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Its okay to cry

Contributed by Anisa Ayu A. & Setia Yusuful A. – 3 D3 EA

Problems come not only once or twice, even when one problem is not resolved, other problems come in sequence. It feels like your heart and mind can no longer hold back feelings of sadness, confusion, and anger. There are times when you want to cry, but on the other hand, crying over problems is not a good way out. But why are there people who still gallantly forbid us to cry, choosing some options that we consider “nonsense”. If we can cry, and have to cry, why not?

 Crying is not a matter of being silly or not visionary, it is about heart and feeling, and only those who feel pain have control over themselves. In any case when crying is necessary, it doesn’t matter. The limit is that frequent crying is also not the right way to deal with every problem. When we need to rest, put aside egotism for a moment and take off the mask of that little smile, weep wisely and solemnly. There is no need to be ashamed to cry, so the other people understand that our pain is no joke, we need rest!

1. Crying is the easiest way to get rid of all negative things, disappointment or anger. Because holding back crying actually makes the heart more chaotic and can lead to depression. So, crying does not mean weak.

2. Crying doesn’t always need regrets. Because crying can introspect yourself to be better.

3. Sometimes your weep is considered by the others to get attention, even though you just want to share or release all negative feelings in yourself.

4. Crying is actually good for physical or mental health. Stop blaming us who choose to cry.

5. Crying is human, so living without ever crying actually makes you no longer like a true human.

95 thoughts on “Its okay to cry”

  1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

    Maybe this article is right, but I don’t know why I always don’t want to cry. Because I usually think that crying is a shameful thing for me.

  2. I think crying can make our hearts relieved even though crying doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. And I agree with the statement “Its Okay to Cry”.

  3. Ifadatur Rohmah

    I totally agree with the sentences “crying doesn’t mean weak”. yaa actually I often wanna crying with a little something that hurts my heart wkwkwk. Sometimes I can hide my cry but when I have tired and there is a little something that hurts my heart I directly crying. I don’t care where am I, with whom am I, but if I have tired I directly crying wkwkwk

  4. Ajie Dibyo Respati

    for me, i feel difficult to cry when there is another people beside me at specific sad moments. but, i easily cry when watching or listening something epic hahaha that’s weird.

    1. Zazabillah Sekar Puranti

      Same here, Mbak Zahiroh!
      I cry when I’m sad, I cry when having a hard time, and I also cry when I’m happy. Seems like I cry a lot huh πŸ˜‚

  5. Ayu Citra Almareza

    I agree. Crying doesn’t mean we are weak. Because sometimes when we are in trouble, crying can make us calmer. Crying is normal… And by crying, we can actually feel more prepared and resilient for problems.
    But cying

  6. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    I agree with what is written in the article. Crying is not something to be ashamed of because when the heart is badly hurt, one way to treat it is crying.

  7. Sholichuddin Al Ayyubi Putra Ary

    So sad, but so lovely article. Yeah sad because the topic are about crying. Right now in pandemic all of us feeling so sad. Because a lot of us is having a lot trouble in our live, like campus, work, socializing with our friend or our family. But we are stuck, we cannot freely going places, meeting people, etc, because this pandemic. When first couple month pandemic, i felt so desperate. I felt no motivation for do anything, i can’t do my work properly. In that time, i’m crying so hard. But know i can’t handle it better, because i have my family, my friend, my teacher, thank you for helping me. I hope better for all of you.

  8. Mohammad Ali RojaI

    I don’t know what the others have experienced this this or not. Whenever i lack sleep and when i yawn , my eyes burst into tears and making me look like I’m crying .

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      Me too …
      Every night, I always shed tears even thought it wasn’t like someone who was crying because of happiness or sadness. Maybe, I was crying because I was sleepy πŸ™‚

  9. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

    i don’t agree anymore. as a man, i choose the other way i get when i get problems. i think when we are crying, we look very weak especially for man.

  10. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Yes. When some problems in life come and we feel like can’t overcome them. When we feel stress and emotional, crying is one of simple way to take off our tired of everything. I think, right after crying, the atmosphere going to be better than before.

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      If we have problems, crying can relieve some of the pain. And it can make us stronger than ever. πŸ™‚
      Maybe, we can find a solution to that problem.

  11. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    If our hold up our emotion it can hurt our psychological and this bad for our life too. This is the answer why emotion is important thing

  12. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Thank you for the informatif article. That can all know about crying. After read tge article hope hope every of all can feel the emotion

  13. Kechia Raharjo Putri D3KPLN

    Thats true. Crying can makr our better. I feel it. After i cry my main is more better like before. And cry is necessary that we need

  14. Anastasia Prameswari

    Nothing is wrong if you cry. Crying does not mean we are weak. By crying we can release emotions and get rid of negative things that can distrub the mind. In addition, crying can help people who are unable to convey how they feel

  15. Dinda Ayu Yunitasari

    Crying at least can release our negative emotions unconsciously, and there is nothing wrong if we cry. Sometimes what we need and know about ourselves is ourselves.

  16. Nothing wrong with crying. Let’s normalize people to cry whether she is male or female. Crying not based on gender, but how the way they feel the pains.

    1. Novaren Veraldo

      I think crying should not be normalized. It’s our body way to tell if something is happening. Thus, we need to see what’s going on and try to fix it immediately

  17. Nurrudin Azzaky

    Honestly, crying is surely okay for everyone. But sometimes, crying in front of others isn’t a good idea. I’ve experienced facing someone who was crying, at that time, I didn’t know what to do.

    Crying is okay, but please make sure you’re not crying in the wrong place.

  18. Febriana Ayu Kanti N.

    as a crier, i highly approve of this article. most people find ‘crying’ as a sign of weakness and being too fragile. crying is also an expression of many different emotions, it’s good to be expressive with emotions because not everybody is used to let out their feelings easily.

    hopefully, we will never judge others if we happens to see them crying, cause what is human without a brain with stock of emotions?

  19. Almira Innasty Wibowo D4TEKKOMA

    I really like the number 5. For me crying is a good way to feel better or relaxed. It doesn’t connected with silliness or child-like thing. Just because we’re already considered as adult it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to cry, right? It’s so human things. πŸ™‚

  20. Jovanca Stevani T.

    couldn’t agree more! crying is a natural sign from a human, that means we are all feeling something. crying is not just about sadness, but also it can be a sign about the happiness too. for example when we laugh over something that’s too funny, sometimes there are tears that drops from our eyes.
    many people consider crying is weakness. but that can’t be true. crying doesn’t mean that we don’t have an energy to face the problem, but also it makes us stronger for letting the things out.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Yes, you are right Jovanca, crying was very memorable to me. Be crying, we can vent our emotions without hurting other people’s feelings. And by crying this must be a lot of good things for us.

  21. yes, its okay to cry, but its not okay if you cry all time. like if you cry because to much homework must be done this week, its not good for you. thanks

  22. Dian Nurmayasari

    Gotta agree with those 5 points! crying is a natural condition when we just want to let “things” go outside to feel better. Crying ain’t about gender or something like that. Everyone deserves to cry. Crying DOESN’T mean you are weak. When thing’s go wrong or right , you just need some things to release on. And crying is the part of it.

    1. Dian Nurmayasari

      Note : to everyone here who’s going through and still suffering, Thank you for still surviving. i hope you find encourage. When everything seems wrong, just take a rest. You’re much stronger than you think. Take a deep breath, release and get some time to your own self and tell your self that it’s okay to not be okay. Your pain, your sadness, your trauma is valid. Hoping that you find the cure as soon as possible. Your healing still on progress..

      1. Jovanca Stevani T.

        thank you for reminding me. I totally agree with all of your statement.
        and also, whatever you are going through right now, I hope you can face it because I know you’re such a strong person I know. It’s okay to cry, and if you need someone to talk to, just hit me up!

        1. Dian Nurmayasari

          Thank You Jovanca. Hope that you are fine at all. Maybe World is rough, but You are though to face it. The result of you being here and still surviving it proves that you’ve worked hard. Please be Healthy. Mentally and Physically.

    2. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Yes, you are right Maya. I agree with you. Crying is not for the weak. Crying should make us better and brighter later. How good it is to cry with self-regret to want to improve.

      1. Dian Nurmayasari

        Yes aris. I hope you find courage through your crying. You’re strong enough and it’s okay if you take a rest for awhile. Hope that your feeling get better soon. Fighting!

  23. Nurul Qomariyah

    crying is a natural response made by someone when they are tired of something or because of joy so that makes you cry. it is common in life. you can also choose when to cry.

  24. Eky Bintarno Wicaksono D4TEKKOMA

    My opinion about crying is:

    Everyone has a right to crying, and that’s good, because crying is one of a way to showing our true feelings. Besides, for me those who crying still have a good heart. Especially for those who have problems, crying can bring relief to our hearts and keep us from depression.

  25. Excel Daris F D4TEKKOMB

    Blame me, I haven’t read the article but
    why do I think about a K-drama named “Entertainer” at the first sight? One of their soundtrack has the exact same title with this post. The song is quite nice and so the lyrics. “It’s okay to cry”.

  26. Novanna Rahma Zani

    Certainly. I hold the opinion that crying is one of the best ways to get everything that is bothering you outside and give yourself the time to cry as much as you want to, as your way of expressing how you feel.

    1. Novanna Rahma Zani

      I cry when I have the need to and in most cases, I feel better afterwards. Sometimes something is either too complicated for you to discuss with others and sometimes you just don’t want to talk about so in both cases, crying is a good way to throw everything outside.

    1. Novanna Rahma Zani

      Absolutely, instead of keeping our feelings bottled up inside us, we should cry our heart out and let it go. so it’s ok and better to cry your heart out when you are feeling sad.

  27. Alfiyan Adi Prastiyo

    yes i’m agree with you because crying can make my heart feel morerefersh cause when i did it just by myself, i know exactly how to controlled over myself

  28. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    I do cry sometimes without reason. Like suddenly all the pain come hitting my heart and it all explode into one single long cry. I feel a bit worry because of this habit but now I know that crying is not a matter. It’s a natural thing we might experience after holding some deep thoughts which created invisible fatigue.

    1. Hmm, maybe I’ve also experienced things like you. While I was alone in the room, I suddenly burst into tears. I don’t know what causes it. But I realized, crying is not wrong.

  29. Inayah Surya Islami

    I agree, crying helps us to let go of the negativity that we feel. crying is not a sign that you are weak. it is an emotional outburst of your body.

    1. Hello, inayah. My name is Nurul Anniyah from 3D3EA. I totally agree with you. Everyone has their own way of expressing their moods. By crying, it does not mean we are weak. Maybe for them it is the best way.

  30. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    Good article, I think every problem has a solution. Don’t make life difficult. For example, want to cry, just express it. Don’t hold back hehe

    1. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

      but there are some people who hide their sadness, maybe there are other ways to express it besides crying and it can make them relieved.

      1. Maybe those who hide their sadness they do not want to be seen as weak. But I think it is better if we tell someone you trust the most to listen to your sadness.

      2. Aris Styo Alfandi

        Hmm, I thought so. Because by crying, there must be people who cry in front of people he trusts when they tell their sadness and there are also those who cry behind the curtain. Keep spirit and be happy, Nindi.

    2. Hello, nindi. Yes I agree with you. But sometimes people who look happy on the outside turn out to have very deep sadness. There is nothing wrong this, maybe it is their way to vent their feelings.

  31. Virhan Mujahid Syufie

    every problem has a solution, every person have their own solution.
    but its not good to choose a solution when you have a bad emotion, cry is one of the easiest way to released all of your emotion, so just cry and let all your emotion go and start to think about the best solution for your problem. Its a very interesting article good luck to all of us

    1. hello, virhan. Yes I totally agree with you. There is nothing wrong with crying. Everyone has their own way of solving the problems they are facing. It is not that we look weak if we cry. In my opinion, by crying we will become stronger later to face a problem.

  32. Crying is a way for someone to express their emotions. Especially those with melancholy personalities who can only harbor emotions and overflow them by crying. One of them I have a melancholy personality. But there are interesting facts about crying. According to health experts, crying is good for health. Some of the benefits of crying include reducing stress, improving eye function, removing toxins from the body, and many more. Very nice article.

    1. Hello, nico. Yes I agree with your statement. It turns out that crying has many health benefits. But I don’t know why after I cry sometimes my head feels dizzy πŸ™

      1. Yes, I often feel it too Nia. But that was when I was little, because crying was too long. I think it can be caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the brain. So that it makes the head feel sore and dizzy.

  33. Hello, yes I agree with this article. This article is very useful for us. Crying is the body’s response when dealing with emotions with emotions such as sadness, frustration, to joy. When we were babies, we often cried to give codes to people around us. However, so grown up that many people are embarrassed to cry in publlic. Because it is thought, crying is a sign of weakness.

    1. Reflex tears help remove debris from the eye, when the eyes are exposed to smoke and dust. Basal tears that contain 98 percent water, all the time coming out to lubricate your eyes and prevent your eye from getting infected. Meanwhile, emotional tears that play a role in responding to emotions are said to have the most health benefits. According to a study, emotional tears can flush out stress hormones and toxins from the body.

      1. Crying for a while can release endorphins and oxytocin hormones. Endorphines are chemicals that are produced naturally by the body. This substance can help to reduce a pain. While oxytocin is a natural chemical that can provide a sense of calm. After crying, you can feel calm and feel no pain for a few moments.

        1. Studies say that when you sob, you can breathe air faster. This fast process of breathing air can help to control as well as lower brain temperature. When compared to a hot brain, a cold brain can calm your body and mind. As a result, you will have a better mood after sobbing.

          1. Crying when you’re sad is a way of passing code that you need support. Just like when you were a baby, crying is your body’s way of giving signals that you need other people’s comfort and care. In other words, crying can also build a social support network in times of trouble.

            1. Crying is very important while you are grieving. Because it can help you accept when you fail or lose something. Everyone goes through the grieving process in different ways. However, if you feel your crying is too extreme or is interfering with your daily life, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor.

  34. By crying people will feel more comfortable with anger, sadness, pain, big problems etc. but for me crying still doesn’t make me more comfortable. usually i scream as loud as i can and put out all the anger, sadness, big trouble or problem.

    1. Hello, fahmi. I totally agree with you. Indeed everyone has a way to vent emotions, sadness, and so on. Some may cry or scream out loud so they can feel good about letting out what they feel.

  35. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Yes, you are right. Crying is not wrong. In my opinion, if someone who never cries, it is a sign of a heart’s death. Moreover, the introverted personality type, they even prefer to cry and be alone to find a solution. And in the end I also especially did that in order to correct myself.

    1. Hello, yes you are right aris. It is trus that crying has health benefits. And there are those who say that if they never cry, they consider their heart dead. In my opinion, women and men are different in terms of feeling.

      1. Women are given 9 feelings by God. Therefore, women use feelings more than thoughts and vice viersa with men. So, women cry more often because they may feel that they do not feel the way they feel.

    1. Hello, yes I agree with you. Everyone is different to vent their emotions. As information, if I have emotions, I will be silent and cry because I am an introvert. I only share stories with those closest to me who I can trust.

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