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Ways To Make Other People Like You

Contributed by Talita Azmi – 3D3 ITA

The following are the principles of communication that I learned from the communication skills course

  1. Avoid blaming, because not everyone wants to be blamed, right? how big or small the mistake has been. If you don’t like something, don’t watch/read it or ignore it. Isn’t it simple?
  2. Be kind to people: everyone loves to receive good treatment from others. However, when you start to spread happiness to others and help them, happiness will be returned multifold to you. Do not expect any rewards and returns.
  3. Accept people as they are, don’t try to change people or speak against their most cherished beliefs. It makes them uncomfortable.
  4. Make people feel important, ask for advice from others, listen to them when they speak. They’ll love you for it.
  5. Call names, everyone likes the sound of their names. It’s like music to our eyes. Research shows that the most beloved sound to most human beings is their name.
  6. Good Listener, Encourage others to talk a lot about themself. listen to their stories until they run out of topics to tell. .This is also known as “self-disclosure.” And self-disclosure makes people feel good. A study from Harvard found that self-disclosure triggers the brain in the same way sex, cocaine, and good food do. In other words, it feels pretty dang good. When we talk about ourselves, those are the conversations we enjoy most. That’s because when we share, and the other person listens, we build a connection.

β€œYou can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
― Dale Carnegie from How to Win Friends and Influence People

87 thoughts on “Ways To Make Other People Like You”

  1. Eky Bintarno Wicaksono D4TEKKOMA

    We can do every ways to make other people like us. But the important is, we can’t make every people like us. It’s their right to like us or not. But it doesn’t stop us to make other people like us.

  2. Dizca Rosalia Putri

    To the point and informative, thanks for sharing!
    Yeah, being liked by our society is not the most important, but our manner impacted how people treat us. Atleast we’ve tried to being nice and friendly in our society, right?

  3. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

    This is good article at all.
    These all tips may help us to being a good person in front of other people.
    I think I have to try these tips to be a better person for other people near me.

  4. nice article, some people think how to make other people like him, but for people who have a very introverted nature are more likely not to choose the six methods above. and choose to think about what correction was done to other people. thankyou

    1. Ignatius Aditya Timantha Ginting

      Totally agree with you Mr. Fahmi ! For them who have introvert character, the methods above are very hard to do. They already hard to talking to each other so it almost impossible for them for blaming the others. I think maybe for people with introvert personality the best way to make other people like them is being simple yet friendly. No one likes arrogant after all.

  5. I really say thank you for your tips. Because I am so hard to make new friends and I am an introvert. But In my opinion, we can’t make all people like us. Because of that Just be yourself.

  6. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

    nice article. i think it is impossible to make all people like me so i choose to be my self. i dont like pretend in order to make other people like me and i dont care about people comments about me at the first impression

  7. even though you cannot actually make all people like you, you can try breaking their first impressions of you and don’t overthink about what everyone thinks about you.

  8. Nurul Qomariyah

    i think so that other people like you is one of them is to remain yourself and be tolerant. and also sta friendly to them. always give them a smile, right your smile:).

  9. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    Yeah, it is not easy to make people like us. At least we try to be a good person. The second point is the most valuable thing to do so far. Thank you for the tips, writer-nim!

    1. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

      yes, i agree with your opinion. i think it is impossible to make people like us. the most important thing is we have try to be good person.

    2. Reisya Nur Hesika V

      i agree with you… we can not arrange someone will like us… it just comes naturally… and the only thing we could do is always trying to be a good person.

  10. it’s great article! I agree with all points. But, be yourself is important. And then first impression. I think if you make good impression when first meet, you can make other people like you easily and then do all the points in this article too.

    1. Hello, yes I totally agree with you. Someone will judge whether or not it is good at the first meeting. They can see what a person’s characteristic is. Therefore, we have to be ourselves, not an image to be considered good by someone.

    2. Reisya Nur Hesika V

      yes, we should show who we truly are. it is really important. someone who is honest usually seen as pleasant and sincere. but don’t forget to make a good first impression.

  11. Dian Nurmayasari

    waah what a great article! I agree with all points here. But sometimes it’s harder to act than words. I really respect with all people who did all steps there. If the world filled with people like this, the world’d be a great place to live in. Always Be Kind and Positive Everyone. Have a nice day:)

    1. Hello,maya. Yes I totally agree with you. We must always do good to others and have to think positively it will continue to influence us to do positive too. If someone does something bad then we we have to repay them by doing good. Have a nice day too,may!

  12. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

    Thank you for sharing the tips. I think we can not make everyone happy. We just need to be ourselves. I usually do on point six. Actually, people just need to listen to their stories.

    1. Reisya Nur Hesika V

      that’s great… i usually feel happy when someone greets me first… it feels like they are really friendly and happy to be friends with me hehe.

    2. Kevin Satria Bhagaskara

      That’s right.
      I think great at first time is hard to do.
      But I just think if someone great me first, I will be happy. So that’s why we can try this tips too

  13. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

    I like it when everyone likes me but that doesn’t mean I have to change the whole of my personality to be liked by people. I like them feeling comfortable when they are around me.

    1. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

      I like being kind to people as long as the people do act friendly to me. What I hate the most is when they seem bothered and give a glare like someone who’s getting distracted or hate me. Even tho I didn’t do wrong

      1. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

        That’s right, I have to be kind and give a smile first when I meet people but noted please, not too kind. Just normal kind not too over it. Sometimes I get annoyed when people act too overkind to me tho

        1. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

          Ah, I personally do like talking humour when I meet people to bond the friendship well. Some people like the humour, they be like consider us as easy to talk to and not get offended. But sadly some of them don’t like the humorous person too. Like hey do I know you?

  14. Aris Styo Alfandi

    I agree with you. After all, we have to do good to everyone. Without a sense of resentment and not even hostility. We must make peace and think positively of the people we know.

    1. Aris Styo Alfandi

      Either way, doing nice things to everyone is actually a lot of fun. Although there are those who leave us, they don’t even care. Yes, we accept it well. And we have to focus on being good to everyone, so people will be good to us.

      1. Aris Styo Alfandi

        I would rather agree on point six. Because I believe, everyone really likes it when he is heard. When he tells about problems or things he likes, he will certainly be very comfortable. And this comfort is what makes us able to make good friends.

        1. Aris Styo Alfandi

          Actually, the effort to make good friends is from how we treat others too. Even sometimes, we will certainly feel uncomfortable when hanging out with people who are different from our habits. Hopefully we can find friends who always support and always remind Allah SWT. Aamiin…

        2. Aris Styo Alfandi

          Besides number six, I also agree more with number five. By greeting or calling his name, inner closeness will be more visible. Especially if we talk to older people it will be very polite and we can even be respected by older people. Moreover, those who are still young our age.

  15. Good tips πŸ‘
    But keep in mind, we can’t make everyone happy. Because at the end of the day, we weren’t everyone cup of tea. Kindly reminder, don’t aim for adoration, but aim the respect that you deserve.

    1. Reza Fauzi Augusdi

      So much agree with you. No need to please everyone because we are not a people pleasure. I read a lot there are people pleasure and they are usually suffering from it cause people will look down on him

      1. Fahriza Mutiara Fajariyanti D4TEKKOMA

        Couldn’t agree more. Actually, don’t worry if people don’t like you. Most people are struggling to like themselves. Also, no matter how many people like you and your work, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like yourself.

      1. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

        and this is the quotes “you can not please everyone, the best thing you can do is just to believe in yourself and do what you think is right for you

        1. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

          and I have other quotes that really make sense.
          “Trying to please everyone is a recipe for stress, misery and frustration. Be yourself. It will be good to know who is down with that.

  16. Novaren Veraldo

    Great tips you have here. Is it applicable to love thins also(lol)? Just kidding, I got a little reminder. Don’t forget on why do you want other people to like you. First, you need to like yourself. Then, you do these incredible tips!

    1. Nadia Isya Maulidya

      I agree with you. We need to be kind to ourselves first, so we can actually be kind to others. I actually don’t get what that means, but still learning that too.

    2. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      That’s right before we give interest to others, we should love ourselves first to maintain emotional balance. BTW I think these tips are also applicable for love thins πŸ˜‚ you better find out wkwk.

      1. I don’t think it’s also applicable on Love things πŸ˜‚ many stories tells that even we love someone, s/he maybe was not loving back to us. Love is complex lol

          1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

            By applying the steps above we can make people like us but we are not necessarily able to make people love us. Everyone must have their own definition of love in their life and sometimes even love cannot be defined. Love is indeed a wonderful thing.

    3. Almira Innasty Wibowo D4TEKKOMA

      Couldn’t agree anymore. That is something that everyone likely to forget in the first place. Even though it seems so simple, actually it’s not that easy to love ourselves. It’s a long journey of learning.

  17. Namira Rizqi Annisa

    hi this is namira from the class next door. actually from different major. but i love to read this article. this reminds me of how can I manage to keep being happy

    1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

      the topic was super interesting. how can we manage to make other people like us. and the point that you mentioned mainly talking about how to communicate with others

        1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

          first is avoid blaming. I do really agree with this point, nobody likes to be blamed, especially for mistakes. and because nobody likes to be blamed, rather than blaming others, I suggesting to talk and discuss more, and try to find the right solution together

          1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

            be kind to people. i do agree with this point. by being kind not only to ourselves, but also to other people, will make others respect us more, and like us

            1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

              the third point is about accepting people. I agree with this point. everyone has their own flaws, everyone has their own imperfection. so, rather than complaining, we should learn to accepting

              1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                next is make people feel important. i can relate to this point. why? I feel this when I communicate with someone. I respect more, a person who is actually making me as an important person on a conversation

                1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                  next is call names, a little bit suggestion on this point from me is, not only calling someone by their name, but also remembering their name

                  1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                    the last point from this article is Good Listener. I so agree with this point. I feel this, when I met someone who can listen, I do really like and respect them

                    1. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                      i love the closing statement from this article. Dale Carneige giving such a perfect quote. it concludes that we can be a very great partner/friends in a short time, by becoming interested in each other

                    2. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                      from this article, I can learn so many new things. thank you for providing this article Talita Azmi !!

                    3. Namira Rizqi Annisa

                      hopefully I can learn and implement all the steps explained in this article, and I can improve my way to communicate with others

    1. Novaren Veraldo

      You should work your on way to find it(lol). Love can be made by consistent interest. Interest can be made by make other people like you. So, good luck in finding it and implementing these tips!

    2. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      That’s because the tips above are tips to make other people like us not to make other people love us. Love and like is a different thing. But by applying the above tips continuously and praying to God, I’m sure that one day you will definitely meet your love mate.

      1. Reisya Nur Hesika V

        yes… i agree with you, nadia… i think the tips is more on how to be liked by our friends with a good communication… love and like is different thing.

    1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      No, actually it wasn’t difficult. Just find other people if you found the selfish one. I’d like to remind you that there are a lot of good people outside. So, don’t worry to try those tips.

      1. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

        the tips given above are all good things and we actually know that we will reap what we sow, then it will be good for us to implement it. The effect maybe will not come at the same time, but someday when we are in a hard time.

        1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

          I agree with your statement, as the saying goes that we will reap what we have planted. So if we have instilled ourselves to do a good thing to others then one day we will also reap the results of the goodness that we do.

    2. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      There are indeed various kinds of human traits in this world, but whatever traits that person has I’m sure if you treat that person according to the tips above, that person may not hate you.

      1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

        I think even a selfish person would be happy if s/he was listened to, respected, not blamed, and his/her opinion was accepted. And maybe beacuse you continue to treat her well one day s/he will become aware as well as become a better person.

      2. Reisya Nur Hesika V

        you are right… at least they don’t hate us and don’t think about us as enemies… but i think it’s also important not to over-push the tips…

  18. Inayah Surya Islami

    Nice quote from a nice book. But you can make more friends in two months by not trying at all to make others interested in you IF you’re pretty or richπŸ˜‚

    1. Novaren Veraldo

      Lol. Pretty and rich are relative, but it indeed is true. It’s the nature of human. It’s not a bad thing also to make yourself better and be a likeable person!

    2. LuLuIl Ayunin Fakhiroh

      that’s right πŸ˜‚, being a center is a privilege for pretty or rich people. But then they still have to be good to hold their circle.

    3. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      wkwk that’s true, many people like other people just because of their beauty and richness. Even though it’s not a good thing, we should like someone because of their character and behavior towards other people.

  19. Zahiroh Marwadila

    Thank you for information πŸ™‚
    I thought if I was a good listener for my friends. But, I find it difficult to talk about my problem with anyone πŸ™

    1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      wow that’s a very good thing if you are a good listener, your friends must be a lot of happy to share their stories with you because of that.

    2. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

      If you find it difficult to talk about your problem with other people, you might start trying it by telling your problem to the person closest to you or the person that you trust.

      1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

        Indeed sharing a problems with other people is not a must and if you don’t want to share it that’s okay, but there is nothing wrong if you try it.

        1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

          I think sharing a problem with the right person can make you feel calmer and more relieved, make you feel calmer and more relieved, make you feel you are not alone, and even sometimes their solution can help you solve your problem.

          1. Nadia Ayu Laksmidewi

            If you have difficulty finding people that you trust, maybe you can try more to open yourself up to other people and I’m sure you can certainly judge the character of that person, whether you can believe it or not.

    3. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

      yeah me too. I think we probably have the same problem. I think I always listen to others, but no one wants to listen to me. I have a good quote for you.

      1. Aulia Aurumsari Mustofa

        and this from Selena Gomez, “You can not be afraid of what people are going to say because you are never going to make everyone happy.”

  20. Thank you for the information, I think this is a great information, because I have some problems with social activity, and usually I’m in my home playing game (Low Hikikomori), maybe I’ll try the solutions in this post to get a new friend(virtual friend)πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜

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