journal book which I fill it around that time to track my sanity and how my mind is going.



  25. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra

    Today, I wake up late. I wake up 5 minutes before my 1st online class. I was in a hurry and immidiately opened my laptop and login to ethol.

  26. Nova Angelia Eriyanti

    Today, in the morning, I did workout for 25 minutes. I don’t usually do it actually. But, I fell more refreshed after doing it. Maybe, I will do it more in the future.

  27. Shelly Oktia Heriawati

    Yeay, it’s Friday! I’m so happy because I finally bought seblak, one of my favorite food. I ate seblak while watching my favorite YouTuber’s video.

  28. Annisa Wahyuningtyas

    Today my parents go to Perak to visit my grandpa and grandma but I have to stay at home with my little brother cause we still have to attend our class.

  29. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim

    I am sorry, sir, that late to make a new daily comment. After my classes, I have an online meeting because today is my first day to do a part-time job remotely. It is my first conversation with people that speak English natively. After I talk to them, I know that I need to practice more. I will finish my day watching some movies on Netflix.

  30. This Friday, I just did some activities such as exercising in the morning and taking online classes from Mr. Dadet and Mr. Setia. Because I rarely exercise for months, it makes my body stiff so it’s hard to move.

  31. Bayu Syarifuddin D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I started a new experience, namely trying to marry betta fish. Althought thi is not countain in the course material, but i realy want to try it as an additional knowledge. πŸ™‚

  32. Ananta Septianto D4TEKKOMB

    Today I did an online class which started at 9.40 am. the lesson that is presented is very interesting in my opinion. After running online classes I tried to fix the Linux operating system on my laptop and I hope it works

  33. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    it’s second day i write my daily activities in here, it’s little bit wierd but so fun at the same time πŸ™‚ , today i did online class, pray jumatan and playing some games with a couple of friends, thank god it’s friday, happy weekend.

    this night i want to try my last project and some stuff, good luck for me

  34. Vardyansyah Cahya Pratama Harsetya Putra D4TEKKOMB

    it’s the second day after wrote my daily activity in here. i woke up at 6 a.m. then, i went to EEPIS Campus for assembly computer and segmentation my data of last project. Happy weekend all… don’t forget to finish your last project…

  35. Muhammad Ramadhan Hadi Setyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I woke up at 7 AM and started my morning with take a bath, then I went to college and had breakfast in canteen with my friend. After that, we went to laboratory for continue our final project and take the online classes until afternoon.

  36. Ainia Alif Fatikhah D4TEKKOMB

    In my routine activity in the morning, I feed my cats… I loved my cats..

    Today, the schedule after class. I visited my sister’s house and bought flowers at the flower shop…

  37. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today is Friday, and I am happy about that because tomorrow is a holiday. I start the day by accompanying my mom to the market. After that, I joined the 1st online course from 9.40 until 10.50 and 2nd course at 13.10. Furthermore, I am doing my activity as usual. And don’t forget tomorrow is a holiday, so Happy Holiday guys!! πŸ™‚

  38. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    Here comes Saturday.
    Gonna do some workout to gain more weight, spend more time with my little rascal and preparing myself to join Hacktoberfest.

    Happy weekend y’all!

  39. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    The weekend is coming! But, I don’t have any unusual activity for today. Tonight, I have part-time work at 8 pm, and I need to rest the whole day.

  40. Mochammad Tio Refi Putera

    I’m happy because my mom made breakfast for me before she goes to work. Anyway i dont have plan today so i just continue to study about robotics.

  41. Annisa Wahyuningtyas 4D4TEKKOMB

    This Saturday I spend my time with helping my mom to prepare rice box for catering and I am gonna read School For Good And Evil part 3 novel to refresh my mind.

  42. Siti Nabilah Nuraini D4TEKKOMB

    Weekend is coming!!! Today I wake up late not like the other days. I don’t have any plans for today. I’m so happy because my mother make some cakes for us.

  43. Shelly Oktia Heriawati D4TEKKOMB

    I woke up at 5 am, then I made a fried egg for breakfast. I spend my time watching skincare product review videos. And I don’t have any plans for tonight.

  44. Putri Milenia Fitri D4TEKKOMB

    Waking up late on the weekends is such a heaven. I spend time with barbecue party with my family. After that i watched my favorite idols show hehe.

  45. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    I woke up late today because today is weekend. Then, I spent my time with cleaning my house, cooking, streaming YouTube and doing some workout. I think there is nothing special on my Saturday.

  46. Erwin Setiyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Today is Saturday, I back to home, where previously I was at boarding house. When I got home, I took care of my betta fish and washed my clothes.

  47. Pravasta Caraka Bramastagiri D4TEKKOMB

    Happy Saturday!! Today I wake up at 09.30 and immediately work on documents for the competition until tonight. Yeahh.., today is quite tiring for me.

  48. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Yeayy,, this is Saturday. But it’s not like the weekend because of my responsibilities to prepare documents for the competition that I follow.

  49. Ainia Alif Fatikhah D4TEKKOMB

    This Saturday, I spend playing cats and streaming YouTube. .Oh No!., Today I eat too much spicy food and my stomach hurts πŸ™

    In this pandemic, we have to stay healthy, guys πŸ™‚

  50. SπŸ‘πŸΎUπŸ‘πŸΎNπŸ‘πŸΎDπŸ‘πŸΎAπŸ‘πŸΎYπŸ‘πŸΎ!

    As usual, I spent the morning with TWO troublemaker — just got the new one last afternoon, also I did some workout (hopefully gain 2 pounds, which is extremely hard and take weeks).

    Am gonna add new page for our community landing page and preparing our September event

    Have a great day y’all!

  51. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    13th September is a special day. It is my Brother’s birthday. I can’t give any great gift to him today, but I will support him whatever he does. Today, I don’t have any plans. Just stay at home, sleep, study, and entertain my self.

  52. Amran Zamzani D4TEKKOMB

    Today is Sunday, the day i have been waiting for because the new one piece episode 941 Will come out once a week at 10 am , and at 6 pm the new boruto episode also comes out, episode 165 πŸ™‚

  53. Erwin Setiyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I repaired a broken fan at home and bought worms to feed my betta fish. Maybe tonight I will prepare some items to take to the boarding house tomorrow

  54. Vardyansyah Cahya Pratama Harsetya Putra

    today i woke up at 9 a.m. after i woke up, i was cleaned my rent house, washed my clothes, cleaned my fan, and played game.

  55. Siti Nabilah Nuraini D4TEKKOMB

    It’s Sunday!!! Today I just listening to music while cleaning my room. It feels so good when you are cleaning your room by listening to music. Am I right?

  56. Shelly Oktia Heriawati D4TEKKOMB

    Yeay it’s Sunday, but tomorrow is MondayπŸ™‚. I have a bad story that happened to me this morning, my toothbrush has fallen, I’m so sad. Therefore I went to Indomaret to buy the new one.

  57. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    This Sunday, I didn’t exercise to decrease the stiffness of my body. Also, I prepared to buy some needs that will be used in the next week.

  58. Annisa Wahyuningtyas 4D4TEKKOMB

    Today, when I walk to my house after buy some food, there are two cats that always stare at me and follow me, I am scared so I run and I feel so exhausted when I get home

  59. Muhammad Ramadhan Hadi Setyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Today I am at home and start my normal activity. Yesterday, I am back to home after a few days in Surabaya, then I went back to Surabaya again in this night.

  60. Pravasta Caraka Bramastagiri D4TEKKOMB

    Today I went to Gresik to accompany my brother to sell his phone to a buyer he met on Facebook. After that, we returned to Surabaya and visited my grandparents’ house.

  61. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    Because it’s Sunday, i’m just trying to enjoy my weekend, drink some coffee and watching a couple of movie, and i realize that i forgot to write my ” daily activity notes” yesterday (saturday),and thats kinda sad

  62. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    This Sunday at 15:00, my village has a blackout. Luckily I don’t have any plans today and just having fun with my family because yesterday, I worked hard to prepare for the competition.

  63. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    It’s Monday.
    06:36AM, just finished exercising and now filling my journal while watching my little fur ball doing things.

    My plan today is learning more about my final project requirements and learning more about psychology

  64. Erwin Setiyawan D4TEKKOMB

    Ok, it’s Monday, I want to be the first to make daily activity notes, but it fails. Today I have plans to make some progress on my final project and I hope can do that.

  65. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    I start the first day of this week with a cup of coffee, joining class, doing some stuff, and finish the task. The same daily routines every day.

  66. Ainia Alif Fatikhah D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I took two online classes. I attended the class quite smoothly even though sometimes I still have internet connections problems.. πŸ™

  67. Amran Zamzani D4TEKKOMB

    As usual, Monday there are two classes of course, ” embedded system 2 and communication skills”, embedded system 2 starts at 8 am, when this course, i feel sleepy, fortunately after finishing the course, there is a break before continuing to the next course, and i use it to sleep πŸ™‚

  68. Putri Milenia Fitri D4TEKKOMB

    Today i have 2 classes. And yeah today is a bit annoying for me because my internet connection isn’t stable. So i can’t follow the material properly.

  69. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Hi, there this is Alan from 4D4CEB, this is my first time using this amazing platform provided by Mr. Aliv because yesterday I was still preparing mawapresnas. so here we go.

    Today September 14, 2020, I started my day with wake-up and hope today will be a beautiful day! I joined 2 classes, Communication skills from Mam Dias, and Embedded System from Mr. Iwan. after all of today courses have done, I utilized my time to start writing this daily note.

  70. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    This Monday, I started my activities with some exercises. After breakfast, I joined two classes from Mr. Iwan and Mrs. Dias. Also, I helped my younger sister to do her homework.

  71. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    This morning i’m try to stay awake on class at 8 a.m. because i sleep late last night. It’s so stressful, when you trying to stay awake and studies at the same time. and after that i’m trying to sleep to recharge my energy, i’m so tired.

  72. Pravasta Caraka B

    Today is Monday, and I’m back to my normal activities. I took two online classes, but I was late for my first classes because in the morning I didn’t wake up. After all my classes ended, I continued to study Lesson Three from Mr. Aliv’s website.

  73. Ananta Septianto D4TEKKOMB

    On this Monday, I did a lot of activities. Not only do online classes but also helping my neighbor who was hit by an accident. I hope what I do is useful.

  74. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    This Monday, I have 2 class schedules that have a difference of 2,5 hours. I was bored of waiting for the class change so I almost fell asleep.

  75. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today after the 1st course is done, I tried to cook a snack. I made macaroni schotel and I record it, then upload it to my social media. I have much feedback from them, like a joke, appreciation, till they think that I sell it.

  76. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra D4TEKKOMB

    Today I joined in 2 online classes. Today classes is Embedded System and Communication Skill. On Embedded System’s class is held on Google Meet. And this night, I installed a few software for tomorrow’s class while eating Indomie.

  77. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim

    Last night, I slept at 1 A.M. Today, I was exhausted. I have a tight schedule. There are three practice classes, and after class, I have to work. It is a busy day. After all of my activity, I will sleep earlier today.

  78. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Due to my achievement on pilmapres I got a lot of appreciation and mentions from students all around Indonesia, and I am very grateful that everyone gives positive feedback!
    today I also register myself into the gym, cause I want to be healthy! :))

  79. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    After the last class, around 3 pm, I fell asleep because I felt so tired today. My schedule class is full from morning. I slept for about 2 hours.

  80. Putri Milenia Fitri D4TEKKOMB

    Nothing special today. Just have lectures from morning to evening, and it makes me tired hahaha. And yeah i forogot to have breakfast, again.

  81. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today I have a full schedule for online class and all of that is practicum courses. I am very confused because this practicum course was done by online. Furthermore, It make me kind of busy.

  82. Siti Nabilah Nuraini D4TEKKOMB

    Today is quite busy. I have to attend 3 online classes from morning till evening and all of them are practicum classes. It makes me tired

  83. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    Today I had an unexpected incident. I was supposed to take 3 online classes but was only able to take 2 classes due to something unexpected that happened in the morning.
    I hope that whatever happens, everything will be alright.

  84. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I attended 3 online classes. All online classes for today are practice. And we need to installed a few software, and it makes my laptop’s memory running out. So, I need to deleted few files from my laptop to make my laptop’s memory not running out anymore.

  85. Miftahul Anwar D4TEKKOMB

    Today i went to campus and almost forgot to move my motorcycle outside the parking place. For your information, the parking place is closed at 17.00 and opened at 05.30. So if I forget to move my motorcycle, I need to wait until tomorrow and it’s a terrible thing.

  86. Ainia Alif Fatikhah D4TEKKOMB

    Today I have attended three online practicum classes from morning till evening. And again, my internet connection at the end of the lecture was very bad.

  87. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    Today was a busy day it’s because i have 3 online class meeting, and learn something new about Arm Robotic with Mr.Bayu Sandi Marta, it’s something new for me, i hope i can learn well from that

  88. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today I just have one online course, but that’s not mean that I have many free times. I have to do some homework and prepare for my final project. That’s it for today, have a nice day guys!!

  89. Vardyansyah Cahya Pratama Harsetya Putra D4TEKKOMB

    today is Wednesday? sorry, everyday i must be the most valuable player (MVP) in game and real life. no matter what day it is.

  90. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra D4TEKKOMB

    This morning, I went to my internship’s place to returned vest and ID Card that was used during internship on this January until April. Because of the pandemic, I just can returned the vest and ID Card today.

  91. Amran Zamzani D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I woke up late , because yesterday at 2 am, i just arrived home after playing to pacet. Fortunately the course starts at 12 o’clock

  92. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    I felt very happy again today! my friend and I just tested our apps called MyCap (apps for help deaf individuals understand in group discussion). The test is done by invite deaf individuals to try our apps and it was very fun because she (deaf) gave us positive feedback woohoo!

  93. Thursday.
    I’m not quite sure how am I feeling today. I think I need to plan my weekend so I don’t waste too much time.

    I’m going to join 3 online courses today.
    Do my assignments.
    Review the material courses.
    Finish my daily final project to-do list.

    I’ll end this day by playing with my little fur balls. Do they miss me?

  94. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I have to attended 3 online classes. One of the course is practicum. On the practicum online class, I learned how to make stopwatch with Arduino. And today, I have a plan to continue write notes about all online classes that I attended before.

  95. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Today is a beautiful day woohoo! Things I really excited about this day are, I learn several concepts in Microcontroller programming such as timer, and interrupt. Why it is important? because the interrupt could give better control over the computer. another exciting thing is I just invited as a speaker from KEMENDIKBUD woohoo, they will interview me and it will be streamed live in Instagram KEMENDIKBUD we will be talking about *still-secret*. I just feel so grateful today alhamdulillah.

  96. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    There is something new that I tried in this morning, which is to make a schedule of what I will do today. I made it because I difficult to manage my time. Until this afternoon, I have broken some of my list. I think changing habits is very difficult for me.

  97. M.Rizqi Hasan Al Banna

    today, I have some problems. first, I forget to present in the English class. second, I am too lazy to do my final project. last, I am feeling not well.

  98. Pravasta Caraka B

    Today I have three online classes, but when it’s Mr. Aliv’s time, we don’t have a meeting, so I do an exercise quiz from Mr. Aliv’s video course.

  99. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today I am not feeling well and my teeth hurt too. My body hurts because I did aerobic exercise yesterday after not exercising for a long time. My teeth hurts because my wisdom teeth grew out. After the online course was over, I just took a break.

  100. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    Today i was practice about using microcontroller using arduino uno to make some stopwatch with timer and counter concept, i’m little bit confused because the result is different from what i’m expected.

  101. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    Well, well so it’s Friday.

    I’m typing this comment while grooming my little fellas. They are indulging themselves on my lap so it’s a bit hard to move my body even an inch because I’m afraid that’ll shock them.

    Oops… They’re moving.

    Every time I move away my hand they start whining.

    Guess I need to end this now

    Have a nice day y’all!

  102. Annisa Wahyuningtyas

    Today is my cousin’s birthday, so after the last class my family and I decided to go to her house to celebrate her birthday. She looks so happy when my family come.

  103. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today, my friends came to my house and we made donuts together. The recipe was inspired by Tiktok video. The taste of donuts that we made is good but the shape is not good.

  104. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    Today i was hangout with my high school friends at “Dolen Kopi” Coffee shop, in here we’re listen some live jazz music, it’s so good btw

  105. Putri Milenia Fitri

    Thanks god its Friday!! Today i was supposed to visit my friend’s house. But sadly my electronic components haven’t arrived, i also fell asleep and just woke up hehehe😁

  106. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Another exciting day! I am very happy PMW PENS just announce that my two startups are getting funded woohoo! just can’t believe what next adventures I am going to experience!

  107. Pravasta Caraka Bramastagiri D4TEKKOMB

    Today I only have two online classes. After everything ended, I visited my grandma’s house in Surabaya. In the evening, my family and I went to Mak Yeye for dinner, and it was very crowded there.

  108. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Oh noo… I almost forgot to make daily comment here. Fortunately, my friend reminded me, thank you! In Friday I only have 2 online classes and do my next week’s assignments.

  109. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    08:15 AM

    Still doing my assignment. It should be done last night but my body couldn’t resist to stay awake.

    Can’t say much about today but it will certainly busy.

    Have a great weekend y’all!

  110. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    Today, I will go to my aunt’s house and take my friend’s motorcycle to the repair shop. After that, I will finish all of my assignments this week.

  111. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Today is very exciting day! I join a YLI Forum to learn everything about leadership and i get a lot of exposure during the forum, such as very amazing opportunity that i got.

  112. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    This Saturday, I have to finish my assignments for next week. But, I can’t concentrate because my brother and my cousin so crowded.

  113. Dzakiyah Salma Humairra

    Today, I met my senior to copied his college’s files on 7th until 8th semester. And tonight, I cooked fried noodle. But, unfortunatelly, I realized that my noodle have so many ants. So, before I eat the noodle, I get rid of the ants from my noodle!!

  114. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    06:35 AM

    “A key to black infant survival? Black doctor”

    Just listened to a podcast from NPR. It’s quite gruesome to know what’s happening on US hospital. The survival rate of black infant is lower on the hands of white doctor than black doctor. In fact, black doctor is only 5% of US population while white doctor is 30%. What’s going on there? You call that humanity?
    The guest should respect their landlord, y’know what I mean.

    Let’s put it aside.
    These little brats keep nudging their nose on my chest, begging some treats like a lil’ pupils on Halloween. No, ain’t gonna give it some more.

    It’s Sunday, right?
    My special plan today is ….
    Doing nothing special.

    Just finishing my assignment.
    Cleaning up my room.
    Developing my community website.
    And stay mindful throughout the day.


    Oh no, it’s already 06:56 AM

  115. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    I am looking for what happened on September 20 on google. This is what I found. The troops of the Ayyubid Caliphate led by Salahuddin Ayyubi began besieging the Kingdom of Jerusalem to seize it from the Crusaders on September 20, 1187. The Ayyubid Forces Siege Jerusalem is one of the historic events of September 20.

  116. Erwin Setiyawan D4TEKKOMB

    When I was a kid, Sunday was a very nice day, I could play and have fun, but not Sunday at this time. Now I have to do some assignments and think about what I need to do for the future

  117. Nova Angelia Eriyanti D4TEKKOMB

    This weekend, I think it’s getting busy and can’t be relaxed like previous weekend. I spent my weekend with to do my assignments for next week.

  118. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Every day is a beautiful day! I started my day by joining the second-day YLI Forum from Mckinsey & Co. it was so fun and insightful, I learned a lot during the forum. learning problem-solving framework, and pretending as a consultant to give best solutions for client.

  119. Today is Sunday. I do my assignment for next week as usual. Today also was a great day because a new episode of Kamen Rider Saber was released. Great !!!

  120. Eva Rahmadanti D4TEKKOMB

    Today I went to the market with my mother and other siblings. At the market, I bought traditional snacks. The price is very cheap, but the taste is so-so. But I still recommend it if you want to try.

  121. Putri Milenia Fitri D4TEKKOMB

    Today is Sunday. I’ve spent time doing my college assignments and doing videocalls with my twitter friends. Talking to them makes me feel less stressed hahaha.

  122. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    *Eyes opened a few minutes ago*
    Umm…. Monday, huh?
    What a nice way to start a day with journaling.

    01:36 AM
    My finger dancing around the laptop keyboard,
    Clicking sound of keyboard,
    And the buzzing sound of fan are the only music I hear,
    Quite, peaceful, and alone,
    Looking around my room,
    Knowing that I wouldn’t be here any longer,
    “What should I do?” I ask,
    01:42 AM
    Starting to open up my IDE,
    Looking at my to-do list,
    Let the stress creeps inside my mind,
    And tirelessly learn the fundamental of neural network

  123. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    Monday is a good day. I slept earlier, last night. But I still feel very sleepy. I don’t know why. So, today I am sleeping between two online classes.

  124. Annisa Wahyuningtyas D4TEKKOMB

    Today I could not follow the first lesson really well because I caught a cold, had a headache and sore throat, but after getting some rest after the first lesson my condition become better and I can follow the second class well. I am planning to drink some medicine and honey after dinner so that my condition will get better.

  125. Putri Milenia Fitri D4TEKKOMB

    Today i’ve finished my college assignments, yeay! And i continued to watch the variety show ‘Going Seventeen’. They were really funny hahahaha

  126. Muhammad Alan Nur D4TEKKOMB

    Just cant believe an Indonesian Entrepreneur lived in Tokyo, Japan just invited me to be a guest speaker on his upcoming podcast and youtube channel, he said that we were going to talk everything about Indonesian in the future. Can’t wait to see the next amazing day πŸ™‚

  127. Fadillah Hendy F D4TEKKOMB

    Today i have finished my design, it’s look great i think (?), but thats alright maybe need some one or two step more to improve the desain.

  128. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    So, it’s Tuesday.
    Wow, didn’t realize time is pretty quick.
    I was just writing code a few “minutes” ago then it’s ….. 01:49 AM!!
    I thought it’s still Monday, hey, can I go back to 10PM so I can get some rest?

    Well, what I’m going to do today?
    Oh, I need to read something cool and listen to some interesting podcast from NPR

  129. Muhammad Ramadhan Hadi Setyawan D4TEKKOMB

    As usually, I must change my name in edit profile before comment in this daily sentence, i don’t know what’s wrong, but I must edit my name everyday.
    Thanks you.

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