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What is Flutter?

Contributed by Andrew Anggada – 3D3 ITA

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google and released in May 2017. In a few words, it allows you to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. This means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps (for iOS and Android).
Flutter consists of two important parts:

  • An SDK (Software Development Kit): A collection of tools that are going to help you develop your applications. This includes tools to compile your code into native machine code (code for iOS and Android).
  • A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): A collection of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, and so on) that you can personalize for your own needs.
    To develop with Flutter, you will use a programming language called Dart. The language was created by Google in October 2011, but it has improved a lot over these past years.
    Dart focuses on front-end development, and you can use it to create mobile and web applications.
    If you know a bit of programming, Dart is a typed object programming language. You can compare Dart’s syntax to JavaScript.

41 thoughts on “What is Flutter?”

  1. thanks for reading my article, if you have any questions about flutter, you may ask me via whatsapp (private contact) or join the telegram community (@flutter_id / @fluttersurabaya) or you can find me (@AngDrew)

  2. Dhani Mahardika Prihanggodo

    nice article. thanks for the information. i never know flutter before i read this article. it looks interesting to know more and learn about flutter

  3. Thanks for your information, I never heard of it before, because it is not my capability. I think, Flutter is one of the important source languages at this moment

  4. Silfiana Nur Hamida

    i really agree with this article because this article provides a lot of information for all friends and me, and can give us motivation to learn more

  5. Dhiska Twinda R

    Several months ago, I attended a workshop on Flutter with HMCE. When I try an app that uses it, I think it’s efficient because we can implement one codebase to create two different apps (for iOS and Android). Who is interested in trying !! However, now I am still learning about this framework.
    Thank you for sharing this information.

  6. Vina Tri Hartini

    I think it can be making our life in technology easier and programmers will be increasingly sought after, and have many broad job opportunities

  7. Wifda Muna Fatihia

    I really interested with Flutter to develop a mobile app. But recently, I found some difficulties of learning it by myself. May be it is because I haven’t familiar with Dart as the programming language.

    1. hi there you can contact me if you find anything difficult, i’ve been playing around with flutter for maybe a year and im on production level, if you want to ask something let me know
      my telegram: @AngDrew


  8. Thank you for your very interesting article. To be honest, I don’t know what flutter is. Because as an electronics engineering student, maybe never used it like that. However, throught this article I gained more knowledge about flutter. Thank you again 🙂

  9. Very interesting information. I also have a plan for the Final Project that I will work on. One of them is making a simple Android application. Its function is to monitor the user of the tool that I will make with the help of GPS. Maybe I also need to learn Android application design and programming.

    1. hi, flutter has a lot of robust library, if you need maps, then you could use googlemaps for free just for embeded, but you have to pay the data you are trying to retrieve (find location, find nearby location, find etc.) and if you need gps, you could find “flutter gps library” on google then the first result is what you needed.

    2. by the way, flutter and android are kinda different, they have almost the same process, but it depends on the programmers.
      for me, i made all of my projects look like an android native, from the file structures, and architecture

    1. Rohmad Rifai D4TEKKOMB

      And also, what makes me like this framework there is a technology hot reload where you can see the apps change directly when you change your code.

    2. Praditya Nafiis Muhammad

      Good one, thank you for the information about Flutter. I am also still learning about this framework, I hope it will help me to build mobile UI.

        1. Praditya Nafiis Muhammad

          Yeah, I also really want to take that online class at Dicoding, but it is very expensive. And there is no scolarship for that Flutter class yet. :'(

    1. Praditya Nafiis Muhammad

      Thank you for the information, Ali. I am also still learning about this framework, and so far Flutter really helped me to build mobile UI.

  10. Dio Dzaky Achmad Mustaqim D4TEKKOMB

    Flutter is a great tool made by google dev. It can be used to build multi-platform Apps. But it is tough to read the flutter/dart code. If you know Swift UI, I think it easier to read swift’s code than the dart that flutter uses.

  11. Novaren Veraldo

    Flutter’s a great app for multi cross platform between mobile devices. If you haven’t learned dart yet there’re other options. React Native with Javascript and Xamarin with C#

    1. I prefer to React Native than Flutter. that’s all because I haven’t tried flutter. but I have more interested in React Native which uses javascript because programming mobile applications such as programming web application 😀

  12. Great article~
    I heard that this framework is really widely used by the frontend programmer. As far as I know, flutter really powerful compared to other mobile framework.

  13. Febriana Ayu Kanti N.

    i’ve know the word ‘flutter’, it usually applies like ‘my heart flutters’ means you’re uncomfortable by certain things. it turned out that Flutter is also a framework??? wow okay, thank you for the information

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