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Robots Serve Customers at Tokyo Cafe

At a Tokyo cafe, with only a few employees and the capacity to accommodate 162 customers, robots, not people, are the ones taking orders and serving meals.

Pepper Parlor, a cafe in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, has a special kind of robot called Servi that runs automatically and passes through the seating areas to serve drinks and meals to customers.

Servi uses a 3D camera and laser to detect obstacles and steps, and when someone is in its path, it simply pauses. The humanoid robots called Pepper take orders from customers.
Softbank Robotics Corp., a Tokyo-based company that sells these robots, has been receiving many inquiries, mainly from restaurant chains, according to the company.

This kind of service, in which restaurant employees and customers do not need to interact with each other, is growing to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to solve labor shortages. It is also likely to become a new part of everyday life.

33 thoughts on “Robots Serve Customers at Tokyo Cafe”

  1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

    Nice article
    It’s so cool to see them have a robots being employed to them.
    So that, the costumers and the restaurant employees not interact directly.

    1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      But I want to know from them something.
      If they use robots for replace their employee, that can make some people don’t have a profession.
      How can they take this problem?

  2. I am so obsessed with technology, especially robotic and artificial intelligence. Japan is One of the best countries in the world that always make innovations about robotics. I really amaze them.

  3. Erica Rianindi Yulfanti

    waaa, very interesting. Robot technology in Japan is very developed especially during a pandemic like this. Robot serve customers can reduce the spread of covid-19.

  4. Nurul Qomariyah

    this customers-serving robot is great if it is used for the current pandemic. applied in restaurants that are sufficient to accommodate many customers. so that it helps the employees work which is quite heavy.

  5. Dian Nurmayasari

    I’m so impressed with the technology development in this decade especially in Japan. Such a good idea in this pandemic era they are using robot to serve foods or drinks. It might be prevent the direct touch human to human, but my concern is how if it also can reduce the human workers itself.. it’s good but yeah it should be discussed again

    1. Dian Nurmayasari

      it’s a good idea if the purpose is to prevent direct touch between humans during this pandemic, but it also be a concern if it can reduce the human workers

  6. Aris Styo Alfandi

    Wow, interesting news. But unfortunately, I can’t imagine how the robot will serve customers. There is no doubt that Japan has implemented this. Because Japan already has reliable technology and the people there are also supportive.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      In Indonesia there are actually many who can assemble something like that. However, our country itself is still not ready to be transferred to work programs using robots (humans will be replaced by robots) in the Industry, for example.

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        However, using a robot is actually more thorough and never even tired at work. And sales will definitely attract the attention of consumers, especially those who are unfamiliar with robots.

        1. Aris Styo Alfandi

          And if you look at the way the sales are done, it is indirectly expressing and forcing it subtly so that consumers who are curious should buy pizza first and feel it’s uniqueness.

      2. Dicha Nada Puspita D4 Tekkom A

        That’s right. I think there will be a lot of considerations to use robots in the industry in Indonesia since Indonesia’s unemployment rate is quite high, especially during this pandemic. But I actually support the idea of using robots in the industry to make it more practical.

  7. Novaren Veraldo

    While Japan use robots for food and beverage industry, Indonesia use different method. There’re a lot of food delivery services provided by transportation company or perhaps the restaurant itself. Some different is also used, like what Pizza Hut did to sell their pizzas.

  8. Ika Roikhanah D4TEKKOMA

    Good innovation but its impact can reduce the workforce, maybe we can create innovation but it must be a balance between humans and innovation.

    1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      Yeah, I think about that too
      I agree with you Ika, In Japan maybe they have a solution for that case.
      But I don’t think so for Indonesia, maybe it’s not ready for Indonesia

  9. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Well, I think developed countries have many advanced technology to serve their citizen with easier way. We, as a developing country should be more motivated by them as well, right?

  10. it’s a great invention/solution that japan use Robot to serve the customer, and implementation is in Shibuya Ward… in my Knowledge about Shibuya cafe before pandemic they are using Maid to serve customer and that maid is become symbolic in many cafe in japan, so it’s sad when maid got replace by Robot.. but in the positive side The virus spread can be prevented

  11. Current technology development is very advanced. Especially in developed countries where there are many technology industries. One of them is Japan. In my opinion, this service robot is very interesting. Certainly it will really help restaurant businesses in providing the best service. As well as being an attraction for customers to visit the restaurant.

  12. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan

    It is undeniable that after reading this article I feel that the technology in our country is very far behind, I hope we can catch up with developed countries soon

    1. M Aqil Wenda Rizkiawan

      I was amazed when Japanese-made robots were very ready to be sold and to help humans, while Indonesia was still in the form of amateur robot designs and competitions

    2. Hello, yes I totally agree with you. Maybe Indonesia should learn more about the technological advances that have occured in developed countries. So that Indonesia is able to compete and develop quickly. Aamiin…

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