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The Other Side of Technological Development

Technological development is a systematic change that occurs in technology. During the past thousand years, technology has been known by humans, but its form and function are not as sophisticated as those in the present.Technological developments began to be seen more clearly in the industrial revolution. Various types of machines were successfully made which later replaced human power into engine power. This period is the forerunner to technological developments in the present. Examples of early generation cars, telegraph, telephone, weaving machines, steam engines and bicycles. Then finally the development of technology in the 20th century until now, various technologies have begun to be developed. Starting from the technology needed for households, education, social, health, information technology, and other things.

Technological developments make a big difference for the entire world population. There were are a lot of things that hard to do, but now its easy to be done. The advantages of technological development are facilitate access to information, here are many entertainment media, implementation of more efficient work activities, easy communication, make it easy to share files, increasing efficiency in the world of education, opened a new and profitable business, economic growth, ease of transaction, bringing together individuals with new people and adding relationships between individuals with social media, progress in the field of health and health services, facilitate service to the community and more efficient implementation of government, there are various kinds of technology that make it easy to maintain security and improve the military field

Although it has many advantages, but the development of technology also has another side that creates new problems. The problem is caused by misuse of technological developments and the lack of understanding of users to use technology properly. The new problems due to technological developments increased fraud and crime, cyber Bullying, negative content that is growing rapidly, spreading false news, change someone’s behavior to be individualist, resulting in dependence on technology, community behavior becomes consumptive, using entertainment media and social media excessively so that ignoring the duties and obligations, wasting time for things that are not useful, and decreased learning achievement and also one’s ability to work, environmental damage.

Technological development cannot be avoided because it is natural and we can make technological development a challenge to be conquered. So that we are not exposed to the negative side of technological development, we can filter out the good and the bad of technological developments, utilize technology developments in good and right ways, provide education and understanding to those around us to utilize technology properly, block sites or web pages that are not educative and have a negative impact on themselves and many people, participate in preventing fraud and crime by providing information to the authorities, strengthening religious values and utilizing technology by paying attention to the environment.

18 thoughts on “The Other Side of Technological Development”

    1. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      Yeah absolutely.
      I agree with you, arief.
      Technology can help us to do good thing for us when used wisely.
      But it can be bad when we use that carelessly.

  1. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

    i think it is true that the technological development have good impacts and bad impacts. it is our duties to be more careful in using technology.

  2. Nurul Qomariyah

    actually all of that must have positive and negative impacts. not only in technological developments. anyway, that’s right, we have to keep up with the times by filtering out the pros and cons. remain wise as consumers of this technological development.

  3. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    In my own view, the world technological development is amazing from year by year. For example, for about 20 years ago, may be our parents never expected that nowadays we can use a tool named smartphone to communicate with people from far distance. So, we have to be grateful and also paying attention on it, then we will not left behind by technology.

  4. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

    What is writing in the article is right. We must be more careful to use technology in this era. The rapid of growth technology can bring abundant advantages, but also create abundant disadvantages.

    1. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

      For example, on social media. Many people share photos, videos, or other personal data. Those data can be misused by irresponsible people.

    2. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

      Misuse can mean many things, such as change the data, steal the data, sell the data, etc. The worst case is the data that has been changed be shared with the public.

  5. Novaren Veraldo

    Humans always find an easy way to do things. People usually don’t do their research and just believe in other people easily. Thus, this opportunity is being use by people who wants to do bad things. It’s not just in technology aspect, but it could be in anything related with human itself.

  6. Ika Roikhanah D4TEKKOMA

    The existence of technology creates a new innovation, but the impact of the human labor will be reduced which may also increase unemployment

    1. Fahriza Mutiara Fajariyanti D4TEKKOMA

      You’re right, what many people fear is their jobs are being taken over by robots. Innovation is good but it must be balanced.

  7. Vina Tri Hartini

    technological development always have a good side and bad side. in the good side we can make it easier to find information, but in the bad side our personal data will be leaked and endanger ourself.

  8. Zahiroh Marwadila

    Technology has both positive and negative impacts for users.
    Everyone has technology to help them like communication. This impact can help people who live for away to communicate with each other.

    1. Zahiroh Marwadila

      In fact, there are so many people who rarely gather just to get together not speak.
      Why ?
      Because they are busy each with today’s advanced technology, namely smartphones.

    2. Zahiroh Marwadila

      Maybe every year, the smartphone industry always makes new smartphones with better sophistication than before.
      Therefore, users are very happy to use smartphones whenever and wherever.

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